Saturday, September 1, 2018

September Is Here

It's the first day of September; we're officially headed for the end of summer and then on to fall.  I love September through December -- such a beautiful time of year.  I've probably mentioned here before that September is my birth month and my sister's, as well.  Our birthdays are three days (and three years) apart.
Last year in the last week of September, Hal and I took a trip to Charlottesville, Virginia, for about four days.  We stayed in the Shenandoah Valley, where we were surrounded by pretty countryside. 
Horseback riding was one of the activities offered at the resort where we stayed; we decided to play it safe and just take pictures of the horses instead.  😉  Love those red barns!
We had lunch at the historic Michie Tavern, established in 1784 by Scotsman William Michie.
Delicious peach cobbler with ice cream.

I'm charmed by this old tavern -- would love to visit here around Christmas time.
After lunch, we walked around the shops surrounding the tavern.
This metal smith shop had some clever creations.
Goats, sheep, pigs, and pumpkins...
Next on the day's agenda was Jefferson's Monticello, just up the road from Michie Tavern.
I absolutely love to visit historic places; I'm trying to talk Hal into going back to Williamsburg. 
It seems to me that Monticello is the reflection of a man who was always trying to think of new and better ways to do things.  Thomas Jefferson was the author of our Declaration of Independence, the third president of the United States of America, and the father of the University of Virginia at Charlottesville.  These are just three of his many accomplishments during his lifetime.  He was a man who was always thinking, questioning, learning, seeking, and doing.  I highly recommend you visit this website and go here to read more about Thomas Jefferson; the site offers so much interesting information about our third president and some great views inside Monticello.
I'll share Jefferson's gardens at Monticello, along with the small garden at Ashlawn/Highland (James Monroe's home) in Part 2.  If you'd like to see more on this fascinating area of Virginia, you can read about James and Dolly Madison's Montpelier in last year's post.   
Thank you so much for your visit -- I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. Our kind of get-away! Have been to Monticello a couple of times and the University at Charlottesville is also so beautiful. Have you been to his summer home near Lynchburg? It would remind you of Monticello, though smaller. Happy Birthday this month!

  2. I'm so ready for this kind of getaway. Beautiful photos and info! Happy Labor Day weekend to you!

  3. My goodness what a charming get away. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog and Happy Birthday to you too :)

  4. I am so with you Denise...This is so incredibly beautiful and favorite think to do of all is visiting these historic homes and beautiful countryside....what a fabulous trip that must have been...loved that you shared this!!! Big hugs from Texas dear one!

  5. Oh I hope that you are able to have some time away again this fall. There are so many beautiful places of historic significance in the country.

  6. Sounds like a great get away. I loved visiting the Charlottesville area. The tavern where you had lunch looks interesting and the cobbler looks great.
    I loved Monticello and took so many pictures. I think I got busy and never blogged about our trip. It really was a highlight for me to see and hear the history. Glad you enjoyed it also.
    Thanks for your recent visit. I got distracted and didn't get back with you. Forgive me so much has been going on.
    Enjoy your birthday this month. I'm so glad fall is not far away!

  7. I would really love to travel to your area of the country where there is so much history and such lovely things to see. Thanks for taking us there.



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