Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Run For The Roses

As usual, it seems, we missed the Kentucky Derby today.  Darn.  We were both tired, as the sleep schedule hasn't been very good at our house lately.  Hubby has a project going at work that has entailed all sorts of late hours, and late-night phone calls and texts from work.  So after lunch today, we both took a big nap, and when we awoke, the race was over.  One of these days, we'll learn to record it (I hope).

 "California Chrome"

We had two horses when my sister and I were teenagers.  They're beautiful animals, but costly to keep and maintain.  When we no longer had time to ride them, my parents had to sell them.

I always look forward to the Kentucky Derby.  I love the excitement of watching the horses run full-out around the track, giving it their all to pull ahead of the others.  I think the atmosphere is festive with all the flowers and the pretty hats, although they're often on the heads of a bunch of plastered tipsy people.  ;)  I'm not interested in placing bets.  I just love to watch the horses -- and I'm always relieved when the race is finished and no horses or riders have been injured.

 Here's a YouTube video of "Run For The Roses," by the late Dan Fogelberg.  The video has beautiful images of horses, horse farms, and Churchill Downs.  I hope you enjoy it!

In searching for this video, I learned that Dan died in 2007 after a battle with cancer.  I think I knew this, but had forgotten it.  I've always loved his music, and especially this song.

Thank you for visiting -- I hope you have a great weekend!  



  1. I looked up the starting time around 3, made a mental note to watch at 6:30... Then promptly forgot. Oh well, as you say, maybe next year:@)

  2. Denise, fun fact: the owners of California Chrome, Perry and Denise Martin, hail from my hometown of Yuba City, Ca. It was a true underdog story.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I didn't watch the Derby, either, Denise. My dear Dad always loved to watch it on TV. I'd forgotten that Dan Fogelberg died. I've always loved his music, like you.
    I hope this week is a more relaxing one. How's Duncan doing?? Is he still wearing you out? xo

  4. I am doing a backwards catch up this morning and reading older posts that I might have missed on favorite blogs. I don't know why I didn't see this. I guess I was too busy looking at Duncan. Grin.

    First, what? I didn't know Dan Fogelberg had died either. I loved him. I am going to click that video when I finish this comment and just listen (and look.)

    I have always wanted to go to something like the Kentucky Derby, but to be completely honest, it's just so I an wear a linen dress and a big hat. My older daughter went to a race in Virginia on Saturday. She and her friends looks so pretty!



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