Wednesday, May 26, 2021

An Outing to Laurel Gray Vineyards

Hi there everyone.  Are you having a good week?  Can you believe it's almost June now?!  This year is really flying by!  Thank you all for your kind comments on my post about Duncan.  We're taking good care of him and giving him lots of love.  

Last weekend, we treated ourselves to a fun afternoon outing; we visited Laurel Gray Vineyards, which are located about 25 miles away.  It was a great little side trip, and the weather was perfect that day.  We live in Forsyth Country, and one of the counties that borders ours is Yadkin County.  In 2003, Yadkin Valley became North Carolina's first federally-approved American Viticultural Area.  I'm not a wine connoisseur, and I doubt that Sonoma Valley is worried about the competition from us, :) but we do enjoy visiting our local wineries.  
This is the cutest place, ya'll, it's just small and cozy (or maybe I should say intimate).  We had been here about 15 years ago, and they have grown some since then.  I think they'll always be pretty small, but for me, that's part of the charm.  The building you see above is the tasting room and gift shop, and there is outdoor seating at the front, back, and sides of this.  Before I go any further, though, I wanted to tell you the reason for our visit last weekend.  We found out they were having a food truck -- with lobster rolls.  Yay!!  Since my mom and I had lobster rolls in Charleston two years ago, I've been telling Hal how good they are.  I think he's been eager to try one, and he was not disappointed.  As best I recall, this one tasted as good to me as the one I got in Charleston.  
We sat in this seating area out back of the tasting room.  We bought a bottle of Pinot Grigio, had a glass with our lobster roll, and took the rest home with us.  

This was our view from the covered patio where we sat.  I imagine that building is where they store the grapes and process the wine.  Love the barn style of the building, and it had a pretty, fieldstone foundation.  

Here you see some of the vines and another barn.  

Would love to have this adirondack swing at our house.  
More vines on this side -- isn't that sky gorgeous?   

There were all manner of pretty things growing here.  I don't recognize the yellow ground cover, but I do see an azalea bush, hostas, knockout roses, and various lilies.  
This crepe myrtle tree was just leafing out, and it made pretty shadow patterns on the grass. 

In the left of this picture is another bed of knockout roses (not in bloom yet).  

Their peonies were glorious!!     

This glider and chair remind me of my grandma's porch when I was growing up; I spent many a happy hour of my childhood on her glider.  :) 

On the other side of the building were these small irises,

and an old plow.  Irises always make me think of a Monet watercolor.  These were almost bloomed out that day.

I adore these stained glass windchimes.

The bottles on the left were arranged to look like a dragonfly.

We had such a fun day.  It looks like they've scheduled the lobster roll truck to be at Laurel Gray again on June 19th, and we may just have to go back.  :D  Have you ever had a lobster roll, and did you like it?  Thank you so much for stopping by today -- I appreciate you all!  Hope you have a great weekend!




  1. What a lovely spot! Those peonies are gorgeous, but someone has been very attentive to keeping everything neat and tidy. Though lobster rolls are sold on every corner here in ME, they are not a favorite of mine. I prefer fish and chips.

    1. I love fish and chips, too, Vee!! I wish ours here were as good as the ones we got in England years ago. ;) You live in the lobster capitol, my friend, so I bet they are easy to find there. They just recently came to N.C., and we are loving them. :D Thanks so much for stopping by and have a good weekend!

  2. These pictures are beautiful! It is really a pretty place. The glider looks just like the one on my back patio. I would love to get it painted white and put on my front porch. I might have to go with you if you go back on June 19. Love, Mom

  3. What a beautiful spot for an outing. Lobster rolls are something we first ate on a trip to Prince Edward Island several years ago and now I'm a huge fan!



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