Monday, April 24, 2017

Eufy the Robot Vac and a New Mirror

Hi everyone!  How was your weekend and your Monday?  Rainy and rainy are the answers to both questions here at Forest Manor.  We've had buckets of rain, and it's turned cold again.

So, Mr. Forest Manor made a secret purchase online a few weeks ago, and when it was delivered, I had no idea what it was.  Hal was acting kind of mysterious about it, and that evening I found out what it was...

This is not a sponsored post; I'm just sharing a new product we love.  Do any of you have one of these, or do you perhaps have a Roomba?  You might think my reaction strange, but at first I was upset and offended that Hal had bought this.  I never say anything to him about how he spends his money; he works hard for it and he's sensible about his spending.  But this time I said something.  I told him people would think I was too lazy to vacuum, and we were supposed to be saving our money for rugs for the new floors.

Poor Hal; he meant well and he was rather taken aback at my reaction.  He said that this would be a help to me because I wouldn't have to haul the heavy vacuum cleaner around, and that the robot vacs were really good to use on hardwood floors.  One of the women he works with told him she'd be happy to take it, and that she would buy it from him.

  Eufy, the robot vac stayed packed away in the box for a week or so.  When it came time for me to vacuum the new wood floors for the first time, I was in a quandary.  I read online about the best way to clean and vacuum hardwood floors, and I was worried that our other vacuum cleaners would damage the new floors.  So after some deliberation, I told Hal that I wanted to try out the robot vacuum on the floors.  Folks, I have to tell you that I love this vacuum.  It really does a good job, it works well along the baseboards and in the corners, and it's very quiet.  We've even started talking to Eufy like it's a pet or something.

The first time we used it, it started beeping and we went to see what was going on.  Eufy had gotten stuck on top of our rug in the foyer, and he was sitting there with his little side brushes going in circles. It reminded me of a bug that was stuck on its back.  😁

We've been having Eufy vacuum our dining room, living room, and foyer in the evenings about twice a week because there's not a lot of traffic in those rooms.  Hal puts the remote on "Auto" and the vacuum goes through all those rooms (including under the dining room table) and when it's finished, it automatically goes back to its docking station to re-charge.   We have it vacuum the kitchen about every other day because there's much more traffic through there.  I'm only going to use it on the hardwood floors and continue to use the upright vacuum for our carpeted rooms.

So today started off with a bit of comedy.  I got dressed like I do every morning, in our bedroom, which is at the back of our house.  While dressing, I heard a funny sound, and I thought one of our neighbors was doing yard work.  I looked out the bedroom window but didn't see anything.  I walked out of the bedroom and started up the hall, and I heard the sound again, only louder.  When I got to the guest bedroom, I looked inside and quelle surprise, there was the little robot vac trying to vacuum.  It had gotten stuck on some things that I had stacked on the floor.  Eufy had apparently made an executive decision to clean a different area of the house and had gotten right down to business.  I retrieved the remote, hit the "Home" button, and guided little Eufy back to his home base.

What amazed me was that Duncan had not been barking wildly while this was going on.  He doesn't appreciate having another pet in the house.  ;)  I did hear one yelp while I was still in the bedroom, so I bet that's what he was barking at.  It was really funny because our den carpet was very clean, and I could see the tracks where Eufy had been through there, and he'd gone right up to Duncan's play pen.  I'm thinking this must have rendered Duncan speechless (except for the one yelp).  Hal and I have enjoyed a good laugh about "Eufy's Big Adventure."

In other news, after the floors were installed and while everything was still out of the china cabinet, I cleaned all the glass inside and out.  It's the shiniest it's ever been in the 25 years we've had it.

Also, I've been looking for a mirror to go over this chest in the dining room.  When we happen to go in an antique store or consignment shop, I look at the mirrors, just in case.  I've looked for over a year and even looked online a bit (all those were way too expensive).  One day we were in The Red Collection, a consignment store in Greensboro, and one of my favorite shopping places, and I spotted this mirror.  It's the style I wanted and appeared to be just the right size, and the price -- $35.  What a bargain, and there wasn't a thing wrong with it!  We bought it and I've just been waiting to hang it, so we got that done this weekend.

I love to find a good bargain, and I've learned to be patient and wait for those.  I was beginning to think I wasn't going to find a mirror, though, and I couldn't justify paying hundreds of dollars for one right now.  I was very happy to find this one.

Thanks so much for your visit -- I hope you have a great day!  :)




  1. It is worth the wait to find exactly what you want. The mirror looks great!

  2. What a fun post about your new bug/pet. Glad the robot is working well for you. That mirror was a great bargain. Your wait was worth it.

  3. I've wondered about those little robot vacuums and it's good to hear they work well on hardwood. My dog sheds very fine hairs that seem to gather into tumbleweeds that roll under the furniture and it would be nice to have them taken care of for me.
    I love the mirror Denise, a good price too. Look at that tea set reflected - happy dance. ;-)

  4. The mirror is a beauty- waiting pays off! My mom was gifted with a Roomba and tried it for a while. She has carpeting and way too many things for it to run into. Eventually my sister who gifted it to her took it to her place. It was fun to watch it while it was at Mom's. I hope it will work out well for you. I need to do a cleaning on my china hutch too. It's been a while since I emptied it and got every surface freshened up!

  5. I'm glad to hear that the vacuum is working out for you, Denise. That really was quite sweet of Hal to want to surprise you with it.
    Your new mirror is absolutely stunning, and what a bargain!!! It look perfect in that spot. Your hutch looks so sparkly, too!



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