Monday, November 5, 2018

A Football Game and Leaf Season

Happy Monday dear readers!  I hope you enjoyed a lovely fall weekend.  The employees where my husband works were offered free tickets to a college football game this past weekend for making their United Way goal, so we spent Saturday afternoon at the stadium.  It was a beautiful day, but the wind blew during the entire game and it was much colder than I expected it to be.  Thankfully, I grabbed my coat on the way out the door, or I would have been a miserable camper.  :)
Check out that gorgeous sky!  I don't know how many of you are familiar with the ACC, but the town I grew up in is the home of Wake Forest University, who have a football and basketball team.  The Wake Forest Demon Deacons participate in the NCAA'S Division 1 (in the bowl sub-division for football) and in the Atlantic Coast Conference.  
I haven't been to a Wake Forest game in forever, and the last college football game Hal and I attended was almost 30 years ago.  
The stadium is much swankier than it used to be.
We sat just below the sky box seats.
I might also add that college football games are much more high-tech than they were when we last attended a game.  This electronic video board was nice for showing what was happening on the field and in the stands, and they also showed instant replays from the game.  You can see some of the fall foliage in this picture; it's just gorgeous around our area right now.  Fall came late this year, but it sure is pretty.  
I thought these food carts (above) were cute.  
We had hot dogs and french fries for lunch during half time.  I wonder why hot dogs at a football or baseball game always taste so much better than anywhere else?  
You don't really have to drive into the country or up to the mountains to see gorgeous fall foliage.  I'm glad about that because we haven't had time to take our annual fall drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway this year.  😉 
Fun with shadows -- I couldn't resist taking this picture of us.   
Yesterday (Sunday) we drove around town to do some leaf peeping.  I love that there are so many maple trees all over the city.  This picture is in Old Salem, a historic, pre-Revolutionary War community that I've written about previously.  
Part of the Old Salem Tavern above.  This is the building where travelers stayed overnight.  George Washington slept here in the summer of 1791.  
Old Salem  
I was snapping these pictures with my iPhone from inside a moving car, so please excuse some of the reflections from the windshield.  I cropped as much of the car as I could without ruining the pictures. 
The flame-colored maple tree above was photographed as we approached the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Winston-Salem.  
I hate there were so many power lines in these pictures, but there was no way to avoid them in this instance.  I went out to get my hair cut today and saw more vivid fall foliage.  I can't seem to get enough of this season.  
Is the foliage pretty where you are?  Thanks so much for your visit and have a wonderful week!


  1. Fabulous foliage! And I imagine that being at the football game was invigorating. It's always good to be out in the fresh, autumn air.

  2. Lots of pretty color still in your neck of the woods. I so enjoy college games over professional. Fun times. I'm hungry for a hot dog now!

  3. We took a drive on the BRP last week, the higher elevations are past peak and leaves are pretty much down. But around 3000 feet, the colors were gorgeous. The rain over the last weekend and today has brought down much of the leaves on our place. I love autumn!!

  4. What a fun time for you and Hal to go to the football game, and then to drive and see all the pretty Fall colors. The Winston-Salem area looks like such a picturesque place to visit, and I would just love it.

  5. Thank you so much for this lovely blog post. The pictures are so pretty and brought back wonderful memories of Winston-Salem and Wake Forest. You really made my day. Go Deacs!

  6. What beautiful fall trees! That one at the stadium was impressive.
    I'm glad you had a nice outing and you grabbed your coat. I hate to be cold!
    It was actually warm today waking up to 73 and up to 77 because of the rain. We are starting to see a little fall color. My hickory trees are turning yellow. Your area is so beautiful this time of year. Have a great week.

  7. Old Salem looks like a beautiful place to see autumn colour. Enjoy this lovely season.



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