Sunday, May 18, 2014

What Does Summer Mean to You?

Blazing hot temperatures?  High humidity?  Lots of yard work and mosquitoes?  :)  How about going barefoot?  Watching the sunset?  Eating homemade ice cream?

The Stars and Stripes always say summertime to me.

...on historic buildings,

 cozy cottages,


and our home sweet home.

Fireworks are almost always a part of summer.  :)

Dreaming of the ocean --

...and trips to Oak Island,


and Southport.

Trips to the North Carolina coast have been part of our summers for the last 26 years or so.

Summers wouldn't be the same without family cookouts,


and there.  :)

and the occasional family reunion.

Our annual trek to the mountains of western North Carolina --

making a stop in our favorite mountain towns.

and spending some time at the Blue Waters Mountain Lodge.

Visits to the Farmer's Market for fresh flowers and produce.

Summer tablescapes

and summer food.

Fresh tomatoes, corn, and peaches -- Yum.  :)

Looking forward to summer... about you?

Thanks so much for stopping by; I really appreciate that you take time to visit!  Are you gearing up for summer -- it's almost here!  What do you have planned for the coming months?  I'd love to hear from you.  :)



  1. Lovin' that great screened in porch with the brick Denise! All fun pics, I'm looking forward to the nice long holiday weekend-enjoy:@)

  2. Yes, we are ready for summer. Now if it would just warm up. Wonderful photos to get us in the mood.

  3. Love all your photos of what summer means to you. What a great prompt for a post. Now I know some of these places that you enjoy in the summer after the last few weeks of travel with my daughter. Have a great week!

  4. Great post, Denise. Now I feel like hopping in the car and heading for the coast... or maybe the mountains. We sure do have a lot of great choices right here in NC, don't we?
    I've been to Wilmington once and loved it. Southport I've heard of but never been there. After seeing your photos I think I need to get there. Love that little white cottage!
    I love everything about summer... except that darned humidity :).

  5. Loving your photos and thinking of summer at the beach, burgers, 4th of July parades and big glasses of iced tea. Bring it on!

  6. Hi, Denise! I will admit that when I saw the title of your post that I immediately went negative. "Hellish temperatures", "frizzed out/flat hair", "sweaty armpits", and "bee stings" were the first things that came to mind. But then I started looking at the pictures and was reminded of all the beauty that Summer brings. It's sometimes hard to remember that when you think you smell pork only to find out it's you cooking in the hot Summer sun or when you're wiping your makeup off your ankles because it has melted down that far from your face!

    I'll probably have to revisit this post from time to time as we sink further and further into the hot Summer months ahead. Your photos have healing powers!

  7. What a wonderful post! It is so interesting to see all these photos of the North Carolina coast,a the different style houses and porches - i just adore American covered verandas and porches, what a great idea and why dont we have them here in the UK?! Well our weather I suppose! My dream house would have one!
    Beautiful flower photos too, and your tablescapes are beautiful!
    Enjoy getting in the mood for summer Denise!
    Gill xx

  8. I like your summer story! In many ways similar to mine. I hope this is a wonderful summer for you all!

  9. Denise, this was so much wonderful eye candy! I kept changing my mind as to my favorite shot. I guess they brought to mind so many memories or summer feelings that I loved them all.

    I will vote the shot at the mountain lodge as my favorite. That's mainly because I prefer the mountains in the summertime over the beach.

    (And isn't that your mom's porch? I love that!)



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