Saturday, July 20, 2019

A Stroll Through Southport

"An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day."~Henry David Thoreau
On the last morning of our visit to Southport back in April, I got a chance to take some pictures of cottages that I haven't seen before, as well as a few pics of the marina.  This was the trip I took with my mom, sister, and niece; would you care to stroll with us?
  This was the house right next door to where we stayed.  As it turned out, it's owned by the parents of the woman who rented the little blue house to us.  I like all the windows and the double screen porches.  It's a newer build, but it blends nicely with the other old houses.  You can see a portion of the cottage we stayed in at the far right of this picture.
An older home next to the newer one.
This little section of the street across from the marina is where the house from "Safe Haven" is located, but I didn't get a picture of it.  Incidentally, if you noticed the "For Sale" sign in front of this house, we were amazed at all the homes for sale in Southport.  We decided that must be because the economy is booming and houses are finally starting to sell again.
This home was also for sale -- for a cool $800,000.  It appears to be a really big house, and these homes looking out on the marina have a wonderful view.
Another home for sale; this is the back, which faced our street, and the front faces the next street over.
This is the garage and guest house of the house above.
And finally, this is the front of the house.  A large house with a good-sized piece of land, considering it's right in town.
This cute house was right next door to us on the other side.  It looked very nice, but we really wanted the owners to take the Christmas lights off the wreath already (it was April after all).  I know, what a bunch of humbugs.  I like the cheerful yellow door with the black shutters.
These next few cottages were photographed while walking up the street, away from the marina.
This little house fascinated us because it almost didn't look inhabited.  But there are porch chairs and a swing, and the yard is well cared for.  I was curious as to why it had two front doors.  These particular cottages were so small, and considering their size, age, and proximity to the marina, we wondered if they were originally fisherman's cottages.  This house above, with the two doors, still had wavy glass (which looked original) in the windows.
The other side of the street, and again, two front doors.  That little (little being the operative word) picket fence was so cute.  It only came about knee-high on us, and we're short people.  😊
This house on the corner was pretty.  The side --
and the front.
On the opposite corner was this house,
Looks homey and cozy, doesn't it?
 It appears to have a little guest house/apartment, too. 
A darling cottage above.  
This house was one of my favorites,
Can you see the fish cut-out in the shutter above?
Here's a closer view.  I love the blue color of the shutters and front door!
The fish theme continues in the gate.  That's one thing I love most about Southport -- everywhere you look there are whimsical touches,
and glimpses of serene little hideaways.
Fishy Fishy -- a great place to eat!  😋 
My kind of she shed.  😉
"Perhaps I should not have been a fisherman, he thought.  But that was the thing that I was born for."~The Old Man and The Sea, Ernest Hemingway 
We thought this man looked like he stepped right out of central casting for a fishing boat captain -- wouldn't you agree?  I hope you enjoyed the stroll and a look at these charming homes.  Thanks so much for coming along; I always enjoy your visits!!  Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


  1. Enjoyed the stroll through Southport and the beautiful homes, large and small. Brought back memories of our fun trip. Maybe we will get to do it again sometime. Love you, Mom

  2. We ate at Fishy Fishy! Enjoyed the stroll through Southport. Such cute houses and cottages!

  3. Oh my word, Denise, what a delight - thank you soooo much for taking us on this amazing cottage gazing.

    How charming - what a wonderful place to be blessed to live!

  4. That was fun! So many cute, romantical cottages. I know that each one of them has a story. Yes, that Captain is a natural. He could be on the coast of Maine! 😉

  5. Lovely, Denise. Great shots - and it all looks so very neat and tidy. Somewhat prettier - and I suspect warmer - than Southport in the UK!



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