Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Belated Easter Tablescape

Happy Wednesday to you!  I hope your week is going well.  I didn't get a chance to get photos of our table before Easter, so I'm sharing them now.  I decided to go ahead and post this tablescape because this is a table that would convert easily to an any-occasion Spring table.

Some of these things you may have seen before on my older tablescape posts.  I try to re-use my holiday items as much as possible, with a few changes here and there.  I bought the napkins, napkin rings, and glass eggcups a few years ago, but I've never shown them on the blog.  My mom brought me the darling, colored egg candles a few weeks ago.

The napkins are cotton gingham with dainty, crocheted lace trim.  They came in a four-pack from Pier One, in pink (the napkin looks more coral in this picture, but it is a true pink)



and yellow.  It was serendipitous that the candles my mom gave me had each of these four colors, plus two others as well.

The glass egg cups came from World Market the same year I bought the napkins and napkin rings.  There are one blue cup,

  one pink cup,

 and two green cups.  I had never seen the glass ones before, and I just love them.

I've had these candle rings since I first started my blog, but this is the first year I've actually used them.

The yellow cabbage bowl came from HomeGoods a few years ago.  The little blue, vintage-looking box came from Michael's several years ago.  I bought a yellow one too; I think the fabric trim and the colorful pictures on the lids are so sweet.

  A smart crafter could make these at home, I'm sure.  :)

This bunny has been on previous Easter tables; I just added some new ribbon this year.  I can't resist a pretty spool of ribbon, how about you?  ;)

I never tire of polka dots.  :D

These wooden ornaments and eggs came from a favorite local gift shop that's no longer in business here.  I used to hang them on a white Easter tree.

These pâpier maché eggs are a favorite, and I think they came from the same shop.

A little wind-up Peter Rabbit that belonged to our son brings back sweet memories.

I saw a lot of these bunny ear napkin rings in blogland a few years ago.  Some folks were smart enough to make their own, but these came from Pier One.

We followed tradition and had a sit-down lunch with my husband's family and a casual dinner at my parents' house.

I hope you had a Blessed Easter.

 As always, thank you for your visit.  I'm honored that you take time out of your day to look at this blog and wishing you a great week!  I'll be joining the fun at Between Naps on the Porch, for Tablescape Thursday and Foodie Friday and Everything Else at Rattlebridge Farm. 



On the Table:
White Dinner Plates -- Lenox "Classic White" (HomeGoods)
Salad Plates -- Gibson Elite, HomeGoods
Flatware -- Oneida "Tennyson" stainless
Beverage Glasses -- Gorham "French Cathedral"
Placemats, Napkins, Napkin Rings -- Pier One 
Glass Egg Cups -- World Market
Yellow Cabbage Bowl -- Bordallo Pinheiro (HomeGoods)
Pink and Green Ribbon, Decorative Boxes -- Michael's
Ceramic Rabbits -- Gifts
Candle Rings -- Salem Creek Gift Shop
Egg Candles -- Cracker Barrel


  1. Love the beautiful table and was very tickled to see the egg cups. I never used to know what they were. I've finally gained some knowledge and understand how they are used. Now I just need a set of my own so I can serve a proper soft boiled eggs and soldiers breakfast.

  2. You have some cute Easter decorations and have created a very lovely table. I looked for some egg cups this year and couldn't find any!

  3. Egg cups were scarce this year where I live also. Your table is beautiful and I would also like to find those gingham napkins.

  4. Oh Denise...what a darling and adorable Easter table this is...I so with I had been did an outstanding job!

  5. Such a nice springy Easter table. I bought those egg cups last year at World Market. Blessings.

  6. I love you used the sweet candle rings for your crystal candlesticks. I'm known to buy things and not use them for a while too. I also like how you used the little ornaments tucked in the Easter grass in a bowl with your cute bunny decked out in ribbon. I have some I used some years back on a tree limb, too. I should pull them out next year. Your sweet egg cups are adorable. Everything on the table is adorable.

  7. Your Easter table is sooo pretty, Denise. I love the egg cups, those darling gingham napkins, and your mini decorations around the bunny on the pedestal. I'm so glad that you shared this with us. I still have my Easter decor up, but I need to box it up for another year. Happy Friday, my friend. xo

  8. One of my favorite collections is my ...ribbons! I'm known to drop by one local store on occasion just to pick up a new bolt of beautiful ribbon. I loved your choice of place mats. They reminded me of the wonderful baskets that my children used to carry for the Easter egg hunts. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay



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