Thursday, December 27, 2018

O Christmas Tree

We love Christmas trees at our house, how about you?  One Christmas, about 15 years ago, I decorated three trees for our house.  That was when we had our finished room in the basement; we had the main tree in the living room, one in the den, and one in the basement.  Never again.  They were fun to decorate, but a real chore to take down.
Our tree was quite a bit smaller than usual this year.  When we first got it in the house, I kind of panicked.  I was sure it was too small; I'd never fit half of our favorite ornaments on there -- a real Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Silly me.  It turned out just fine, and we have truly enjoyed it.  It is a little lop-sided on the bottom where we had to trim off some branches to make it fit in the tree stand.  But perfect is boring, right?
Mr. Forest Manor got me this tartan plaid Scottie doorstop.  I think he's darling.
I took the opportunity to practice some more with my compact camera; it's been fun to work with.
This is a favorite ornament that we purchased at Disney World back when our son was in high school.  He still loves Disney World more than anyone I know.  ;)  In fact, he went to Disney World a few years a go in February with three friends; he brought us these Mickey and Mini Mouse ornaments.  I love them dearly because Will bought them for us.
  Mickey is to the left of the angel, and Mini is behind him in profile.
To the left of the Santa at the bottom of the tree is a fabric Scottie with a tartan plaid coat.  
I just want to point out our newer ornaments; I've shown our Christmas trees several times over the years.  Last year we ordered three fabric ornaments from Gretna Green in Scotland; they were very reasonably priced.  The fabric Scottie was one,
The plaid Christmas tree on the left is another one,
and this Santa in a kilt was the third. 
My hubby gave me the sheep this year.  I love his eyes -- he has that deer-in-the-headlights expression.  His back-side is tartan plaid.  😄 
We got the blue and white plate ornament at Monticello when we went to Charlottesville in 2017.
We got the Revolutionary War soldier at Montpelier on the same trip.
We bought the lighthouse (Oak Island lighthouse) ornament at a Southport craft fair back in April of this year.
The brass Biltmore ornament was purchased on our first visit to Biltmore a few years ago. 
 Our tree is most definitely a memory tree.  Theme trees can be so pretty, too, and I enjoy seeing other people's themed trees.  Occasionally I'm tempted to do one, but I'm afraid it wouldn't feel like "our tree." 
Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you're enjoying this in-between time from Christmas to New Year's Day.  
Best wishes,


  1. Oh I vastly prefer a memory sort of Christmas tree with treasures accumulated through the years. Your “deer in the headlights” sheep is darling. I know a few others who would love him as well. Happy Fourth Day of Christmas!

  2. I always like seeing what others have on their trees. Yours is lovely. We are the same, each ornament, almost, has a memory with it. Wishing you a wonderful 2018!



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