Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Tablescape

**Note:  I just realized I put the knives and forks on the wrong side of the plate!  This calls for another head slap!!  I was in such a rush to get this table set up last night for pictures, I didn't even notice I'd done this.  I promise I do know where they're supposed to go.  I don't know where my brain was last night.  It didn't help that I was trying to watch the figure skating competition in the Olympics at the same time that I was doing the table.  I'm chalking this one up to another senior moment.  

I finally got a chance to set a pretty table in the dining room.  Unfortunately, we've kind of been using our dining room as a storage area for the past year and a half.  Not cool.  Now it's back to being what it's supposed to be, and that makes me happy.

Speaking of happy -- Happy Valentine's Day!  Did you enjoy your day?  We've had a quiet one.  We had plans to attend a Valentine's party being hosted by our neighbors, but they cancelled on Wednesday.  I think they made a wise decision.

 We made a last quick run to the Staples and the grocery store on Wednesday as the snow was already coming down.  I had stocked up on groceries Tuesday, but we thought of a few more things we wanted (always the way).  I picked out a small bunch of tulips for a great price.  I love their pretty, two-tone color.

See what I mean?  Knife and forks on the wrong sides.  Sigh.

I used my Johnson Brothers "Old Britain Castles" dishes and my Argent Sophia flatware.

The etched sherbet dishes we found at an antique shop in Southport, N.C.  I don't know the maker or the pattern, but I think they're awfully pretty.

I used this wreath in one of my first posts (also a Valentine's tablescape) and I've gotten so many comments on it.  I found it at Michaels about three years ago, and I always hang it on our china cabinet for the month of February.  The dishes in the cabinet are part of our wedding china, Royal Doulton, "Juliet."

I set the table for two -- for romance.

A closer look at the salt and pepper...  I love these pink goblets.  I don't know the maker on these either; they came from my husband's grandmother.

I found this heart-shaped, Pink Castles plate at our local Belk Department store a few years ago.  It was on the bargain table.  :)

The wine goblet is part of our wedding crystal, Gorham "French Cathedral."

Some close-ups...

...and some wide-angle shots.

Oh, and I made some homemade chocolate pudding on Tuesday evening.  I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but I've only ever made Jello® instant pudding all these years (embarrassing but true).  I had no idea what we were missing.  I'm planning to make some more, and I'll share the recipe on my blog.  I intended to save some to put in these sherbet glasses, thinking it would add a nice touch for a Valentine's tablescape.  But you don't see any chocolate in these glasses, do you?  That's because we finished it off on Wednesday night.  It was so good, and we couldn't stop thinking about it sitting there in the fridge, so we ate it.  :-D

The next morning, I walked into the dining room, and this warm and cheerful sunlight was streaming into the room.

 So I grabbed my little point and shoot camera and started pointing and shooting.  It was fun to have some daylight pictures to compare and contrast with the ones taken at night.

 Mr. Forest Manor took the evening pictures, and you can tell because his are always so good.  He's a good photographer, and his camera takes more professional looking pictures.  

 Thank you for your visit.  I hope you have a great weekend and stay warm and cozy.


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On The Table:
Johnson Brothers "Old Britain Castles Pink" dinner and salad plates
"Old Britain Castles" salt and pepper, heart plate
White heart bowl -- Hancock Fabric last year
Table topper -- Gifted from my husband's grandmother
Napkins -- Horchow on sale
Argent Sophia flatware -- Target online
White pitcher -- Homegoods
Crystal candlesticks -- Gift from my husband's grandmother
Pink goblets -- Belonged to my husband's grandmother
Wine stems -- Gorham "French Cathedral"
Pillar candle -- Luminara™ flameless candle


  1. Your table is very pretty Denise, I'm always a fan of J-Bro dishes and the wreath is really cute! I would have eaten all of the pudding too:@)

  2. It's just beautiful, Denise. I love that pattern anyway and have always wanted some. I have exactly one piece of it so it never gets to share the table in an actual tablescape. (I also love your china pattern that's in the china cabinet behind the wreath. I'm sure you've told what pattern that it, but can you tell it again? .) I love the way the white pitcher and tulips look in the middle. I decided recently that tulips have become a new favorite flower for me. I love the way they droop over things, and their color always seems so right as opposed to roses.

    In true confession, I have never made real pudding either. I never gave it a thought until you mentioned it, but around here "homemade pudding" has basically meant that the Jello was cook and serve and not instant. Please do share the recipe!

    Happy belated Valentine to you. I hope you two enjoyed your table for two. (Unintentional poet there.)

