Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day To My Dad

I think it's so nice that we have a designated day every year to officially acknowledge our Fathers (and our Mothers).  It gives us all a chance to thank them in a more pronounced way than we normally do throughout the year.  But truthfully, most of us know that we are grateful to, and for, our fathers and mothers every day.  I wonder how many of you asked the same question I did once when I was still growing up in my parents' home -- "Why don't we have a Children's Day, since we have a Mother's Day and a Father's Day?"  To which my parents replied, "Every day is children's day."  Very true that is, too.  :)

Today I want to say "Thank You" to my dad for all the many things he has done for me, my sister, and our families over the years.  I can tell you that he has done many more things that I can ever repay.  When we were growing up, my dad worked long hours at his job, and he went to night school for six or seven years to earn his Bachelor's Degree when we were still very young.  When you're still a child, it's hard to fully appreciate the commitment required to see this through; but as an adult I watched my husband do the same thing to earn his Master's Degree, and my eyes were fully opened to the sacrifice that required.

 Then, when I was in high school, my dad's job as an internal auditor required him to travel all over the world.  Traveling can be fun, but traveling for work (spending a lot of time in airports and hotels) is not nearly so much fun as traveling for your personal pleasure.  I know that with all the exotic places my dad visited, he would much rather have been at home with us.  I know I'm leaving out a lot of the places he traveled to, but I remember that he went to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Rotterdam, California, Seattle, and Hawaii to name a few.  Of all the places my dad traveled, the one that he seemed to enjoy the most was Toronto, Canada; and I remember he enjoyed the wonderful seafood in Seattle and touring the U.S.S. Arizona at Pearl Harbor.

I also remember that wherever he went, he always tried to send us a postcard when time permitted, and he also brought mementos home to my mom, my sister, and myself.  Those meant a lot to me at the time; it was exciting to receive something from another state or country, but they mean even more to me now.  They mean that he was thinking of us and missing us when he was away, and he cared enough about us to bring us a gift, which he knew would be fun and exciting for us.

When we were raising our son, I think I became fully aware of how much my parents had done for us.  I also gained an appreciation of how difficult it is at times to be a good parent.  As much as you love your children, it's still a challenge to be a good parent.  But I've decided that I think one of the payoffs of being a good parent is that you may be lucky enough to one day have grandchildren.  My parents have two grandchildren -- my sister's daughter and my son.  My dad is crazy about both of them, and he has done so much for them, and with them, over the years.

My parents were fortunate to be able to retire when their grandchildren were still very young, and I think it enabled them to enjoy their grandchildren even more.  Our son and niece had several fun trips to Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC, summer days at my parents' pool, and trips to the beach condo, where we all met up at the family arcade and had a great time playing all the games.  And every Christmas, my parents took Will and Anna to see Santa Claus at the cute Santa House near them, and afterwards, the kids spent the night with their grandparents.  Fun times and happy memories.

Through their college years, my dad was always so encouraging and supportive of both his grandchildren.  I know that meant a lot to Will and Anna, but I think it meant a whole lot more to my sister and I.

A grandfather's love is a very special one, and a father's love is, as well.  Thank you Daddy, for everything you have done for me and mine.  I am eternally grateful and proud to have you for a father.  I hope you have the best Father's Day ever!!



  1. Very lovely tribute to your dad and hubby, Denise! xo

  2. It's been so much fun seeing the family photos today and reading the stories. I think it must be very satisfying for parents to hear their children say, from experience, how difficult the task of raising children is. Hope that the dads in your life have a very happy day!

  3. Weeser

    Thanks so much for your very thoughtful blog.

    Mom and I continue to be blessed with our two wonderful daughters, a fine son-in-law and two very special grand kids.



  4. A special tribute to your father, Denise. I know he is proud of you as well.

    I loved seeing your childhood photos and the others too.

  5. What a lovely tribute to your father and how nice he is still with you to be at your son's graduation. I don't think we realize, as you said, what our parents went through until we ourselves are parents! hope you have a good week!

  6. So sweet. You are so right. It's not until we become parents ourselves that we truly understand. I loved seeing the old family photos.

  7. What a special post about your dear Dad, Denise! I love seeing the photos and reading all the reasons why you treasure both of your parents. xo

  8. Your dad sounds just wonderful to me. You are so blessed to still have him in this world and near you to boot. I related well to the part about traveling because both my father and my husband travel/traveled for business. You couldn't have spoken truer words. It may be exotic to be in Japan or Germany, but it was lonely too.

    Happy Belated Father's Day to you, Denise. Thanks for sharing your dad with us.



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