Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kapp's Mill and Mosaic Monday

Today, I'm sharing some photos we took last fall in Dobson, North Carolina, about an hour's drive from where we live.  We happened upon this spot some months ago on an outing with some other people, and we couldn't stop for a closer look that day.  When fall rolled around, we decided to go back for a visit and take some pictures.

This is the old mill, built in 1827.  I love the red-painted trim around the windows.  Kapp's Mill is situated on the Mitchell River and was one of the largest gristmills serving Surry County in North Carolina.  It was purchased by John M. Kapp in 1843 and remained in the Kapp family until the mid-1900's.  During the 1800's and early 1900's, a combination general store and post office plus a blacksmith shop were located on the property.  Employees were paid in Kapp's Mill scrip which was accepted at the general store.  The mill closed around 1935 because it was no longer profitable, and the general store has been converted into a residence.  source 

I wondered if perhaps this building was not the original general store.  It looks old enough to have been around at the same time the mill was in operation.

Here's a closer view.  Notice the outhouse to the left of the building.

The ducks and geese were out and about that day,

and some late season flowers were still blooming, like these pretty morning glories.

I couldn't identify these yellow flowers; does anyone know what they are?

Here's the dam, which directed the water flow toward the mill wheel.

Love the reflections in the water.

I love these pictures of the geese swimming in a line across the top of the dam.

And back the other way.  :-D

On the way home from the mill, we passed this red-roofed farmhouse sitting way off the road, and it honestly reminded me of a painting.  The big blue sky, the solitary house with one tall tree beside it, and the field of crops in the foreground made for an interesting picture.

I'm joining the folks at the Mosaic Monday party, hosted by Judith, who blogs at Lavender Cottage.  I hope you'll stop by to see lots of great photography on display.  :)  Thank you for visiting today and have a terrific week!



  1. The old mill is preserved fairly well and I too like the reflections in the water. There's an interesting contrast of colours leading up to the vibrant red roof and then the blue sky beyond.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Denise.

  2. Beautiful photos Denise! I love the dam and water reflections shot- I'd frame that!! And the red roofed house against blue sky is great too. A beautiful post!! How long did you wait for those three geese to line up across that dam? haha

  3. Looks like a very peaceful place to visit:@)

  4. Such a lovely spot to visit with your camera. You took some beautiful photos. Now that's a show stopping roof for sure!

  5. It looks like a nice place to visit. Peaceful and pretty, great water refections. And love the red roof photo.

  6. Such pretty photos, Denise. Those are the kinds of places I would like to visit on vacation..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  7. What beautiful pictures of the mill and the scenery, Denise. I was captivated with the photo of the geese going across the dam. What a wonderful spot to visit. I also read about your trip to Ikea and about your little Duncan.
    I have to tell you that while in Mexico, I began Winter Solstice, and oh, how I love it! I'm about to be finished with the book, but I don't want it to end. The characters are wonderful and I just want it to continue.

  8. Very pretty place, and the image that you shared first to introduce us to this post, the water reflections, that reminds me of a beautiful Monet painting~



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