Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Strawberry Cream Pie

Hello again all!  How has your week been?  Ours has been busy, but overall good.  Work continues on the house; we've selected a front door, and now we're looking at front porch light fixtures.  We've also had two tree people by here this week to talk about taking down several big trees.
   In the meantime, I managed to get some pretty strawberries at the Piedmont Triad Farmer's Market, which is the big farmer's market between us, Greensboro, and High Point.  This was my first visit for 2021 -- I've so looked forward to going.

I really like this pie keeper my mom gave me several years ago.  It's made by Pyrex, and mom found it at a Pyrex outlet store. 

I used a frozen pie crust for this recipe.  In the past, I've used Pillsbury All Ready Pie Crust, but I thought I would try frozen this time.  I have got to learn to make a good pie crust from scratch; nothing tastes as good in my opinion.  

Another pic of the pie keeper -- it's not fancy, but it does the job.  
This is the easiest recipe; I'm almost embarrassed to share it here.  😊  It sure did taste good, though.

This is one of those Eagle Brand Milk recipes; my mom made several of these when I was growing up, and they were a big hit at our house.  At my age, I know that sweetened, condensed milk is not just the best thing for me, but I don't cook with it a lot.  I also wanted to make another good dessert with fresh strawberries, and I hadn't made this pie in many years.  The recipe makes two pies, but my mom and I just make one big pie.  

Hal and I thoroughly enjoyed this last night!  It's very rich and creamy, and I had extra strawberries to serve on the side.

For the 1/4 c. lemon juice in the recipe, I used fresh lemon juice.  I never use the ReaLemon® stuff that you buy in the store.  My mom used that a lot when we were growing up, but she doesn't use it anymore.  I just think the taste of fresh-squeezed lemon juice can't be beat.  You can click on this picture to enlarge if you're having trouble reading the recipe card.  I'm thinking about installing some sort of recipe app. on my blog.
Have you had many strawberries this summer?  I'm trying to make the very most of them.  I noticed there were already peaches at the farmer's market, so I'll soon be cooking with peaches and blueberries.  I love, love to get the fresh farm produce in summer.  
Thanks so much for your visit today and have a wonderful week!!


  1. YUM! I just finished a little bowl of freshly picked strawberries and whipped cream. We have to take advantage of the fruit when it's in season.

  2. Oh it looks heavenly. No fresh strawberries here yet, but soon. I wanted lemons and limes yesterday, but at 69¢ each, I put them back. Give me the little plastic lemon. 😉

  3. Oh my gosh family loves pies such as this...copied the recipe and it's on my list to try..thank you...looks perfect for Summer!



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