  3. Very pretty table, Denise. i can just imagine how delicious homemade chocolate pudding is! i have made vanilla a couple of times. I am ready for a spring thaw! xo

  4. Very pretty, Denise. Your tulips are beautiful in the white pitcher. Have you ever bought tulips and they grew longer? They will I promise. I ordered some( from a florist and paid more than I wanted to) for my son's engagement party and they grew three inches over night. Yours look great.

    I like all your patterns which are perfect for a Valentine's tablescape. Your cut work tablecloth makes your table look so elegant and romantic.

    Now, you have me thinking about chocolate pudding!

  5. Very romantic table, Denise...great choice of china for a Valentine's meal. I just love tulips and the way they are so unconstrained.
    I haven't had just plain pudding in years, I make to put into one of my favorite desserts, but not to just eat it by you got me thinking about it, too!
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. What a pretty table. I also really liked the heart wreath. Staying warm up here despite the snow and more snow.

  7. What a romantic table for two Denise, I love Johnson Brothers and your Old Britain Castles is perfect for Valentine's Day! Your heart shaped wreath is so pretty hanging on the doors of your china cabinet! Love the tulips in your white pitcher as a centerpiece! Hope your Valentine's Day weekend is happy :)

  8. So glad to see your beautiful dining room again. I love the white pitcher and pretty tulips. Looks like Spring. The tablescape is beautiful with those pretty dishes. Love you, Mom

  9. First, hooray that you have your dining room back! I completely understand needing to use it for a different purpose for awhile and how that can just make you crazy!!! Second, who cares about the flatware being on the opposite side of what's generally deemed a "formal setting"? The saying "crazy little thing called love" covers Valentine's Day tables when you do things out of the ordinary! :-)

    Your tulips are so, so pretty, and I'm sure they helped to lift your spirits in contrast to what's going on outside these days. I have hearts like that from Michael's, too! I have them in purple, though. Never saw them in the pink; otherwise, I would have scooped up a few. So pretty!

    I've never made pudding from scratch in my life other than rice pudding, bread pudding, egg custard and flan. I'm a Jell-O fiend from way back!!! Have several boxes of it sitting in the pantry right now and am tempted to go down and whip up a batch of butterscotch! :-)

    Have a wonderful week, and thanks for sharing all these neat photos!

  10. Hi Denise, your table is very pretty and romantic. When Robert and I are in the same country for Valentine's I love to make a big deal of the day too. I've been thinking that red transfer ware is so much prettier than the other colours. Maybe I'll start looking around for some pieces. :) Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.

  11. Beautiful and romantic table for two! I love the dishes, goblets and linens! Red transferware is such a winner! Have a great week ahead my friend.

  12. That was so pretty. I can well imagine how happy you are to have your dining room back!

  13. Love the red and white transferware. Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. LOL I was swooning over the goblets and wreath and all of the lovely dishes and cloth and would have never noticed the silverware placement if you had not said something! :)

  15. Oh I am swooning over your sherbet glasses! I bet all the left handed people are celebrating your silverware "mistake". :)

  16. Very pretty table, love that cutwork table cloth and your pretty transferware dishes. Beautiful pink gobles too.
    The way everyone does things to make their tablescape different, we probably would have just
    thought that was what you were doing!! lol
    Everything was lovely,
    Blessings, Nellie

  17. It all looks so pretty, Denise! I love your red transferware with the soft pink glassware. Your cut work tablecloth is so romantic. The tulips look so lovely how they're draping over the pitcher, like you planned it that way. Now you have me in the mood for chocolate pudding!! It looks like you had a perfect Valentine's Day. xo

  18. Lovely, lovely table. I especially like your transferware.

  19. Gorgeous tablescape and that heart shaped plate is such a treasure. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  20. Hi Denise: I tried to reply by email to your comment but it doesn't link to your address so here it is: Right now, apparently, waterlogged is only for iPad or iPhone. So I email them to my laptop. that is limiting unfortunately. It's a pretty popular app, I hear, so maybe in time there will be something similar for pc or they will offer it more broadly! Enjoy this sunny day! And my comment on this: your husband is a wonderful blog photographer. I am impressed, He knows all the right angles and just how to capture the shots we love to see. I also have some of those dishes and just love them. They go well with my pink depression. I wonder if your sherbets are Fostoria (?) they look similar to my mother's just a different pattern.

  21. Beautiful table!! Love your wreath and your pink dishes and glassware. Very romantic!

  22. The table is lovely and it is so nice to get the good stuff out to just enjoy the treasures that are hidden away most of the time. Indeed, good as jello pudding is, made from scratch is the best. Making custard for cream pies is easy too. Around here banana cream is a fav.

  23. Denise, absolutely beautiful. Love your tableware and the pink tulips are perfection. What a wonderfully romantic setting. That little pink wreath is just darling. Perfectly simple..Happy Wednesday..Judy



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