Thursday, April 28, 2016

Duncan Is Two

Actually, he's two years and three months old.  I had planned to write about him in January, when he turned two, but I was still sick at that time and wasn't really blogging.  However, I haven't posted about Mr. Duncan in ages, so I thought I should bring you up to date on the little rascal.  :-D

We haven't taken many pictures of him recently; these were from last September, on our way to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Mr. Bright Eyes.  :)

These were taken when Mr. Forest Manor got sick this past November, and Duncan was keeping him company.  This is the pet sofa cover we purchased from "Improvements" online.  It has really saved our sofa.

Love this picture.  :)

My regular readers may remember these pictures that the breeder was e-mailing to us once a week or so after the puppies were born.

That's Himself right in the middle,

and that's him turning away -- already bored with this picture-taking business.  That should have been our first clue.  ;)  Aren't they little cuties?!

He was sooo cute when we first brought him home.

Look how big his collar was.  :)  The little plaid, fabric Scottie was given to him by Jane, the breeder.  It was so cute, but after awhile, the ears and tail got pulled off.

This was such a nice bed that I found for a really good price at Tuesday Morning, and it matched the colors in our den so well.  He doesn't get that whole "beds are for sleeping" concept.  He chewed and chewed on this until his sharp puppy teeth punctured little holes all over and the stuffing started coming out.  Sigh. The previous five pictures were taken the day we brought him home from the breeder.

This was pretty much our experience with the little Scottish Terrorist Terrier for the first whole year (or more).  Biting us all the time and everything else he could get his teeth on.  He chewed the electric cords, the carpet, his beds, papers, his training pads -- you get the idea.  Whew!  We thought our first Scottie years ago was a handful, but Duncan tops them all.

You may remember the time we went out for a few minutes and returned to find him "wearing" his training pad like a super-hero cape.  Still not sure how he managed that.  ;)

And then there was the time I noticed he was wearing a new, blue "collar" only to discover he had managed to separate his double-ring chew toy and stick his head through one of the rings.  That's our boy.  ;)  You can see the other ring on the floor behind him.  Sigh.  Then there was the time my husband got down on the floor to take a piece of paper away from Duncan, and Duncan snatched Hal's glasses off his face and sped off down the hall with them.  It would not have been funny if he'd torn up the glasses, but I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe.  :-D  Sorry, I don't have a picture of that party prank.  

Here he is wearing the cone of shame after having been neutered.

I have to confess looking back through all these pictures really makes me laugh.  :-D  Every other dog we've had was really flummoxed by the Elizabethan collar, or cone of shame.  Bonnie and MacDuff both had to wear one occasionally for different reasons, and they both hated it.  They'd just stand still and look totally miserable; they had a hard time figuring out how to walk or lie down.  Not this one.  He just motored right along -- didn't slow him down a bit.  In fact, we really had to watch him to make sure he didn't chew on his stitches even with the cone on.  He's too smart for us, folks.

Thank the Good Lord I can say that he has finally calmed down some.  He's still a live wire, though, and I don't know that he'll ever be an easy dog.  Just when we think we've finally got him figured out, he changes his tactics.  You know how all breeds have certain common traits throughout the breed, but each dog still has his own individual personality?  Duncan has the Scottie characteristics, just as Bonnie and MacDuff did, but he has some traits that they didn't share.

For instance, he chases his tail.  That always cracks me up, because I've never had a dog that chased its tail.  I know that some dogs do it, of course, but he does it on a fairly regular basis.  Also, he watches television, I mean seriously watches it.  Unfortunately, he feels compelled to bark at anything he doesn't like on the screen, usually commercials.  Hal and I never realized how many commercials feature dogs, but Duncan sure notices.  He barks at dogs, horses, cows (the Chick Fil-A commercials) the talking lion on the Food Lion commercials, and any kind of animated character.  The one that totally sets him off, though, is the "Car Fax" commercial with the animated Car Fox.  That animated fox looks too much like a second or third cousin to him evidently.  ;)  Duncan also howls when he gets really excited, just like a little Beagle.  The Scottie I had when I was growing up did the same thing.

Yep folks, that first year and a half was tough -- we must be getting old.  I think we've all three come a long way though, so I guess we'll keep him.  ;)  He still exasperates us and frequently outwits us, but he is our little funny bunny, and we're glad he came to live with us.  Oh, and by the way, he still won't sleep in a bed -- thinks they're all big chew toys.

 Thanks so much for stopping by; the weekend's almost here again, and we hope you have a good one!


Denise and Duncan


  1. Beyond precious! Happy Birthday Duncan...adorable!!!!

  2. That Duncan is so darn funny, and cute. What a great dog and he really has a personality. Happy Birthday Duncan. I am sure he gives you many memories as he is doing his own thing.

    Love the post about Duncan. Hope your hubby is feeling better. Have a great sunny weekend.


  3. Happy Birthday, Duncan! I can't believe he's two already. I do remember when you got him. Such a cutie pie. Sorry he's been a little booger! He does have a personality and he is such a handsome young man.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Duncan. He is a adorable and will only get better with age. I have enjoyed reading about him over the last two years. My friend has a French bulldog that now a year old and she is a terror. I keep telling her by two she will have outgrown some of her bad habits. And it looks as though Duncan has too.

  5. He is one smart cookie, that Duncan. I was going to ask if he'd calmed down any because I remembered that he had been a handful at first. Glad to know that, after two years plus a little, he is settling in nicely. I know that you and Mr. Forest Manor love him to pieces.

  6. There's my favorite furry bad boy! All grown up:@)

  7. Hard to believe he is two!!! Where has the time gone?Congrats to parents. What a blessed puppy to have you as parents. I've enjoyed seeing him grow.

  8. Your stories and pics made me laugh. Our 12 yr old Scottie, Button, was just such a chewer for several years. Lost more plastic toys for my daycare kids. And dogs and horses on tv always get barked at loudly. Still going strong. Hope you get this many years with your special dog.

  9. Well Happy Belated Birthday to your Mr. Duncan!! He sure is a handful, but his antics were so funny to read about, Denise. I know he gives you and Hal so much unconditional love, and he's so lucky to have you as his care givers!!

  10. Denise, I haven't visited for awhile but You know I can't resist Duncan. What a character he is, it must be such fun being around him! HaHa! He certainly is adorable though, such a cute baby and now a handsome young man. Just love him, and BTW, hope all is going well with YOU. Have a great weekend..Judy

  11. What a cutie pie, and I totally empathize with you having raised terriers myself. They can be a handful and a half!



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