Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Fourth of July Table

I don't know about you all, but our town seems to have emptied out.  It seems that everyone is traveling somewhere for the Fourth of July week -- everyone, that is, but us.  :)  My husband says there has been very little traffic to and from work every day, so no complaints there.  Those who have gone to the North Carolina coast may have their trip spoiled by Tropical Storm Arthur, but I hope not.  That happened to us one year, and it was no fun.

We're planning on staying right here for the week, but my husband has taken an extra day's vacation in order to have a four-day weekend.  Woo-hoo!  We'll be going to my in-laws' house for the Fourth, but I set a patriotic tablescape in my "new" kitchen just for fun.

I don't do many tablescapes in our kitchen because it has a smaller table and we're always using it for something, but I think this tablescape is a bit too casual for our dining room.

I've wanted one of these vintage 1950's tablecloths for years, but I would never buy one from e-bay because I knew a tablecloth like this would just clash with the busy wallpaper we had in here up until two summers ago.  You can see how our old kitchen was transformed to our new kitchen Here.

Now we have buttery yellow walls, and I can use practically any color I want in here.  This tablecloth came from e-bay; it was a vintage tablecloth, never used and still in the original package.  I was really happy to find it.  It reminds me of my parents' house.  My mom always uses these in the summer, and she used to take them with us when we went on a family picnic.  Good memories.

I started my tablescape with these blue and white transferware dishes.  I found them at a local yard sale on Saturday for a dollar apiece and bought all eight of them.

Independence Hall in Philadelphia is featured on the dinner plates.

Next I added salad plates from my Johnson Brothers "Old Britain Castles."

Kirk Stieff pewter napkin rings were a wedding gift.

I used our everyday flatware, Oneida "Colonial Boston" -- perfect for an Independence Day table.  :)

The candlestick is Williamsburg Pottery; I found two of these at different thrift stores, and I snapped them up.  :)

I love the white ric-rac napkins.


The beverage glasses have stars around the rim; I bought these at World Market the first year I started blogging.

Salt and pepper shakers are part of our everyday dishes, "Finlandia Blue," by Churchill.

Lots of blue and white on the bakers rack, with a few touches of red...

Even the French Country Engagement Diary and the wall calendar are sporting some patriotic colors.  Don't those berries look scrumptious?

Our kitchen gets the late afternoon sunlight, so I took pictures this afternoon with my point and shoot camera.  Mr. Forest Manor was kind enough to take some more pictures for me this evening.

Love, love this shot.  :)

These Hydrangeas were a happy accident.  We went to see our son in Greensboro on Saturday afternoon to help him hook up a "new to him" washer and dryer.  When we drove up to the house he rents with two friends, I noticed there were three good-sized Hydrangea bushes blooming up a storm along the side of the house.  Oh joy!!  I asked him if I could cut some blossoms to take home, and of course he said "Help yourself."  I love that boy!  ;)  I was so happy when I got home with these flowers, you'd think I had found a pile of gold nuggets.  :-D


Happy Fourth of July to you all!!  I hope you have a fun, safe holiday with lots of good food, good weather, and good company.  Thanks so much for visiting me.


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  1. Your 4th of July table looks very good with all your pretty red, white and blue dishes. Love your table cloth also - great find.
    I'm with you not going anywhere - to many fireworks and my dogs are so afraid.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. LOVIN' your pretty vintage tablecloth Denise! I know exactly what you mean about wall paper... I put up a gorgeous (yet busy) floral print on a dark green background in the diningroom at last house and quickly learned that didn't work with anything but solid tablecloths! Happy 4th of July-enjoy:@)

  3. I have been so busy these last few days with the reunion company that I pretty much spaced out the 4th. Now you have put me in the mood to celebrate, to dig out my 4th decorations and let the world know that we are patriots. You have created a beautify and inspirational tablescape. I, too, love the flag and hydrangea photo. Happy 4th of July.

  4. Very festive and patriotic tablescape! Love that you found the vintage tablecloth in its original packaging. How cool is that?! I often pick up the vintage tablecloths only to find that there are impossible spots on them and they don't make it through the laundry so well even on gentle cycle. I've wound up using them in other projects, which is the next best thing. Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

  5. Beautiful table! I love the way you have mixed red and blue transfer ware and your vintage tablecloth.

  6. Very pretty table & transferware - love it! May I ask where you found the calendar hanger?

  7. I have been stalking the vintage tablecloths on eBay for years, but have never bought one because I have such a weird sized table that nothing will work. You have a real gem here, so perfect for the holiday. The dishes, well, what can I say, I love them all. Sigh. Happy Fourth!

  8. Hello! I popped over here from BNOTP - your table looks great. Your tablecloth was a wonderful find (I love the vintage cloths like yours). I did have to chuckle with the combination of Independence Day and Old British Castles, heheh! That's history right there on your table.

  9. Ooh Denise, I'm loving that vintage tablecloth! What a find on eBay. It all works so well with your transferware dishes. I would've snapped those blue plates up as well as the Williiamsburg pottery. The hydrangeas make the prettiest centerpiece, too!! Aren't you happy that you have plain walls now?? Happy 4th to you. xo

  10. Perfect for the 4th! I love the old tablecloth and your mix of transferware plates.

  11. Oh Denise, What a pretty table. How neat you found the Independence Hall plates for such a bargain and the flowers were a great price too. I love the star glasses perfect for a 4th of July table.

    You are not the only ones at home for the holiday. Our entire neighborhood is empty. One of our children is too far away and the other one has traveled to Oklahoma to visit the other side of the house relatives. We are having guests for dinner tomorrow night so I set a 4th table but haven't photographed it yet. I plan to work on that tomorrow.

    I love your vintage cloth too. I don't own one but have a fondness for them.Enjoy your holiday.

  12. Your patriotic tablescape just makes me smile. I am a huge fan of those vintage tablecloths and am so happy to hear that you found one for your "new" kitchen.
    I also had to smile at your story of the "accidental" hydrangeas. What a fun surprise to find at your son's place.
    I agree the flag in amongst the hydrangeas is perfection.
    Wishing you a happy 4th. Oh, and by the way, we aren't at the beach either (if it makes you feel any better). :)

  13. Denise, I LOVE your tablecloth & transferware and am swooning over your hydrangeas! Just gorgeous! Happy Fourth! Blessings, Cecilia

  14. I love your table cloth and your dishes. Great find

  15. Pretty table! Thank you for linking with Home Sweet Home!



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