Sunday, November 20, 2016

Our Thanksgiving Table

My husband read an interview with a British actor many years ago.  The actor had been temporarily living here in the U.S. while filming a movie.  The interviewer asked him what he thought of American holidays, and the actor replied that he really enjoyed Thanksgiving.  He said it had many of the best qualities of Christmas -- time spent with family and good food, but without the pressure of gift giving.  We had never thought of it that way before, but we realized he had made an excellent observation.  Thanksgiving is special, and we love it.

We have much to be thankful for here at Forest Manor.  We have each other, our son, our extended family, and Duncan.  ;)  We also have a home, plenty of food to eat, medicine, clothing, and money left over to enjoy our hobbies.  We are thankful, also, to live in a free country.

Will you be traveling for Thanksgiving this year, or will family gather at your house?  We'll be going to my parents' house with our son, and my sister will join us there, as well.

Even though we're not having folks over here, I still enjoyed setting a pretty table this year.  I haven't done a Thanksgiving tablescape here at home since my first year of blogging.  You can see that table Here.  This table is actually very similar, but I made a few, small changes.  For the dinner plates, I used Lenox "Classic White."  For the salad/dessert plates and bowls, I used Johnson Brothers "His Majesty."  The flatware is our wedding stainless, Oneida "Tennyson."  I'm using the same quilted placemats I used in 2011 and the same napkins, but this time I chose to use our engraved pewter napkin rings.

This cornucopia belonged to my mother-in-law, along with most of the fruit, and she was kind enough to give them to me several years ago.  Over the years, I've added to the collection -- the Indian corn, the various pumpkins, and the golden pear.

I found a garland of faux Bittersweet a few years ago at A. C. Moore.  This year I clipped some pieces off the garland, and wrapped and tied them to use as candle rings.  

You saw my barley twist candlesticks on our fall mantle back in October.  I was thrilled to find these on e-Bay this year.  Back in September, I found a package of three turkey candles at Michael's, and they make a fun addition to the table.

I added our apple and pear salt and pepper shakers to this end of the table, along with a butter dish and butter knife.

A dish for cranberry sauce and a silver-plate server are placed at the other end of the table.  I purchased this table runner back in 2011 from Sherry, who blogs at "The Charm of Home."  Sherry is very talented, and she has a beautiful blog.

You can see the runner better in these pictures from 2011 --

If we were eating the big Thanksgiving meal at our home, we would have the food spread out in the kitchen for everyone to serve themselves buffet-style.  Our dining table has two leaves to extend the length, but unfortunately our dining room is too small to accommodate a table that big.

In addition to the fruit, vegetables, and leaves, I added antlers, pheasant feathers, and faux acorns to the centerpiece.

The praying hands were a gift from my husband's grandmother, who made them years ago in ceramics class.

I love the teacups for this china pattern.  The sugar and creamer are actually pottery pieces from Seagrove, North Carolina, where potters have been making their wares since Colonial times.

This table was a pleasure to put together -- a celebration of the harvest season and all the rich colors of autumn.

I appreciate your visit; I'm so thankful for my readers and my blog friends.  Have a blessed week.


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  1. Those dishes look marvelous! We are not going anywhere either, but I still set a pretty table just for us. We will have some friends over on Saturday just to extend the festivities through the weekend.

  2. Oh Denise! You are my kindred spirit! I SO enjoyed this post! I absolutely love your tablesetting. Everything is warm and festive! I have read it twice to savor each setting...the candlesticks (love), the praying hands and wheat sheath, the silver (which I remember your pattern) and of course, the beloved Johnson Brothers! I would love to sit at your table! Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Quintessential Thanksgiving right here...warm, golden glow, brown transferware dishes with that handsome turkey and all the beautiful decor including the wonderful cornucopia. I think I caught a glimpse of your son there. I really like how you have the tea cups all set up...speaks so much of hospitality and graciousness. Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your parents, sister, Beloved, and son!

  4. Such a lovely Thanksgiving setting. Love all the pieces you pulled together. The table really says Thanksgiving. I also appreciate Thanksgiving without the gift giving aspect. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! Safe travels...

  5. Your table is very welcoming Denise and creatively assembled. It looks like the place mats are red? If so, I purchased the same ones last year to use for Christmas. :-)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. What a lovely table! Enjoy your day with family!

  7. Glad to know your plans for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with all your family.

    I enjoyed viewing your Thanksgiving tablescape. It is warm and inviting and I can tell you put much thought into it. Love the barley twist candlesticks and your burlap runner. I like your china pattern and your placemats set it off. Your centerpiece with embellishments like the faux antlers and fruit running out of the cornucopia flanked by the glowing candles looks stunning.
    Have a great day with family.

  8. Denise you have decorated a beautiful table for your family. I too love Thanksgiving without all of the commerical. It did my heart good tonight to see that table runner still has a home and will grace your thanksgiving table! What a sweetie for you to mention it. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family!

  9. Your table is beautiful and welcoming. Love the barley twist candlesticks. Your centerpieceis beautiful- love the cornucopia and antlers. That British actor did hit it on the head didn't he! We will be with family but not at our house. I still set up my table as though it was going to be used. Have a warm and loving Thanksgiving!

  10. You've created a beautiful Thanksgiving table. It's always a pleasure to eat with the eyes as well as the taste buds on special occasions like Thanksgiving. Have a most Happy Thanksgiving, Denise.

  11. I love your Thanksgiving table, Denise. My favorite is the cornucopia. You have a very beautiful home. I'm sure your day was wonderful! P. x



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