Tuesday, September 6, 2016

There and Back Again

Hi everyone and Happy September!!  I do LOVE this time of the year!  I've been absent from blogland for a few days because we were at the ocean.

I realize that everyone is in the fall mindset right now, and so am I.  Have you ever been to the beach in the fall?  It's beautiful at that time of year in a different way from the mountains in the fall.

The ocean grasses and the sea oats are starting to turn ever so subtly to soft shades of golden brown.

The marsh grasses of the intercoastal waterway put on their autumn colors, as well.

We drove to Oak Island on the heels of Hurricane Hermine on Friday, but by Saturday afternoon, it was lovely there.  Have you ever noticed how a big storm seems to wash the air and leaves the sky so clean and clear?

Sunset at Caswell Beach

The sunsets at the coast this time of year are a soft pink -- my favorite.  I'm thankful for safe travels this past weekend and for time spent with my husband, my mother and father-in-law, and our son.  We had a wonderful visit, and now it's time to slip into another season -- beautiful Fall.

Our little furball had fun at Linda's Doggie Summer Camp.  ;)

Are you ready for fall?  Have you seen any changes in the landscape where you live?  Thank you so much for your visit, and have a great day!!





  1. There is a sense of fall in the air even though the heat has come back. I know cooler weather is coming. Glad you had a good get away to the beach!

  2. Truth be told I like beaches most in the fall and winter. Beautiful beach scenes. The mornings here are feeling more like fall than summer. Leaves are already falling, too.

  3. Not quite ready for fall this year because I have so much to accomplish and the sense of time slipping away is very real to me today.

  4. Oh, and I want very much to get to the ocean! It gives me such a sense of peace as the waves seem to wash all the stress away and the wonderful sound of them...must go to a spot where the waves crash.

  5. Beaches and the ocean are so calming to me. Serenity and peaceful waves. Such lovely photos Denise. Thanks for taking me away and your sweet visit. Hugs to you.

  6. Ah..the ocean waves...I can just smell that salty air! I know you must have had a wonderful time! Adorable photo of your sweet fur baby!

  7. Denise, in my life time I have spent alot of falls at the beach. Now we are mostly in the mountains and I love it, but I do have to admit I miss the ocean. I especially love it in the winter during a big storm, to park on a cliff and watch the waves is really something. Do they have fog in the east like we do in the west. That I don't miss..Beautiful photos and I bet Duncan is glad to see your home..Have wonderful week..Judy

  8. Late fall is a beautiful time here in north Florida to visit the beaches. I can hardly wait for cooler temps. We were in the direct path of Hurricane Hermine and what a mess she left here in the Big Bend of Florida.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.


  9. That looks like the perfect getaway to usher out the summer season. Glad to hear that you didn't experience any bad effects from Hermine. Your pictures make me want to visit the beach.
    I must admit I am glad to be at the end of the hot and humid weather. I think I tolerate it worse every year.

  10. The beach anytime of year would be joy for me since we don't have ocean beach here. I've never thought about fall at the beach either. And a nice way to end the summer, too. Your photos are wonderful, making me want to visit. Duncan looks quite handsome and very calm. Does he enjoy Doggie Camp? Boone goes to the kennel when my husband leaves overnight because he is still too much for me to handle. He is a big dog, weighing over 60 pounds now, fast, and strong. Enjoy your fall.

  11. Fall is coming as leaves are floating to the ground but none turning colour yet because it's too warm at night.
    I'm off next week for a few days and when I return, the autumn decor is going to come out.

  12. What a wonderful get away.. I love being by water with it relaxing properties. With the cooler weather coming in I can feel fall is close by... I'll start decorating in fall once it gets here on the 22nd.

  13. Our nights are definitely cooler, and the days as well. But when the sun shines, the autumn light is so glorious. Love your beach photos - the water is lovely in any season.

  14. Your photos are just beautiful, Denise! I just came back from the gorgeous Pacific Ocean and this Saturday I'm leaving for Savannah and then Charleston!

  15. What a beautiful sunset! Glad you enjoyed the ocean. September is a nice time to be there with less crowds and nice weather.
    Duncan is so big! Good to see him. So glad you enjoyed a time with your family.
    We just returned from another visit to Texas and our daughter's family came here for the weekend. To see both of our kids in one week is quite unusual.
    I am looking forward to fall weather.

  16. What a glorious place. I can't get over how big sweet Duncan has gotten.



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