Sunday, June 23, 2019

Father's Day 2019

I realize that Father's Day was last Sunday, but I'm just now getting a chance to share this post.
My sister, my mom, and I ordered flowers to go in my parents' church in memory of my dad for Father's Day.  Hal and I aren't Moravians; my sister is a Moravian and attends a different church, but we all joined my mom for the service that morning.  It was an emotional day for my mom, and I think it helped her for us to be there.  It was good for us, too, because we got to see the flowers in the sanctuary and participate in the Father's Day and Trinity Day worship service.
It really was a beautiful bouquet of yellow snapdragons, goldenrod, purple larkspur, Sweet William, carnations, yellow calla lilies, and one white hydrangea blossom.  It would have made my dad feel good to see those flowers.  His birthday is coming up on July 3rd, which will be another hard day, and then the first anniversary of his death on August 13th.  
I took some pictures inside their church after the service.
This church was founded in 1759.
The Moravian churches are simple rather than ornate, but we think they're so pretty.  This church is an old one; you can tell by the thickness of the walls around the windows.
I took these pictures of the house next door to the church from a passageway lined with windows.  
You wouldn't believe how cute this little village is where the church is located.  I'll give you a virtual tour sometime, but I'll have to take pictures of the other houses and buildings first.  
This year was our first Father's Day without my dad.  I miss being able to visit and talk with him.  Unfortunately, his health had deteriorated so badly and he was so very tired at the end.  He's not sick anymore, and that's a blessing.  I hope all of you had a good Father's Day with your loved ones.  
Thanks so much for visiting here and have a lovely week!


  1. The flowers were just beautiful, Denise. Rich’s Birthday was the same day as your dad’s, and he died on August 16th, very close to your dad’s passing. It’ll be six years this August. I know it will be very emotional for you and your mom.
    The church does have such a simple beauty. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I remember how hard the firsts are after a parent or other family member dies. I'm sure Father's day was like that too and the flowers to remember and honor him are beautiful. We have a pretty Moravian church in our town, looks very similar to your mother's.



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