Sunday, October 24, 2021

A Busy Fall

Hi all!  I'm finally getting a chance to write another post for October.  We returned on Friday the 22nd, from a four-day trip to Charleston.  I know it seems like we go there a lot, but we always seem to find something new to do when we visit.  We didn't go anywhere last year other than a long weekend at Oak Island, so we had this trip to Charleston scheduled for May of this year.  Sadly, we found out Duncan had cancer at the end of April, so we cancelled the trip for May.  My mom was able to get a room for us in October, and we were glad to get away.

We've never been in Charleston in October before, and what a great month to be there!  
   Those iconic window boxes were just as beautiful in the fall as they are in spring.

I was hoping to see some traditional fall displays there too, and I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed.  

See the gorgeous orange and white lacy-looking pumpkin here?  I think these are going to be all the new rage in pumpkins.  We've seen some around here in our area, and I just love them.  Isn't that pumpkin a beauty?!

So many beautiful window boxes and autumn displays; we stayed busy with our cameras.  😀

Dappled sunlight and shadows are some of my favorite elements to capture in pictures.  This house (above) and the previous house were both on a little side street we discovered by accident on this visit.  It's called St. Michael's Alley, and it leads right to St. Michael's Church, which I'll share in another post.  Hal and I fell in love with this charming street, and we found out it's a favorite with the tour guides and locals.

Another house in St. Michael's Alley.

This was one of my favorite window boxes that we saw this trip.  I loved the pink, white yellow, and green of the flowers; the colors really popped against the black box and shutters.

These pots, planters, and window boxes were so artistically arranged, and the plants were full and lush.  

I really can't imagine these houses without this special touch.

This was really an eye-catching display.

Love the pink flowers here with the topiary in the center.

The white mums and purple leaves in the box above are a nice nod to fall.

We also saw a lot of black shutter dogs like ours.  😉  
Our trip was so much fun, and we were worn out when we got home.  The weather was great, and we did some new things this time.  We went inside a beautiful church, toured an ante-bellum home in town, took a sunset boat tour of the harbor, and ate a lot of (too much) fantastic food.  I'll do some more posts on our trip in the coming weeks; there's just so much to see and do there -- it's almost sensory overload.     
  Now I've got to hit the ground running because it's time to start thinking about and planning for the holidays.  I think this has been the fastest year ever -- have you found that to be the case?  Are you having a good fall season so far?  I'd love to hear what you've been doing, and I so appreciate your visit today.  Have a great week!  


  1. Beautiful window boxes! I vastly prefer those that feature autumn in all its glory. Glad that you were able to get away and enjoy yourselves. Yes, October has gone fast and, yes, I have enjoyed autumn.

  2. Charleston really looks like a charming town to visit. I'm glad you two were able to fit it in before the busyness of the holidays hits. We've travelled 24 days already this Fall. Looks like we'll be home the rest of the year.

  3. You’re so lucky to gave gone in October, Denise. Your photos are outstanding. The window boxes are what I remember living so much. Somehow, my window box never looks like their beautiful ones. I’d love to visit Charleston again one day.

  4. Charleston is such a beautiful city. We've visited twice, long ago, and would love to return. The window boxes are so pretty. Autumn is going by quickly. Yes, it's time to think about Christmas soon.

  5. Denise, I have never been to Charleston, and of course, I would love to I thank you for sharing your trip on this's wonderful to see that it still possesses that old southern charm....and October would be the ideal month to visit....just marvelous! Thank you love!

  6. Denise, thanks for the tour. Charleston has been on my must-see list for decades, but still hasn't happened. Love your photos, especially the one with dappled sunlight and shadow. I'm so sorry about Duncan. He was a little charmer.



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