Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Few Words On Christmas Trees

I've recently determined that I suffer from a condition called Christmas Tree Selection Disorder (CTSD).  Have you heard of this?  No?  Well, it's basically a condition wherein you go to the Christmas tree farm with your husband and or family to pick out a tree(s) for your house.  One to fit inside your house.  Well, as we all know, in the wide-open outdoors, most of the trees look like this (minus the tree skirt)...

Often times, they actually look even smaller, you know, to the naked eye and all.  And your husband shakes his head and tells you that it's way too big --really -- we need to be on another row of trees altogether.  He explains to me once again that we live in a 1970's era house, and we don't have the tall ceilings like our previous house, or like the newer houses.  And I say, "I know, really, but those others are too small for all our ornaments, and I'm sure this one will fit."  :)  So, then we get home and bring the tree inside, and somehow or other, it's actually more along the lines of this size...

So, that's an illustration of Christmas Tree Selection Disorder (maybe I should call it Clark Griswold Disorder).  Anyway, am I the only one out there who has this problem?  If you use artificial trees, which I know many of you do, then you're safe from this disorder.

Some of the side effects it causes are:  mumblings and grumblings from the Mister; sighs and eye-rolling; hysterical laughter from other family members who don't have to deal with getting the tree into, and back out of, the house; my having to take remedial math at age 53.

Two years ago, I picked out the trees, and they were huge.  My husband tried to tell me, but I was so genuinely sure that these trees would be just right for our living room and den.  For the first time in 26 years of marriage, Mr. Forest Manor actually had to take the trees back outside (after buying a reciprocating saw) and sawing about four inches off the bottom of the tree trunk, and some off the top branch, as well.  Ooops.

So since that infamous Christmas, I've been mostly letting Mr. Forest Manor pick out the trees.  I do put in my two-cents' worth, but I tend to leave the final decision up to him.  Last year, and I believe this year too, we ended up with really pretty, perfectly-shaped trees.

All kidding aside, I really do love decorating the Christmas tree -- how about you?  Thanks so much for stopping by and happy decorating to you!   :-D

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  1. I am laughing. I gave up fresh trees because they dried out so fast. As a kid the tree always went up on my birthday, the 20th and went down on mom', the 31st. So now I do artificial. Really it the same, but still pretty. Your trees will be lovely. I hope that you share.

  2. I think I gave up fresh trees because of the availability in our area when you needed them and transporting them home and cutting them to fit your tree stand. I know I sound like Scrooge! Truthfully it has been a long time since we have had a real tree. I think no matter if you have a real tree or artificial the hassle of the tree getting set up and decorated is what you make it. Last year we put the topper of our huge tree on a small table. Believe me it was not the same. I learned a valuable lesson that the trouble of the tree is worth it. What you need is the right attitude and perseverance sometimes.

    Things I love about the Christmas Tree are the glimmering lights and the myriad of memories each ornament brings up. The lights are like a fire that is mesmerizing. Decorating our tree is time consuming and sometimes frustrating when all the lights do not work and it is hard to set up but all in all I feel so blessed to be able to struggle with the little frustrations.

    Whatever kind of tree you have the message of Christmas is STILL THE SAME!

    Denise, I look forward to seeing this tree beautifully decorated.

  3. CTSD is real, we should start a group for it:@) I switched to artificial a long time ago, I do miss the smell though... No doubt your trees will be beautiful Denise, have fun decorating them!

  4. My hubby is the original bah humbug guy when it comes to Christmas trees, so after years of fussing about having to go get one, I converted to artificial which has made life much simpler. To replace the evergreen smell I burn a candle!

  5. She's not really kidding folks. She does this for real and I am one of the family members laughing hysterically.
    Just let me say she has a very patient husband. In spite of all the sizing problems, the trees are always beautifully decorated with love. Mom

  6. Is that your mom telling on you?! LOL

    I had many a year of tramping through the forest looking for the perfect tree. I enjoyed it then and I enjoy popping up the fake tree these days. Whatever works!

    Yay for patient husbands!



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