Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday Flowers

Happy Friday all!  I'm glad you stopped by!  Let me show you the flowers I got last Saturday at the Farmer's Market.  Here it is Friday, almost a week later, and they're still pretty (I took these pictures late yesterday afternoon).  I sometimes save those packets of flower food you get with supermarket flowers, and I used some in this bunch.  Wow, did it keep them fresh and perky!
I didn't actually buy three bouquets of flowers; I bought one big bunch for $10, and I was able to make three arrangements to spread around the house.  That price is such a bargain compared to what we would pay at the grocery store for flowers.  I love a bargain, and this was a good one.  
I really love the variety included in this bunch of flowers.  There were lots of Sweet Williams (one of my favorite old-fashioned flowers), as well as purple statice and yellow statice.  There were two sunflowers, yellow daisy mums, a large white lily with two unopened buds, Queen Anne's Lace, lisianthus, and two Gladioli.  
I've had this arrangement in our bedroom.  I love the white, French-style enamel pitcher.  I found it at Ikea a couple of years ago.  They had two sizes -- this is the small size.  Now I wish I'd gotten one in each size.  😀
I've enjoyed looking at this bouquet on the kitchen table all week.  I love the cheerful look of fresh flowers in a mason jar.  These sunflowers are a good size -- not too big.
This bouquet has been brightening the dining room table.  One of the lily buds opened midway through the week.
I'm not normally a fan of gladiolus, but I think these pink ones are really lovely.  
The back side of the arrangement.  Aren't the Sweet Williams pretty?
My family used to tease me years ago when I bought flowers at the Farmer's Market.  They'd ask if I bought just flowers, or something to eat, as well.  Of course I bought food. 🍞 🌽 🍅 🍑 🥔  I've been cooking and baking fresh fruit and veggies this week -- so, so good. 
Do you enjoy visiting the farmer's market near you, or maybe just a local curb market/produce stand?  Have you been yet this summer?  Thanks so much for visiting me today; I love your visits and I really enjoy the comments you leave.  Have a great weekend full of summer goodness!!
Warm Hugs,


  1. that’s a lot of bang for your buck! Very pretty flowers for each bouquet.

  2. Lovely flowers and you arrange them well. Really like your tablecloth!



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