Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Upcoming House Projects

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I hope you're having a good week.  I've mentioned off and on for about two years now that we're going to get our den carpet replaced.  Well, we've finally started moving with that project.  We've made our selection and are waiting to hear when the installation date will be.

This is the new pattern we've selected.  I have to tell you, I'm very nervous about this carpet, for a number of reasons.  First of all, we're using a big box store, and the first (and only) time we've had this room re-carpeted, we used a local flooring company.  I'm already not thrilled with the customer service at this big box store, but we shall see.  I can say that we've bought appliances there before, and have always been happy with those.  In addition, we purchased and had them install the carpet in our finished basement room (ten years ago) and they did a great job.  But I think things may have changed since then, so I really hope we don't regret using them.

My second concern is that we have berber carpet in here now, and I've always loved the way it looks.  I like the weave and the flecks of color in the pattern.

Unfortunately, it doesn't stand up well to the mad dashes and screeching stops performed by our Scottish Terrorist Terrier on a regular basis.  Those toenails have picked the carpet until it looks really sad.  So we felt like this new weave we've chosen would stand up better to an active dog at play.  ;)  That's our theory, anyway.  I also love the lighter color that's in here now, but we went with something darker this time to better hide the dirt.  Our den, kitchen, and hallway get more traffic than anywhere else in the house.  This carpet will be in our den and down the hallway to the bedrooms.

Now, about the kitchen.  We had these floors installed in 1998, yep -- almost 20 years ago.  I chose this almost-white color then because I felt it would brighten our kitchen up, since we had that stained wood trim and the stained cabinets.  It did brighten things, but the downside is that it's always been almost impossible to keep clean.  The door from the kitchen to the carport is where we usually enter our house, and things are constantly getting tracked in.  As you probably know, everything shows on a floor this light.  I've wanted to replace it for a long time, and it looks like we're finally going to do that.

This is what we're planning to put in the kitchen, dining room, living room, and foyer.  We currently have carpet in the living room and dining room and parquet flooring in the foyer.  All of these were put in by the couple who sold us this house.

This is a maple pattern, and the color is "cinnamon."  Hal and I really love the look of it.  I'm not a big fan of oak -- oak floors are beautiful and they're reputed to last a lifetime, but I don't feel they would suit the formal feel of our foyer, living room, and dining room.  We haven't signed the contract on these yet but will probably do that within the week.  So once again, things will get busy around here.

Our house is 46 years old, and it's time for almost everything to be replaced/updated.  We've already done the kitchen (except for the floor) and we've had new windows put in and new, seamless gutters.  We also replaced the air conditioning unit a few years ago and put new plantation blinds throughout the house when our son went off to college.  We're checking things off that list, but it's a long one.  :)

Are you working on any projects around your home at the moment?  I think even small touches or changes can make a big difference.  I'd love to hear what's happening at your house!  Thanks so much for your visit and have a wonderful day.



  1. Nothing new happening at this old house but we have replaced all the carpeting and flooring in our house recently, new roof, remodeled main floor bathroom, and new siding on the house. If we were going to do anything else it would probably be the master bath. Hope the carpet installation goes well!

  2. Wishing you well with your new flooring choices. I finally went all hardwood last year with tile in the bathrooms. Makes my life with 3 pups much easier.

  3. I think you will be very happy with the new flooring. It makes such a difference, changes the entire look and feel of the house. Love your choices. I have moved away from carpeting because of the 4 legged terrorist that lives with us. I still have carpeting in the bedrooms, original to the house and a guest bath that needs updating. I'll get around to those projects sometime. I dread moving bedroom furniture. Be sure to share your finished rooms. They will be lovely.

  4. Oh we have been there and done all of this Denise! We have moved many times in our married life, so we knew our last home would need to be turn-key ready! It does not matter whether the home is older or newer, updates are needed. I love what you have selected. Just love it. Pets can certainly wear out carpet rather quickly! I made a rule years are left at the front door! It helps tremendously! Cannot wait to see the beautiful transformation!

  5. Ooh Denise, I love the carpet and the wood floors that you chose. It's going to look gorgeous!!



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