Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Vacation Wardrobe

Hello and how was your weekend?  Ours was busy, but nice.  I've enjoyed seeing some of the fashion posts that various bloggers have published, so I decided to share my travel wardrobe for this summer.  If you're a regular reader here, you know we went to Charleston, SC, in early May this year; then we traveled to Disney World and Savannah, GA, in the middle of June.  I was able to use some of my existing summer clothes, but I bought several new things this year.  I got lucky and found some good sales at our local mall and our Stein Mart store, as well.

Sorry about the lighting in these pictures.  On our trip to Disney World and Savannah, we left home early on Saturday morning, and returned home the following Saturday evening.  For the trip, I packed five pairs of capri pants (not all are shown in the post) and three pairs of summer jeans.  Along with those, I carried nine shirts, wore one pair of shoes, and packed two more.  While we were in Disney World, I wore capri pants the whole time.  It was so hot, both in Orlando and in Savannah, so I felt like I was constantly needing to change clothes.

These three pairs of pants were purchased new this summer.  The floral pants and the khaki pants in the center are Kim Rogers, as are the print shirt and the pink shirt.  They came from the Belk Department store at our mall.  I like to buy Kim Rogers brand; they're stylish and affordable, and they make it easy to put together outfits.  It was easy to mix and match the shirts and pants I bought, and that's just what I like for summer.

 The red capri pants are Onque Casuals, a brand that I'm not familiar with, and the royal blue shirt is Rafaella Studio; both came from Stein Mart.  The red pants are sort of like a dressier version of sweat pants.  In this picture, you can see the red pants have some silver rings with little rhinestones at the cuff.  The sandals are Naturalizers with two-inch, wedge heels, and they're super comfortable.

I love these floral pants; they have kind of a retro vibe to them.  My sweet mother-in-law gave me the crossbody bag to carry at Disney World, and it was handy and efficient.  My pocket books are not super big, but they're always way too heavy because I cram too much stuff in them.  ;)  This bag forced me to carry only necessities, and it was amazing what a difference that made.  I didn't get nearly as tired at the parks because I wasn't lugging around a heavy pocketbook.  I love the color, too; it's hard to capture in this light, but the color is called "Sea Glass."

I also took some jeans thinking I would wear these in the evenings.  I think I wore jeans one night at Disney World, and both nights in Savannah.  It was so hot in both places; I just tried to stay cool as much as possible.  I wanted to show you these jeans because they're my very favorite jeans at the moment.  I've actually had these for about three years.  They're NYDJ (Not Your Daughter's Jeans) and I got them at Stein Mart a few years ago in late July -- again at a great price because they'd been marked down.  These are possibly the best-fitting jeans I've worn, certainly in recent years.  I love, love them.  I have three pairs, and unfortunately, all are summer jeans.  I looked online at getting some for fall and winter, and the price is definitely more than I'm used to paying for jeans.  I was lucky to get these on sale.

The same pink shirt that was paired with the capris can be worn with these flowered jeans, and the yellow shirt works well too.  I've had these sandals for years, and they're nothing fancy -- just very comfortable.  I purchased the straw hat at Disney World.

I paired the Kelly green jeans with a white, Jones of New York t-shirt (Stein Mart) and a pink and white, checked Crown and Ivy blouse from Belk.

 I love gingham checks, and the green trim pairs well with the jeans.  I've also worn the yellow, square-necked shirt with the green jeans.

These are the other pair of NYDJ jeans; Hal used the flash for these pictures, and the color is off in some of them.  Anyway, the peasant blouse and the polka-dot shirt are both Kim Rogers, and both go well with these jeans, even though it's hard to tell in this picture.  I think all these shirts were purchased this summer except for the yellow shirt, which I bought last summer.  Almost everything I bought was on sale with some pretty good discounts.

I love this bracelet; it has faux "gem stones" of almost every color, so it goes with just about any outfit.  I took mostly costume jewelry with me -- fun and easy.

This necklace and bracelet are fun pieces that my husband gave me for Christmas.  They're Ginger Snaps jewelry, and you can snap the button-like charms out and switch them around.  The necklace has a sea turtle charm, and the bracelet is sporting a four-leaf clover, a pearl, and a frog.  I have other charms for Christmas and winter.

I also took my tennis shoes because they feel so good when my feet are tired and a lightweight London Fog rain jacket, and that was basically my wardrobe.  Easy peasy, mix and match.  :)  I rolled my clothes instead of folding them when I packed our luggage, and they stayed mostly wrinkle free.

At this point, I'm thinking about fall clothes.  I feel like our summer has turned into an endurance test; every day for weeks we've had the same hot, hot weather.  This is why I love the change of seasons.  :)  Thanks so much for visiting with me today, and I hope you have a great week!



  1. I do so enjoy retail therapy, LOL!! Summer is indeed an endurance test this year, even the mountains are hot, and humid, ugh!! I cannot wait for autumn and the cooler weather.

  2. Cute wardrobe...I am very intrigued by the jeans that are described as not your daughter's. That's what I need! =D

  3. What cute vacation, and everyday clothes, as well, Denise. All your accessories are so stylish, too. I've never bought a pair of NYDJ, but need to try on a pair, to see how they fit. Thanks for sharing your cute outfits! I'll be thinking about packing soon for my September trips.

  4. Oh I need that pink gingham blouse and your nautical inspired outfit is darling Denise! Have a wonderful week!

  5. You put together some really cute things! I'm sure you looked at cute as a button! I need some new clothes as mine are all wearing out! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Love your outfits. You certainly looked cute everyday. I love your selections with great colors.

  7. Very nice collection of clothes Denise. It is always fun to select clothes for a vacation or getaway. I often pack too much! I am sure you had a g rand time. I have never been to Disney World , but Disneyland many times over. I hope you are staying cool.

  8. Denise, love the new wardrobe. So stylish but very cool and comfortable looking. I have always loved Neutralizers..You did a lot of traveling, lucky girl..Happy Tuesday..Judy



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