Friday, August 31, 2012

Hendersonville, North Carolina

Well, it's Friday folks, and it seems that Friday is almost always my travel post day.  You might think, in reading my blog, that all we do is travel -- or that we travel a lot.  Not so.  We have been fortunate enough to take some big trips, which I'll be sharing on my blog in the future.  We usually go to the beach once during the summer and to the mountains for about four days during the summer.  And speaking of the mountains, that's what I'm writing about again today.  Last week I shared with you our trip to the Blue Waters Mountain Lodge, in the western North Carolina mountains.
On our way to the Blue Waters Lodge, we make a point of stopping in the mountain town of Hendersonville in the late afternoon, and we have dinner there before continuing with our journey.  This year, we were able to get some pretty good pictures of the little downtown area before the sweltering heat and humidity turned to rain. Downtown Hendersonville is full of unique (and pricey) shops with colorful flowers everywhere.

When we visited this year, they had these bear sculptures lining the main street, and they're all painted to match the various shops where they stand.  The bear in this photo advertises the upscale little pet boutique called "Wag."  A few years ago when we visited, they had apple sculptures painted in this same colorful fashion.  Hendersonville has lots of apple orchards, and they have an apple festival every Labor Day weekend.

Notice he's painted with dogs, cats, paw prints, and pet toys.  It's certainly a unique way to advertise.   You can see the pet boutique in the picture below.

A pretty garden shop below.

A lot of our pictures turned out dark; you can see by the sky that it was about to rain.

I love, love these gates below.  This was originally a bank building which has been turned into law offices on the street level.

When the gates are closed, they form a coach, reminiscent of a Cinderella coach.  I've never seen anything like this before.  Here's the other side of the gate...

Below, a florist shop with a bakery to the left.

"Narnia Studios" -- cute name for a florist and gift shop.  :)

This was a neat, old-fashioned hobby shop.

Check out these little airplanes fashioned from soda cans.  They're so colorful and whimsical!

I also love these airplane whirligigs...

...and the weathervane.

The building with the green awnings is "Hannah Flanagan's Irish Pub and Eatery," which is where we usually go for dinner.  They have good food, and the prices are reasonable.

Another pub.

The town soda and sandwich shop.

This last shop is possibly my favorite; it's the most unique storefront I've ever seen.

The English Bobby...

And the Scotsman in his tartan kilt.  I'll leave you with a last few images of Hendersonville.

 I'm joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday.  I'm also linking to Seasonal Sundays, hosted by The Tablescaper and Mosaic Monday, hosted by Mary at Little Red House. Thank you, ladies, for hosting; wishing you all a relaxing Labor Day weekend.

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  1. Denise, I grew up here and have never actually been to downtown Hendersonville except for a trip to the courthouse last year, but not beyond there. Looks like you had a great time and you were right here in my back yard!!

  2. Have a great week-end filled with joy and peace...
    God Bless you....
    Oh.. and dont forget to check out the Blue Moon
    A blue moon is full moon that occurs as the second full moon in a given month. Blue moons are not typically blue in color — that happens only, well, once in a blue moon, but there is the possibility for a hint of blue in any full moon


  3. Delightful captures! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    My PINK
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I'm going to have to make a trip there. I have been through the area, but didnt have a chance at that time to do a proper tour. Your beautiful photos have certainly peeked my interest and I'll tell my daughter where we need to make a full day trip in oct.

    It sure is a lovely little town.

  5. Hi Denise, I loved revisiting Hendersonville again through your photos. Too bad we weren't there when you were!! My hubby took a pic of me with one of those bears. I thought they were the cutest decor lining the streets, besides all the beautiful hanging flower baskets. We ate at Hannah's pub and I had the BEST soup that I'm going to try to recreate.

  6. Looks like a lovely little town to shop in. Even if I can't afford the expensive little shops, it is still fun to look and be inspired.
    We have some figures around town like your bear in different settings and outfits, but it is Brutus Buckeye, Ohio State University's mascot and they are primarily on campus. Still they are enjoyable to see.

  7. Forgot to say I love those carriage gates!!!

  8. Looks like a fun place to visit, the bears are really cool! Happy Labor Day Weekend:@)

  9. Hi Denise, What a lovely town. I'm sure you enjoyed walking around here and doing a little shopping. I'll have to remember this town when I get up this way. Thanks, I feel like I've been walking and shopping with you. Happy Seasonal Sunday……

    The French Hutch

  10. So pretty! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    I hope that you can also visit my PINK. You may also link up to my Color Connection if you'd like. Thanks!

  11. Thanks for sharing Henderson, NC, I do love the gates, they are fabulous. The bear is pretty cute but I think I would much rather have the gates.

  12. Hi Denise! I enjoyed the my visit to Hendersonville~ I haven't been there in about 15 years! Such a charming downtown district~ I love the Cinderella Coach gates :)

  13. Such a cute town. I love the bear you photographed. Funny you photographed a shop named Narnia. I just finished watching the movie on TV. Lovely photos.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  14. What a interesting and attractive town...I love those bears !:)

  15. Hendersonville looks like a wonderful place to visit. I enjoy visiting small towns and walking. So many interesting things to see. The gate is amazing. I loved the bears! Fun!

  16. Love the artistic flair that this community captured it beautifully in your photos.

  17. What a delightful place to visit! Is it far from Charlotte? We have family in Charlotte and it looks like a wonderful place to visit! Have a grand week! Cathy

  18. What fun to see Hendersonville being featured! That's where I LIVE! We are in Florida right now but we will be back there soon. We love to spend the Fall there and see the colors of Autumn. The Apple Festival is going on this weekend...well, I guess it just ended! We hated to miss it this year. I sure have enjoyed your photos!

  19. What a wonderful place to wander. Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays. Looking forward to having you with me this Sunday.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. I love those gates, too. We were in that area 2 years ago and we ate at the Black Rose Pub. Very good food.



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