Saturday, November 29, 2014


The month of November, the thankful month, is almost over.  I feel like I've been saying this for months now, but this has been the shortest, fastest year ever.

I don't have any Thanksgiving pictures to share from this year.  We had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house, and we were too busy enjoying our food and visiting with each other to worry about pictures.  For the delicious food and togetherness, I am truly thankful.

I am so thankful for my husband, our son, our siblings, and our parents.  We're so lucky to still have all four of our parents with us.  Never the less, this year has been a difficult one for us in several ways.

My husband's job has been extremely stressful for a few years now.  He works in the IT department, and in most decent-sized companies, that's always a busy, hectic place to work.  In addition, he had a boss who was driving him nuts.  Hubby would come home sooo keyed up and stressed out, and his boss would text and e-mail him numerous times during the evening and on weekends.  That still wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the fact that he was texting and e-mailing to ask about something my husband had already explained to him two or three times already.  There were many nights that I awoke in the wee hours to discover my husband in the den watching television because he was so frustrated he couldn't sleep.  This was very hard on both of us and not good for my husband's mental or physical well-being.  Thankfully, in May, he moved to a different department and a new boss.  Things are much better.

In addition, our son lost his job back in August of this year.  He had worked there for a little over a year.  That was a blow to all of us.  I told a few of my close blogging friends, but I just didn't feel like writing about it in my blog posts.  As of now, he's still looking for another job, and this month, we had to pay his rent and utilities for the first time since he moved out almost a year ago.  That hit our bank account pretty hard, especially since we have a car payment now.  We bought a car for the first time in 12 years literally the same week our son lost his job.

I mentioned that we still have all four of our parents, thankfully, but they are aging and we worry about all of them.  Many of you know that my dad spent five weeks in the hospital this summer, and he's still recovering from that episode.  In spite of the things that have worried us this past year, we know that we have so much to be thankful for.

I don't usually write about our problems because I feel that's not what you come here to read about.  :)  But I think it's also good to know that some things are universal, and none of us have perfect lives.  I still wouldn't want to trade places with anyone.  How about you -- have you had a thankful month?

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  1. Hey there, little sister. This may not be the "usual" type of post we come to expect, but I'm glad you wrote it just the same. It's cathartic, I'm sure to put this down in writing and get your feelings out. It's obvious there have been some rough times, and it looks as though there may be a few more ahead. I'm sorry about that. I'm sure that sharing with you that we're all going through something crazy doesn't make it feel any better, but the fact it...we are! Girl, don't EVEN get me started with what's goin' on up in here!!! :-) I feel for your son. I know that's a blow to a guy's ego in the worst kind of way. Something wonderful will come along, though, and this will straighten itself out. That old saying "When it rains, it pours" certainly seems to apply.

    Take care of yourself, and know that someone in Missouri is thinking about you and your family, hoping and praying that things turn themselves around soon.

  2. I know life can throw curve balls at times Denise. Here's hoping the challenges all lead to a more positive outcome. Take care:@)

  3. Denise, we all have problems of some sort, so don't feel bad sharing. I hope your son can find another job soon. We are very thankful for many things...but mostly for not being injured in an auto accident Tuesday during rush hour on I 35...four vehicles were involved, 3 vehicles totaled, ours included...but no serious injuries to anyone.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Between my husband and me we are down to one living parent, my pop. He is 91. So sorry that your boy is still without work. Glad your husband was able to move departments. I do hope he is resting better. Praying right now that your boy finds work and that God will give you the strength you need for what comes your way and hoping for easier days ahead. My husband's company is in Chapter 11 proceedings and will be auctioned off in the new year. We have lots of unknowns ahead but truly we all have unknowns ahead. I'm glad we don't walk life alone...

  5. Real life is not what we usually portray on our blogs. There are many things to concern us all. I'm sorry your son is still out of work and hope that he will soon find a job. Glad that your husband's job stress has eased a little. I pray that you'll find the strength you need to face each day's challenges.



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