Tuesday, January 18, 2022

January 2022

Are you having a good week so far?  How has your January been?  So far our week and our month have both been good.  We had a snowstorm here on Sunday, and the snow is still here.  We had what the meteorologists fondly refer to as a "wintry mix."  😏  There was quite a bit of wind, too, but we were very fortunate; we didn't have any damage and we didn't lose power.  We were able to stock up on food and other necessities, and I realize we're fortunate that we don't have to get out in this weather and drive on slippery roads.  If it was just snow, it wouldn't be much of a problem, but it sleeted on top of the snow for several hours, so there was a very slick glaze on the surface of the roads. 
   Even so, it has been a beautiful snow.  I've taken pictures on and off throughout the day today.  The front of our house gets the morning sun, so I took these pictures when I got up this morning.  
Mr. Forest Manor gave me two sun catchers for Christmas, and they're two of my favorite gifts this year.  He found these on Etsy, and after he placed his order and payed for them, he discovered they were shipping from the Ukraine.  Ooops.  I got lucky because they arrived in plenty of time for Christmas.  I don't know what kind of bird feather this is, but I think it's beautiful.  I wonder what kind of birds they have in the Ukraine?  
I love this ruby-throated hummingbird!  My windows need to be washed, but I'll have to wait until we get some warmer weather.
In addition to taking pictures, eating, cleaning the kitchen, and watching football, we worked a jigsaw puzzle on Friday and Saturday.  It was the first jigsaw puzzle we've worked in several years -- such fun!
I think this is the prettiest puzzle, and it was challenging but not ridiculously so.  We got it half-price at a local gift shop.  We thought this was a good quality puzzle; it has multi-sized pieces (three different sizes) and the colors are lovely.  The brand is Demdaco, if you're interested.
I like that the lid is made to sit in these slots -- easy to prop up and use for reference.  I looked at some more of these online and found the brand to be a bit pricey, so I'm glad we got a good deal on this.

We're keeping the feeders filled for our bird friends.  We've also been filling a ground tray with a mix of peanuts, corn, and other seeds; the crows have been eating from the ground tray, as well as the deer.  We see their hoof prints in the snow -- proof of their nocturnal visits.

Was happy to capture these shots of a female cardinal on the suet feeder.
      Taking flight...

Her mate was waiting at the edge of the woods.  They're such handsome birds. 

Last, but not least, tonight was the Wolf Moon.  I took this picture from our front porch,
and this picture from inside our carport.  You can see my shadow on the snow.  
Thank you for your visit today; I truly look forward to your visits and comments.  What have you been doing in January?  Have a great rest of the week!!   


  1. Mostly I have been hunkering down trying to stay warm. I watch for squirrels and rap on the windows if they get any ideas. They're looking for warmth, too.

  2. I saw that your part of the U.S. got snow. Glad you could hunker down and enjoy it. Ours is melting but it will still be a while for it to all melt. Love that puzzle and it does look like a good quality one. I've just pulled out the second one in the last 2 months. Those sun catchers from the Ukraine are sweet. Glad they made there way in time for Christmas. Happy 2022 to you if I haven't said that before.

  3. The puzzle turned out so pretty, Denise, and what a perfect time to do it, as you’re staying cozy in your home. The sun catchers are so pretty. Your bird feeders look like they’re a busy food court for the feathered friends. I love watching them! Happy 2022!

  4. You sound like you are really enjoying January, and the snow. It's so beautiful when it's fresh. The sun catchers are very pretty. That's a very pretty puzzle - I worked on one with my Mom earlier this week when we were over visiting my parents.



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