Sunday, March 22, 2020

Unusual Times

Hello All!  Are you staying sane and healthy?  
We're learning to use bar soap to wash our hands after many years of using liquid hand soap.  While the liquid soap is easier and faster, it's also pricier.  I've heard now that it may be better to use hand soap because it forces you to work up a good lather and wash more thoroughly.  We had run out of most of our liquid hand soap before the virus scare anyway, and obviously it's very hard (if not impossible) to find in the stores right now, so I figured it's the perfect time to use bar soap.  One of the benefits of bar soap I've discovered is that it doesn't dry my hands out like the liquid hand soaps and hand sanitizers.
Also, I've finally found a way to use my blue and white soap dish from Charleston.  😊  It never looked right in my bathroom, but it's perfect for our kitchen.    
This soap was a gift to me several years ago, and I'd forgotten I had it.  It was packed away unopened, so we're putting it to good use.  It has such a nice fragrance.  I have asthma and some allergies, and there are so many smells that I can't tolerate now.  I can't stand cleaning products with too much scent.  This company is Panier des Sens en Provence, and you can look at their website here.  This particular bar was labeled "Sage" on the packaging.
This side reads "Vegetable Soap with Shea Butter".  I may have to order some more of these.  :)  
Thoughts on self-isolation -- I've never minded very much being at home; I've always been a bit of a home body.  The hubs doesn't seem to mind too much at the moment, either.  However, we did go for a walk yesterday afternoon and a short drive yesterday evening before dark because we were both feeling the need to get out for a bit.  The Japanese Cherry trees are in bloom here, and they're sooo pretty!  The Redbud trees are blooming as well, although they're quite early this year.
This was our elderly Red Bud tree that had been here all the years we've lived in this house.  I feel sure the original owners planted it when they lived here, or it was probably already here when they had the house built in 1971.  We finally had it cut down last spring.  Half of the trunk had broken off, and the poor thing just looked really sad.  I'm hoping we'll plant another one soon.  
These trees are often found growing wild in the woods and along the interstate highways in our area; they are truly a thing of beauty.  
Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are sick with COVID-19 and those who will become sick in the coming days and weeks.  We're also concerned for the financial welfare of those who aren't able to work during this time.  The governor of North Carolina ordered all restaurants closed last week.  While I think it's the right thing to do, I worry for those small, non-chain restaurants and hope this won't put them out of business.  We've already gotten takeout twice at two of our regular haunts so we can help support them through this.  We're going to get a frozen entreé from our favorite Tex Mex restaurant, as well.  
On a somewhat lighter note, since Hal is currently working from home, I've loaned him my personal assistant for the duration.
He's ever so helpful.  😉
Duncan wants a salary increase.  
I do sincerely hope you're all doing well.  What are the current restrictions where you live?  We're staying at home except to get food and supplies from the grocery store, Sam's Club, and the occasional takeout meal.  Thank you so much for your visit, and I will be around to visit your blogs shortly.  
Take care!  


  1. Our restrictions are the same as most places. Like you, I feel comfortable at home unless I must stay here. ☺️ Duncan looks like a wonderful personal assistant. How beautiful spring is in your corner. You really should take walks and drives to see it all.

  2. Glad you are doing well, Denise. I have some hand soap from Provence that I could use that I have just used for looks. Good idea to enjoy using it. I have washed my hands so much.
    It is good that your husband can work at home. I am like you I haven't minded being at home yet. I have worked in my yard three days and haven't made a dent. There is still much to do picking up limbs in the natural area and putting in the street. However, the city may not pick it up for a while.
    I have enjoyed creating vignettes with things I have but I haven't posted except one on Instagram. I will get around to it. I almost feel guilty for playing with flowers when there are so many bad things happening. However, beauty gives me joy and we need to be positive and thankful during this time of turmoil and unrest. You can see my Instagram pics at the bottom of my blog. The post resulted from walking around my neighborhood and seeing things blooming.
    Stay safe.

  3. Good to hear from you and see you are doing well. Our restaurants are either closed or only open for takeout, too. My eye appointment was cancelled and I understand why. I'm glad I let my hair go to it's natural greying process a couple years ago. :) Stay safe and keep the Faith!

  4. Our county just closed down for three weeks. And our grands began their online home schooling today. They were excited to see their friends after a week+ of spring break. I think a stretch of sunny weather will be good medicine for all of us who have had so much rain this winter!

  5. Stay safe and well Denise...your days sound much like ours....sending a warm distant hug from Texas!



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