Monday, March 2, 2020

Welcome March!

Hi everyone!  Are you happy to turn the calendar page on another month?  
I'm so glad to be through February.  The temperatures have warmed up here; we never actually had a lot of cold weather this winter, but we could still have some.  March is known for being unpredictable, right? 
How I wish we had these pansies on our porch right now.  These were from March 2015; I didn't plant any pansies last fall, so our porch looks very bare.
Southport, North Carolina - March 2015
I'm hoping this March will be a good month for us and that it won't bring a lot of destructive wind here.  I'm really looking forward to switching back to Daylight Savings Time and getting those extra hours of daylight in the evening.  I also look forward to celebrating St. Paddy's Day.  😊
March, from the Très Riches Heures, a 15th-century illuminated manuscript   
I hope you're all doing well and thanks so much for stopping by House at Forest Manor.  Have a great day!!


  1. HAPPY SPRING Denise....what a sweet post...This is so funny.....I see that you have the Imari casserole which I have also...a gift from my mother-in-law from long ago....remember how popular that used to be? I so love pansies....hugs from me to you and wishing you a lovely week!

  2. Hello Denise, happy spring. I am happy the calendar has changed. I do hope you get some warm weather. We need more rain, but sometimes enough is enough in your case.I am well. Any more thought on a new blog design?

  3. Happy March, Denise! I love pansies, but don't plant them any more, at least in the ground, because the bunnies swipe them out. I'm loving your Susan Branch calendar. I hope your weather warms up. We have rain here!

  4. Yes, I always get a little kick out of turning to a new calendar page. ☺️ You mentioned winds and goodness we are getting that today. I was going out to run errands and have changed my mind watching the trees bend and listening to that howl. I am eagerly looking forward to those light-filled early evening hours. (I feel bad that not everyone feels as we do.)

  5. March came in like a lion. It was so windy this weekend. Raining all day today. I am so ready for lots of sunshine!
    I didn't plant any pansies this year either. Lowes usually get them in when it is so hot and too early to plant here. I love them though. They are so sweet.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. You are so sweet.

  6. Hello Denise,
    I'm always happy when March comes, too. Even though there can still be cold weather, there is more light and a different feel to the air. My pansies are perking up after the winter and have quite a few blooms. A cheery sight.

  7. Happy March to you. I really enjoyed turning the page on the calendar. It's nice to have longer daylight, too.

  8. Hi Denise, It's a blustery day here which feels like should if it comes in like a lion! Our pansies have suddenly turned gorgeous. This must be the perfect weather for them! Happy spring!



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