Saturday, June 23, 2018

Summer Countryside and Southern Porches

Fridays are usually the day I visit my parents.  Sometimes, I miss a week or we have to schedule our visit for a different day, due to doctor appointments, etc.  I often end up spending three or four hours with my parents because it's a 45-minute drive one way.  Yesterday was no exception; I was there from about 12:30 to 4:30.  We ate lunch when I arrived, and then I stayed with my dad so my mom could run a few errands.  
While I was there, I took some pictures of their front porch all dressed up for summer.  :)  My mom just got her wicker porch furniture painted white; her dear friend and neighbor, Susie, painted all the wicker pieces. We think it looks so pretty!  The furniture was originally a natural, tan color and it just didn't show up very well on the porch.  Now it looks cheerful and summery.  :D   
I'll show you the front door and this end of the porch first -- it's a big porch.  My sister and I gave mom the wreath on the door for Mother's Day, and Susie gave her the wreath hanger.  I'd love to have one like that.
Here's a closeup.  Their door and shutters are actually green, but they look almost blue in these pictures.  
Their Charleston bench has been with them for many years now; it sits to the left of the front door.  
You can see this fern in the first picture.  I took a pic from this angle (above) because I wanted you to see the back.  This is a little vintage soda shop, or ice cream parlor, chair.  My mom painted it white and is using it as a stand for her fern.  From the front, you can't really tell it's a chair.  I love it -- so cute!!  You can probably tell from looking at these plants that my mom has a green thumb.  
Love this white wooden basket with the philodendron in it.  The basket was a gift from her brother several years ago.  To the right of this, there are two wicker chairs with a table in between.  
 How about a nice glass of iced tea and we can sit awhile, or "sit for a spell" as the older folks say, on the porch swing.  It's actually way too hot and humid for that, unfortunately, and the mosquitoes are biting.  But when it cools off again, it will be a pleasure to sit out here and watch the birds flitting around and the puffy white clouds floating by.
I believe this wicker swing was already white, so it didn't have to be painted.  Isn't this so cozy and romantic?  The floral pillowcases are old and belonged to my maternal grandmother.
I'm pretty sure my parents had this wrought-iron chair and table at their other house.
There's a ceiling fan on this porch, too, which makes it nicer for sitting out here.  Susie also gave my mom these Angel Wing Begonias, which have grown and spread from their original size.  They obviously like this spot. 
I made the teacup bird feeder for my mom at the same time that I made the one for my porch.  Mom's cup and saucer were already glued together, but I cut the pipe and glued everything to it.  The pipe is copper, so I'm hoping it will eventually have a nice patina.
Before we go, I'll share a few pictures of the scenery I passed on the way to and from my parents' house.
If you look closely, to the left of the white clouds and just above the treetops, you can see the moon in the sky.  I absolutely love to see these hay rolls around the countryside in summer and fall.   
Here you see a field of tobacco, with its neat rows of dark green plants.  It will be pretty into the late summer and fall, as the leaves turn a golden yellow.
Thanks for your visit and for traveling along with me today.  I hope you're making the most of these summer days.  I'd love to hear what you've been doing this week!  Have a great weekend, my friends!


  1. Your a good daughter to schedule these regular visits! Their home looks very inviting. Love the white wicker!

  2. Your parents’ porch is so charming! The plants and furnishings all combine to create a spot perfect for front porch visits. You will never regret the time spent with your dear parents.

  3. The pictures are great! They make my porch look so beautiful. The color is so bright in the pictures. You have become quite a good photographer. Thanks for the post and the visit. Love you, Mom

  4. What a lovely porch, I do love white wicker. The iron chair for a plant stand is a great idea, will be looking in the thrift stores for one for my veranda.

  5. I'm smiling at your mom's comment above. How sweet :).
    Your parent's porch exemplifies the notion of southern hospitality. So pretty and welcoming. The front door with the pretty wreath makes for such a beautiful entry into their home. Smart idea to put a fan on the porch. I'm sure it brings relief on these hot, humid days.

  6. I love porches and this one is so pretty. She can be proud of it. I can see myself relaxing with a cup of tea on it.



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