Saturday, March 27, 2021

The Month of March - This and That

How has your Saturday been?  We've been having a thunderstorm this afternoon here.  Once again, it's been two weeks since I've posted.  We've had a stressful couple of weeks, and I just haven't felt like writing on my blog.     

We were back and forth to the veterinary hospital three times this week because Duncan has not been using his left leg; he walks hobbles around holding it up off the ground and not putting weight on it.  The veterinary practice where we take him had a broken x-ray machine, and our doctor had to take him to another animal hospital to get him x-rayed.  It turns out that his kneecap is dislocated, and it may require surgery to repair it.  We're going to try him on another week of anti-inflammatory/pain medicine, and if he's still not putting weight on the leg, we'll have to schedule surgery for him.
   Our little fellow loves to run and it's been hard to watch him limping along.  Hal noticed last weekend that after chasing a squirrel in the front yard, Duncan started limping, and it has continued since then.  He was on a retractable leash, so he can only chase so far, but it was far enough apparently.     
We think the knee joint may have already been weakened when a pit bull mix attacked him on January 4th of this year.  Duncan is really lucky to be alive.  I haven't written about this because I was too upset and angry for the longest time.  This dog jumped over his fence to come after Duncan, and Hal had to put his hand in the dog's mouth to make it let go of Duncan's neck.  Then the dog grabbed Duncan's left back leg and pulled so hard, I thought he was going to pull it off.  Hal got bitten by both dogs, and I got bitten by Duncan, when I tried to pull him away from the other dog.  Duncan was terrified and in pain, so I understand why he bit me.  To top it all off, the animal control person informed us that upon visiting the house, the owners admitted the dog was not up to date on its rabies shots.  This was one of the most frightening experiences I've ever been through.  Thankfully, no one got rabies, but Hal and I both had to visit the emergency room and I had to get two stitches in my hand.  Some people should never own pets.   
I have to say, folks, that 2021 didn't start off any better than 2020 for us.  However, we're making the best of it.  Spring has arrived, and that goes a long way towards lifting spirits.  I haven't seen such a beautiful spring in this area in a long time.  Every flowering tree seems to have twice as many blooms this year; it really does help to have a decent cold spell throughout the winter months.  On the way to the vet's office today, we passed so many gorgeous Japanese Cherry trees, Bradford Pears, and redbuds.  It just made my heart sing to see them.

This photo was taken at 6:55 p.m. yesterday, just as the sun was going down.  You can see it shining over our carport in the left edge of the picture.  In 25 years of living in this house, I don't know if I've ever seen this Tulip Magnolia tree so loaded with blossoms.  It looks like every single bud on the tree opened up this year, whereas many years, half the buds freeze and fall off, or just as they get most of the way open, a big frost turns all the blooms brown.  This year has been spectacular.

Yesterday (Friday) was the most gorgeous day so far this year.  I loved it!!  But today our fickle weather has flipped back to clouds and storms.  A metaphor for life itself I suppose. 
My autumn ferns seem to be doing well...

You can tell it's time for weeding --

and mowing.  :)

Our neighbor's Japanese Cherry tree -- sooo pretty.

Our Limelight Hydrangea is getting tiny leaves and I see the Bridal Veil Spirea has already leafed out.  The maple tree at the corner is usually the last to get its leaves back.
This month I've been reading Towers In The Mist, by Elizabeth Goudge.  I can't express how much I've enjoyed it.  This is the fourth book of hers that I've read, and I'm definitely a fan of her work.  This one may be my favorite yet.  I'll give a proper review of the book when I've finished, which will be soon.  I know there are other E. Goudge fans out there; have you read this one?   

A few months ago, I wrote about our new bird feeding station here.  In the beginning, we got loads of birds.  Then a mockingbird showed up and proceeded to keep all the other birds away for several weeks.  Now, the other birds have returned and we're mighty glad to see them.  We've added a finch sock with Niger Thistle seed for the goldfinches, and they seem to be enjoying it.  We also set up a second pole system for the suet feeders further down in our backyard.  Our next-door neighbor told me yesterday that she loves the feeders and has really enjoyed watching them.  She said it was nice of us to share them with the neighbors.  :)  I appreciate her telling me this; kind words go a long way these days.  
How was the month of March for you?  Did you have a good month?  I hope you're having a pretty spring in your part of the world.  Thanks for stopping by to visit and have a great weekend!!




  1. What a sad beginning to 2021. I am not a fan of the breed that did such horrible things to Duncan and you and Mr. Forest Manor. Hopefully, they are doing a better job of keeping their dog under control.

    Glorious blossoms in your corner. How odd that you and I had thunderstorms recently as we are so distanced from each other. A curious coincidence.

    A blessed Palm Sunday 🌷🌷🌷

    1. Thank you, Vee. A Blessed Palm Sunday to you too, my friend. I'm not a fan of that breed, either, especially not now. That is indeed interesting about the thunderstorms. They must have moved up the east coast maybe? We're due for more today, and I'm not looking forward to them.

  2. So sorry to read about that attack on Duncan and how you both suffered some injuries, too. Hope the knee cap can be fixed. It is lovely to see the beautiful blooms in your area. The month of March has been full of celebrations for us. Happy Holy week to you...

  3. Oh how frightening that attack on Duncan must have been. I do not understand people who have that breed of dog. Your blossoms are just beautiful! Have a wonderful Easter.



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