Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Hello September and Goodbye to Summer

I think a lot of people are ready for fall.  I'm always ready for fall, too, usually because it's been so boiling hot and humid here in North Carolina.  This year has been quite different in that respect.  We have had some very hot days, but overall, our summer here has been pretty mild temperature-wise.  If you disregard the earthquake that began in Sparta, North Carolina, and the hurricane that hit Oak Island a week after we visited there, well it's just been a very uneventful summer.  😏  
Welcome September 2020, my birthday month and the first month of fall.

  As I gladly welcome in the month of September, I wanted to mention that this past weekend, we had a small family gathering to celebrate our son's 30th birthday.  We love him dearly, and we enjoyed celebrating his birthday with family.  We are proud of our son and very thankful to have him.  Thirty years ago, on August 13th, 1990, Will was born.  A little over a month later, I turned 30 myself.  So, if you do the math, you'll see that I'm getting ready to be old.  It's hard to believe, but I'll be thankful to have been here on this earth for another year.
Our son gave me the Susan Branch calendar last Christmas.
From "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady."  
I took pictures of some summer touches around the family room and living room.  I wanted to have a record of them before I start decorating for fall.  Farewell Summer --

I haven't shared pictures of our summer mantel in several years.  
I'll be taking the patriotic garland down the day after Labor Day.  I usually hang it on Memorial Day, and it stays up through the summer.

A shot of the hearth, as well.  You can see my Walmart galvanized metal lantern ($10).  I've really enjoyed it!

Here's my little photo bomber.  Just as I snapped the picture, he lowered his head.  😶

My spring and summer throw cushions.


Excuse the lighting on this one; I needed to use my flash to override this glare from the lamp and window on the left.  I think I've shared this watercolor of Southport with you previously.

The theme for summer at our house could have been "Fun with seashells."  😉


I got carried away with the seashell thing this year.  😉

I filled my Waterford bowl with sea glass and then put some shells on top.


These shells are in my small Spode bowl on the coffee table.  I never realized what a variety I have until I started trying to find out the names of these seashells.  Most of these that I've shown were found by me on the beaches over the years.  The fancier and rarer ones I bought in gift shops at the coast.

I purchased blogger Courtney Allison's French Country Cottage book back in the spring.  I'm not usually about French Country style, but this book has beautiful photos and vignettes.

I also displayed a few shells in this small cloche in the kitchen.  I have enjoyed these over the summer, but I'm so ready for all things fall.  😊

Happy first day of September, my friends!  Thank you so much for your visit, and have a lovely week!  



  1. How nice to celebrate birthdays with family. Very important days to celebrate. Well, when you cross that threshold, welcome to the club! 😁

  2. I like English Country decorating the best but lately I’ve been looking at French Country quite a bit. I’ll have to check out that book.

    1. I prefer English Country, too, Polly. It suits our house and furniture better. Plus, I'm something of an Anglophile. :) Thanks for your visit.

  3. Beautiful scenes from your home, Denise. A Happy Birthday to your son, and an early birthday to you, too, on this special year!

  4. I am in my transitional time, it is still too hot for fall leaves, but September brings the feeling of autumn on the way. So, I put out my dried fruit wreath, and decorate with apples. As soon as it turns cooler, the fall leaves and pumpkins will come out. Our area of NC has been hot too!!

    1. Hi Carole, I like the apple idea, too. I need to do that this year. :) Are you in Hendersonville? My mom and I are planning to visit there later this month. Yes, it can be quite hot in that part of our mountains. Thank you so much for your visit!!

  5. Wishing your son the happiest of birthday's Denise...I cannot tell you how much I am in love with your home...it's lovely and rather stately..perfect for NC...I hope your Fall season is just as lovely as your Summer has been...hugs and blessings!

    1. Hi Betsy! I'm so glad you like our home, and it's so very sweet of you to say so. I am flattered!! It's not stately, but it is home. ;) You have a gorgeous home there in Texas! What's your weather been like lately? Thanks for visiting, my friend!

  6. Happy birth month, Denise, to you and Will! Your home looks warm and comforting with all your special touches.

    1. Thank you so much, Kitty! I guess it's time to start decorating for fall. I hope you're doing well, my friend, and thanks so much for your visit!!

  7. Happy birthday month to you and your son! Love all the shells and how you displayed them. I'm glad Dear's niece is planning her wedding in North Carolina for next October (2021). Hopefully no humidity then??

  8. Love all your summertime shells collected and shown in spendor!

    I cannot believe it's September already! We only have a few more weeks of it technically - but whew it's still so hot and humid outdoors it's hard to imagine it going away anytime soon!

    Happy big birthday. May you have many more happy returns. Stay well.

  9. I happy for September to arrive, too. Although, this summer here in Indiana has been less humid and cooler than any summer I can remember. No complaints from me! But still, I do love fall! You have some delightful photos and thank you for sharing! Wishing you a grand weekend!



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