Saturday, February 7, 2015

Duncan The Destroyer

Hi friends!  I'm so glad the weekend is here!  I hope you've had a good week; it's been very cold here for the past few days, but it's supposed to be much nicer tomorrow.

Earlier today, I came through the den on the way to the kitchen and I noticed that Duncan seemed to be wearing a new blue collar...

This was interesting because he doesn't normally wear a collar inside the house.  Hmmm.  On closer inspection, I realized he was wearing part of his double-ring tug toy.  {:o  ??!!

...and here's the other part -- the black ring with the break in the middle.  Sigh.

Doesn't he look cute though?  Uh-huh.  I have no idea how he managed to do this.  This tug toy belonged to our sweet, precious MacDuff, who rarely tore up anything -- SERIOUSLY.  For a Scottie, he was amazing.  However, now we have Captain Destructo.

This is was Mr. Ginger, one of Duncan's first toys from my parents last year, right after we got him.  His nose got bitten off pretty quickly, but otherwise he held up surprisingly well, considering that he was just a soft, plush toy.  Duncan really liked to play with him.

Poor Mr. Ginger.  He didn't get a lot of respect.

We finally had to take Mr. Ginger away for fear all the stuffing would be consumed.

This football was also one of MacDuff's toys, and unlike Mr. Ginger, it was kind of a hard toy.  Not for long.

This was Duncan's Nylabone® on the left.  The red thing is a Kong® toy -- according to the packaging, virtually indestructible and made of fire hose material.  That one lasted about an hour.  I'm not kidding.  I can't find it to take a picture of it, but he also bit and chewed a tennis ball in half.  We couldn't believe it.  Bonnie, our first Scottie, was a serious chewer, but she never managed to chew up a tennis ball.

Another Kong® toy here, and they're supposed to be the toughest and best dog toys on the market.  There's just never a dull moment around here folks.  ;)

These are action shots, so Captain Destructo is blurry in these two pictures.

You can also see in the previous two pictures how he's destroyed our den carpet.  Thankfully, it is 14 years old, so we don't feel too bad about having to replace it.  But we're definitely going to be replacing it very soon.

"Honest Mom, how can you resist this cute, sincere face?"

That's our Duncan update for now.  I'll have some things to share around the house before long (I hope).  In the meantime, thank you for stopping by.  As always, I greatly appreciate and enjoy your visits, and I hope you have a great weekend!!



  1. There's my favorite furry bad boy! He's just too cute, and I'm sure challenging... I think Kong should do a little market research and send Duncan their toughest new toy to see how it holds up:@) Happy Weekend Denise!

  2. aww .. I wont say anything here.. just email me and we'll talk:)


  3. Uh oh...Good thing you love him...

  4. I am laughing my way through this post. Boone exactly the same, only a small play pen would not contain him. He has destroyed every toy we have bought him, so we have quite buying toys, even the extreme chewer kong was destroyed in a few days. Now I buy cow bones a the grocery store. They are cheap and not easily destroyed. He has a basket of bones that looks a dinosaur pit, but he can chose a bone. They re funny aren't they? and we must have a sense of humor. Boone also likes plastic drink bottles, but he tends to chew them up too hard. Balloons are favorite. He has a very soft mouth and has learned not to bite the balloon--the first time one popped. He has learned to carry his balloon by the stem, so he gets about 15 minutes out of his balloon. He has a regular bed time, 7:30 when he goes in his crate for the night. That's about all the longer we can put with him. lol. Our pups do keep us entertained.

  5. "But Mom, I can't be perfect.. perfect is boring!!"

  6. Gee, sounds like Waldo is at your house. He chew up everything and still wants it after all the stuffing is out. When I open up the slider to go out on the patio he grabs a toy and out the door he goes.
    Duncan is such a little cutie - how can you ever get mad at him LOL. So I know how you feel about toys. I haven't found any that he can't destroy.
    Hope you get warm weather.

  7. Thank heaven I was scrolling down or I would have missed the update of Captain Destructo!. I can't believe it. How did that get around his neck? Still, he is the cutest thing on four legs BUT, he must have the strongest jaws in the world. Buddy at almost 100 pounds and jaws that you couldn't pry open for love nor money couldn't damage a Kong. That was the only thing though! Unless it squeaked and then he would run from it with his tail between his legs. Little Duncan, you make my day..Happy Tuesday.Judy



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