Friday, November 21, 2014

A New Haircut

Hello dear readers and Happy Monday to you!  I hope you've had a good weekend.  I just realized it's been over a week since I posted anything.  One thing I've been catching up on is my blog visits; I had fallen way behind on those.  From what I've seen, everyone has been cold, pretty much everywhere but Florida, it looks like.  You've also been busy cooking delicious-looking food, and getting ready for the holidays.

I'm excited about the upcoming holidays, too, but this is a non-holiday post.  It's also a totally different kind of metamorphosis for Met Monday.  :)  Guess who got their first haircut this week?

That's right -- Himself has been to the beauty shop to get coiffured.  ;)  We think he looks quite handsome, if we do say so ourselves.

Here we are the night before the haircut...

Mr. Shaggy Dog.

I had put off this ordeal task for a bit too long, so his fur was pretty matted.  That would be an extra $7.50.  Cha-ching.  Then, in the words of the groomer, "He was a handful, so we added a handling charge of $5.00."  Cha-ching.  That's our Duncan; he's a take-no-prisoners kind of guy.  So we had the extra $12.50 in addition to the base price of $43.00.  Ouch.

Of course, he is ten months old, so he was overdue for grooming.  The next appointment is in two months, and we're hoping it won't be quite as costly.  :/

By the way, I put the red ribbon on him for the photo session.  ;)  The groomer put a bandanna with fall colors on him, but he had it off in less than five minutes after I picked him up.  Sigh.

The ribbon didn't last long either -- ribbons are for sissies, not Scotties.

A lot of these pictures are blurry because the subject of the photos is rarely still.  He looks awfully cute with his new haircut, don't ya' think?  So our Scottie went from this --

to this.

Duncan and I thank you for visiting -- it's most appreciated.  We hope you have a great week!!  We're joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday -- hope to see you there.



  1. yes he is quite handsome. I'm certain my pom girls would be quite smitten with him..

  2. I was thinking about Duncan just the other day when I thought of you. Where does our time go and at this time of the year every woman is busy!

    Glad he is doing well. Enjoyed your pictures and adventures with his first haircut!

  3. Denise, Duncan may be a handful, but he sure is one cute dude!
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. You tricked me...I thought I'd be seeing your new haircut! I'm excited about the holidays, too. We are having our family Thanksgiving tomorrow! Woohoo!

  5. There's my favorite furry bad boy!!! Lovin' the hair cut, he looks very dapper:@)

  6. Hi Denise! Yes, little Duncan is one handsome little guy! I know these grooming sessions can cost alot! Chloe Dawn is a black mini Schnauzer but I have always thought Schnauzers and Scotties look like cousins! :)
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Oh, Denise. Duncan looks like he is posing for his formal portrait!. Got to say he may be a handful but he is the most darling handful I've seen in a long time..Happy Weekend..Judy You Go Duncan!!

  8. Oh how cute. Boone is at the boarding kennel where had his first bath. I said, "Let them teach him how to bathe." Here we have groomers on wheels. People make a living with portable dog groom trailers so that they can drive to your house, can you imagine? Duncan looks pretty grown up now. I see he still gets doggie time out. I glad that we can talk "Dogs" with each other. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. (Should be 60 today) From -3 to 60 in a week.

  9. Oh Denise, Duncan looks so handsome with his first haircut! I remember when we had our cocker spaniel, how pricey grooming costs were. Duncan will be all handsome for his Christmas photos shots! I know he's a handful, but he sure is cute.

  10. Much better...very handsome. I am sure that he will calm down once he is used to the groomers. I never knew that they added an extra fee for that sort of thing. Not sure what I think about that, but without giving it much thought, I think it's not a great idea.

    Hope that you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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