Saturday, February 16, 2019

A Red-Shouldered Hawk

Mr. Forest Manor spotted this hawk in the woods behind our house back in late fall of 2017.  He put the pictures online for me, and I totally forgot they were there.  I spotted them recently, did some editing, and am finally sharing them here.
These photos were taken late in the afternoon in November, so the sun was already starting to fade for the day.
I did some color editing to try and keep all the colors from looking so similar.  You can see some of the autumn leaf colors in the background, which I think is kind of cool.
I also cropped some of these pictures in order to get some close-ups.  I think these birds are majestic and a little scary, too.  There have been reported incidents (very rare) of these birds killing small dogs, such as this Pomeranian in South Carolina.
It truly amazes me the way these birds of prey, like hawks and owls, can have their body facing to the front and their head facing backward.  I wonder if that's where the phrase "watching your back" comes from?
I Googled hawks in North Carolina, and based on the information and pictures I found online, I think this is a red-shouldered hawk.  Do you see many hawks in your area?
I hope you're having a good Saturday, and thanks so much for visiting House at Forest Manor.  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Nice pictures and great editing! I don’t know why some folks get their knickers in a twist over editing when it is obvious that some editing makes the picture more enjoyable or easier to see. I don’t see hawks often, but when I do, it’s always dramatic. I’ll spare you the most dramatic.🙂

  2. Nice picture. Yes. we have a lot of hawks and I see them getting baby squirrels. At the moment I don't know the name. I will try to find a picture and the name.
    I have not had a system with my pictures and it will take a while to find.
    It's been cold the last two nights here. Got down to 29 last night but I did not see any damage of all our budding plants today. All our flowers are about two weeks early.



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