Monday, December 31, 2012

An Amazing Christmas House, Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of our Christmas House tour.  We're not touring my house, but the home of my mom's sweet friend and neighbor, Susie.  If you're not completely sick of Christmas decorations, and you missed Part One, you can view that Here.

In this post, we'll see the rest of Susie's house all decked out for Christmas.  I'm glad we visited yesterday, because she may be taking all of these pretties down, even as I write this.  :)

Susie's kitchen has a gingerbread theme every year, and she's inspired my mom to do a gingerbread tree in her kitchen now.

This table is so cute!  I love the placemats and the napkins with gingerbread people on the bottom, and did you see what she's used for napkin rings?  Cookie cutters.  I love that idea!  I think the long-stemmed tea light holders are so pretty.

Gingerbread people and houses, and a couple of nutcracker chefs...

This is Susie's kitchen tree sporting a fun, food theme.  I see several gingerbread people, a tiered cupcake stand, some M&M's, a S'More, an ice cream cone, and a Pillsbury Dough Boy.  It's trimmed with hot, chili pepper lights -- very festive!

This beautiful swag hangs over the doorway to Susie's living room.  This room normally holds Susie's big Christmas tree decorated completely with Victorian-style ornaments and garland.  She didn't put it up this year because it held too many sad memories for her.  Her mother gave her many of the ornaments for this tree.  Susie's parents died recently within a very short time of one another, so this was a sad holiday for her this year.  Her parents had been living in a finished apartment in the basement of her home for many years now, and she really misses them.

Susie and her husband recently had their guest bathroom renovated.  She decorated it beautifully for Christmas, as well.  I really love all the cardinals throughout her house; they're perfect for Christmas and the winter season.

This is such an elegant mirror, and I think this swag on the corner looks just perfect.

She even has a cardinal soap dispenser.

This is Susie's toy tree.  You can get a glimpse here of the tree topper; it's a bunch of balloons -- how cute is that?!  Also on the tree are a Curious George, Raggedy Ann and Andy, a bicycle, tricycle, a red wagon, and a toy airplane with Santa as the pilot.  The garland is made of little alphabet blocks.

  All these trees are so creative; Susie is really clever about finding all these cute things and combining them for a really charming tree or vignette.  Speaking of vignettes, check out the vignette below this toy tree.

There is just so much detail here.

This outdoor themed tree is in the same bedroom with the toy tree.  It has lots of little red, Coleman-style lanterns, pine cones, and bird houses.  I also see some watering cans and a straw hat for gardening.  Susie and her husband are both avid gardeners.  He grows lots of fresh vegetables in the summer, and she grows beautiful flowers and shrubs.  We've been invited to visit again in the spring and summer when everything is in bloom -- more good material for a future post.  :)

The next bedroom contains Susie's angel tree and her mouse tree.

  We didn't get a good closeup, but the angel on top of this tree is gorgeous.  The plush bear in the rocking chair is wearing a red velvet dress and black, patent leather shoes.  Her little black velvet purse belonged to Susie's granddaughter.

I think this mouse tree is adorable.  Below is a "Precious Moments" Nativity set, purchased many years ago at one of our favorite, family-owned department stores that is no longer in business.

This little tree is decorated entirely with pins, brooches, and cuff links that belonged to Susie's mother and father.  I think that's such a sweet idea, kind of a remembrance tree.

Whimsical sheep dressed as shepherds.

Now we're in the master bedroom; isn't this chandelier spectacular with its Christmas trimmings?  I love the light patterns it throws across the ceiling.

Another pretty tree with a vignette of carolers beneath it.

The last room we'll see in Susie's Christmas tour is the master bath.  I love what she's done in here.

I would love to have this beautiful window in my home.

Love the angels at the top corners of the window!

And that's it folks for this Christmas.  Thank you, Susie, for opening up your lovely home to my husband and I and letting us share these photos!  I'm so glad I got to see these amazing Christmas decorations!

Thanks to all of you out there who read my posts!  In just a few hours, 2012 will be gone and 2013 will be here.  I am hopeful that this new year will bring good things to all of us.  A Very Happy New Year to you, and I hope you'll continue on this blogging journey with me in the coming year.

Many Blessings,



  1. Once again, these pictures are wonderful. Susie will be thrilled to see them. Happy New Year to our precious family. Love you, Mom

  2. I love all the themed trees. I've seen several trees in kitchens this year with a baking, cooking, or food theme. I think I want to do that next year. I have a skinny tree that I used when I live in an apartment. That would be perfect.

  3. Wow, what a tour! Gorgeous decorations!!! I love the gingerbread, cardinals, mice, door swags...all so nice!



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