Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas at Mom and Dad's House

For more decorating inspiration and eye candy, I'm sharing the rest of the pics from my parents' house last Christmas.  You can see the pictures I shared earlier Here.

This is the Christmas tree in my parents' bedroom.  When they were having this house built, my mom was already planning to have a tree in this room.  Their bedroom is on the front of the house, and it has this wonderful, big window.  She decorates this tree mostly with white and gold and a few touches of red.

This vintage gold ornament with the glitter design came from my maternal grandmother's collection.  My mom and uncle found these in a box after my grandmother passed away.  The ornaments were made in Austria.

I love this sweet little Victorian doll ornament.  It was given to my mom by our great-aunt as a gift several years ago.  I see another Austrian ornament to the left of the doll.

Isn't she beautiful in her lace dress and bonnet?

This wall sconce is on the dining room wall.  In all the times I've been to my parents' house, I don't think I've ever noticed the candle snuffer on this sconce.  Pictures really are the best way to see everyday objects.  I gave my mom these music candles for Christmas one year -- found them on etsy, and I just love them.  My mother-in-law received some, and I have some too.  You may see some of the same ornaments and little accessories in all of our homes; we like to share the love.  :)

The dining room chandy.  I may have to copy this idea.  ;-)

My parents' Department 56 "Snow Village" looked so cute last year.  They got a bunch of pieces to the village years ago, but my mom only puts out a small part of it now.  I think this is just the right size.

I love all the little details.

My mom and dad on Christmas Day last year.

This is Gracie, enjoying all the excitement of the holiday.

She's a really fast gift-opener.  :)

Glad Tidings to you and thank you for visiting me!  I'm joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays and Susan at BNOTP for Metamorphosis Monday.  Have a blessed day.



  1. Your parents look great! (and young). I love what she did to the chandelier!

  2. Your parents home is beautiful, I love the tree in the bedroom! Great pic of your parents too:@)

  3. I love the picture of your parents, Denise. The tree in their bedroom is so pretty. I have one in my bedroom, too, but it's a small one. The snow village is just so charming. Thanks for sharing your parent's pretty home. xo

  4. Looks like a happy, cozy home, Denise. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful home, and decor! Love the village, the chandy, and the tree in the bedroom with its lovely ornaments!

  6. There is no Christmas like Christmas at grandma's. I am the grandma now and like your mom I want to create the charm and magic for the rest of the family. Her village is beautiful.

  7. OH how pretty! I really love that village, I would just love to have one.
    Thanks for visiting me too,

  8. Loved seeing your parents and their lovely home. Thank you for sharing their Christmas decorations with us. I love the village and know it is even better in person.

  9. Love the pictures - my son-in-law is a great photographer. Now I wish I had time to put out my village. It looks so sweet. Thanks for all the nice comments about our home. We are definitely a Christmas loving family. Thanks for the great blog. Love, Mom

  10. Oh what a magical home! In 1977 at the age of 9 I received an original Dept. 56 house~ Nantucket Cottage. Over the years I have found other pieces from that same initial collection. This year it graces our mantle. I'll share it next week. :)
    PS. Your Christmas tree disorder made me laugh. I have a similar affliction.



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