Saturday, April 16, 2016

An English Spring

Except for a couple of cold snaps and frosts, I think this has been the most gorgeous spring.  I've heard more than one person around here say so.  Has spring been beautiful where you are?  Are your flowers and trees putting on a show this year?  It helps a lot, here in the south, when the weather doesn't turn hot too quickly.  The heat tends to shorten the bloom time for the spring flowers.

I told my husband earlier this week that it feels like we're having an English spring here this year.

We've had mild to cool weather, temperatures still dipping into the 30's and 40's some nights.  Yesterday the high was only 66°F and the overnight low was 40°F -- perfect.  :)  You almost need long sleeves or a light jacket outside; that's okay with me because it will get hot soon enough, and it will stay that way, for the most part, until October.

So back to the English spring.  The grass here is so green, the flowers so colorful, and the weather so mild, it reminds me of the spring we visited England.  That trip was 17 years ago, and I'd love to go back.  If you're a new reader of this blog, and you'd like to see pictures from our trip, here are some links to the posts.

The Bellows Mill

Stratford Upon Avon


Leighton Buzzard


I loved my visit to England; I'd wanted to travel there for years.  After 17 years though, I can still remember how good it felt to be back home.  It's so nice to see other places in this big, wide world; but I think the essence of "home" is that it's what you know, and you may not realize how much a part of you it is until you go away.  Home is where your roots run deep.

No matter the season of the year, I think it's hard to beat a Carolina blue sky.  For as long as it lasts this year, I'm going to enjoy an English spring right here in North Carolina.

Are you having a beautiful spring in your part of the world?  If so, I hope you find time to be outside, soaking in the sights and sounds today.  Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for visiting!!



  1. Beautiful English Spring for sure. When I have some more time on my hands I will check out your links from your trip to England. I'm always ready to go back to England! Hope your weekend is going well.

  2. Fun to see your pictures again. That was such a great trip.
    Spring has been beautiful. Rainy here all week and colder. I'm wearing sweats today. But warms temps are forecast this week.
    Love your England photos. You know I love to travel.

  3. I'm glad that you're having a nice Spring, Denise. We had hail last Monday and now it's raining and will continue for a few more days.
    I hope someday to get to England. I'd so love to see some thatched roof cottages and go to an English tearoom.

  4. It has been a beautiful spring!

  5. Indeed...NC is a beautiful place to live! How very fortunate to have visited dream to do so! Thank you so very much for sharing your trip photos! Glad you are home sweet home!

  6. A few years ago, we had the perfect spring that you are describing now. The blooming trees were magnificent and they went on forever. Must have been the cool nights (like bouquets being popped into the fridge at night). The photos of your trip to England are so pretty. Think it's time for another trip?



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