Tuesday, April 21, 2020

French Toast For Dinner

When I was growing up, my mom used to make breakfast for dinner now and then.  As an adult, I've always liked breakfast for dinner, and since the shelter-in-place order, we've had eggs more often than usual.  For the first week, fresh meat was hard to find at our store, and we happened to have plenty of eggs on hand, so there you go.  😉  We do try not to overdo though, because we both have to be careful of our cholesterol.  We just got a package of 24 eggs from Costco, so last night Mr. Forest Manor made us Egg McMuffins.  He makes good Egg McMuffins because he worked at McDonald's one summer when he was in college.  😊
I chose to make French Toast to go with the Egg McMuffins.  This was the second time I had tried this recipe, and we think it turned out better this time around.  I got the recipe from Marie, who blogs at The English Kitchen.  I've probably pinned hundreds of her recipes; they always look so good to me.  
You can find Marie's recipe for this dish here.  Hers is called "Pain Perdu," which is French for "lost bread."  I just made a few changes to her recipe.  I used half a cup of whole milk, as opposed to six tablespoons.  I also used real vanilla extract in place of vanilla paste.  Finally, instead of quickly dipping the bread slices in the custard and putting them directly onto the griddle, as the recipe states, I laid my bread slices in a baking dish and poured the custard over them.  I let them soak for about five minutes while the griddle heated up.  Hal and I thought this method made the toast taste better than the first time I made it.   
We sprinkled powdered sugar on ours and then added warm maple syrup; it was very tasty and very filling.    
I hope you'll check out this recipe on Marie's blog.  She has so many good-looking things to choose from.  By the way, her Pain Perdu looks much prettier than mine, as she has surrounded hers with lovely fresh berries.  I'll have to try that next time.   
I do hope you're all being careful and staying well.  Thank you for your visit and have a good week!


  1. Now this is sheer perfection Denise....I am making this today...looks so delish! Hope y'all are safe and well at Forest Manor!

  2. I needed a good idea for lunch! Might sauté some bananas. 😊 I'll have to follow your link to The English Kitchen.

  3. Letting them soak in the custard sounds better to me. This looks so good.

  4. Hello Denise, Your french toast looks yummy. I might add that to our menu for tomorrow. Take care.



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