Monday, February 22, 2021

Winter Clothes Part 2

Can you even believe it's the last week of February?!  I thought I'd better do the second part of my winter clothes post before spring gets here.  :)
My sister gave me this polka dot blouse for Christmas 2020.  I've never met a polka dot I didn't like, and this is a cute and comfortable blouse.  It has smocking in the front and three quarter length sleeves.  I was thinking my sister said the blouse is navy blue, but it looks black in the pictures.  Here I have it paired with my Crown & Ivy skinny jeans (Belk) from 2018.  I also have these jeans in black.
This little blouse can be dressed up or down; to wear with the blue jeans I've chosen my celtic knot necklace and earrings, or the silver hoop earrings would work well, too.  

Here's the same blouse paired with the Talbots navy corduroy pants and pearls.  

The necklace is Brighton and the earrings are Spartina.  I do think this blouse is black rather than navy, and I need to wear it with black corduroys. 

I shared this hand-painted scarf Hal gave me for Christmas in an earlier post.  This time, I paired it with my gray turtleneck sweater and navy cords.  The colors in the scarf really brighten up the gray sweater.

I love the little flecks of glittery gold in this scarf.

Here is the same gray sweater with a different scarf and pants.  The gray cords are also part of the Talbots "haul" from 2019.  😉  My sweet niece gave me the beautiful scarf for Christmas 2020, and I love this combination of colors.  

This is the rose-colored pair of cords from Talbots.  If you recall, I mentioned that I ended up buying four pairs when they marked them down further after Christmas that year.  I also bought this paisley blouse there in the fall.  They were having an awesome sale to celebrate their 75th anniversary, and I used my birthday money that year to buy some much-needed new clothes.  I probably won't buy anything there for another ten years.  ;D  I have so enjoyed this blouse and have gotten several compliments on it when I wear it out somewhere. 

My sister gave me the blue cardigan a few years ago for Christmas, and I have worn it a lot.  It's a flattering style and it goes with a lot of my clothes.  The cardigan is "New Directions" from Belk.  A lot of the jewelry I wear is costume jewelry, but this necklace is really special.  My hubs gave it to me for our 30th wedding anniversary.  It's a pearl surrounded by little sparkly blue and white sapphires and diamonds.  Sapphires are also my birthstone, so I've always liked them.

The paisley blouse also looks really well with navy blue pants. 

This scarf was a Christmas present from Hal a few years ago, and it honestly looks like it was made to wear with the blouse.  It's cashmere and so very soft.  

If you like cashmere, you can find some really good prices on it, if you just shop around.  About 20 years ago, I bought two cashmere sweaters at Sam's Club, and they lasted for years.  I would still be wearing them if I hadn't outgrown them.  No one would ever have known I got them at Sam's Club unless I told them.  They were a bargain, let me tell you.  Hal has purchased some cashmere items for me, like this scarf and the gray sweater, from Gretna Green online in Scotland.  They usually run sales around Christmas time, and they have some very good prices.  The prices are so good that it's worth paying the shipping cost.  

Another thing that came from Gretna Green a few years ago was this Harris Tweed hand bag.  It was a great deal, too, and it holds a lot of stuff.  Not sure what it is about southern women and big purses. 😉 

I've had my Barbour coat for about three years, and I still love it.  To be as lightweight as it is, it's really warm.  

A vest like this is perfect for the days when you don't need a full coat.  My mom gave me this one for Christmas.  

The turtleneck shirt is one of two that I purchased from L.L. Bean last month; we're having a colder winter than usual here, and I needed something warmer than the shirts I normally wear around the house.  I'm very pleased with the turtlenecks; they seem well made and they're so soft.  
Well that's it folks, for the fashion show this winter.  I always seem to have more clothes for fall and winter than for spring and summer.  I think that's because I don't like really hot weather, and I also find a lot of summer clothes are not very flattering on me.  Thank you so much for your visit today, and I hope you have a wonderful week!!


  1. I'm up early with a cup of coffee and lo and behold, here is Denise with another stylish, classic fashion post.....of course, I LOVE and adore your choices of have inspired me to shop my closet and perhaps plan a trip to have a little fun! Thank you sweet girl!

  2. That polka blouse is so pretty. Your outfits are all lovely, with pops of colour against the neutrals. Enjoy wearing them for a bit longer!

  3. I'm not a fan of summer clothes myself. Your outfits are very nice. Thank you for the tip on those youtube exercise routines for seniors. I've been enjoying a couple of them on Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays!

  4. I love your fashion style. Your necklace from your husband is very beautiful. What a special present for your anniversary. Sapphires are my birthstone, too!

  5. I love your Harris Tweed bag! I was going to get myself one at Christmas but didn’t want to pay the high shipping cost. I can’t stop thinking about them so I’ll treat myself to one for my b-day this summer. Your scarves are beautiful.



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