Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August Already?

Happy August everyone!  I wanted to publish this post yesterday, but for some quirky reason, I couldn't get the computer to download these few pictures from my camera's memory card.  Even my husband, the photography expert around here, had trouble with it.  So, today is the second of the month rather than the first, but Happy August anyway.  :-D

I look forward to turning the calendar page on a new week or new month -- how about you?  I enjoy the change of seasons, and starting a new month makes me feel expectant and hopeful.  I think the soft blue hydrangeas and the bright red tomatoes shown here are good examples of what we normally see in the month of August.

I love having a calendar (or two) in my kitchen.  We can always get the current date from our computer or android phone and I have a DayTimer, but I think there's just something homey about having a real calendar in the kitchen.  I'm picky about my calendars, too; not just anything will do.  ;)  I've had a Lang wall calendar in my kitchen since before I got married.  Everywhere we've lived in the past 29 years, I've found just the right spot in our kitchen to hang the calendar.

 It's one of those little things that says "Home" to me.

I discovered the French Country Diary (engagement calendar) over 20 years ago while we were still living in Greensboro, and I love these, too.  I get one for myself and one for my mother-in-law every Christmas.  We enjoy the beautiful photos of scenes from all over France.

On a slightly different note --

remember these curtains I purchased from Country Curtains for our guest bedroom?  

This past weekend, I ironed both pairs and added the tie-backs.  Don't they look so much better?  I'm really happy with them; they're just what I wanted.  They've dressed the room up and given it a little update, too.  These curtains are a permanent press blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester.  The cotton gives them just enough stiffness and body that they don't look skimpy, yet they don't block out the sunlight either.  It's so hard to get accurate interior shots of our house -- the lighting is tough.  The first picture of the curtains is really the most accurate representation of their color.  They're not as dark as they look in the second picture.

That's it for today -- nothing too exciting.  Do you have anything interesting on your calendar for the month of August?  I'd love to hear from you!  Thank you for your visit and have a wonderful day.





  1. Hi Denise, a very happy August to you. Love the curtains. I'm a happy fan of calendars. August is starting full and will be light in the middle with more excitement at the end. Tomorrow we head to Canada for a funeral and a book launch event. Hope August is good for you...

  2. And a happy August to you too, Denise! As usual, your home looks simply wonderful!

  3. I loved looking at your blog with its lovely photography today! I am from South Carolina and have been to some of the places you have so beautifully photographed! Blessings to you and happy August!

  4. I love Lang calendars as well, and I like your calendar "holder." And I like your curtains--I do love tiebacks. My cotton panels in our bedroom, even after ironing look a little "shabby chic." I had a man hear cleaning my special blinds in our bedroom (that are very expensive--came with the house and need special care." He mentioned to me my wrinkled curtains--and said, "do you hand them wet?" He suggested I do that and said they would not need ironing. I guess I'd put a towel or plastic on the floor. The weight of the dampness must press the fabric. Anyway, I was amused at his frankness! And I will try it!

  5. Oh Denise! Your bedroom photo is just beyond lovely! I love everything about it...beautiful job on the curtains! What a comforting and elegant room that must be! Have a sweet rest of the week!

  6. So many beautiful things! I hope August will be a great month for you. It is very hot and humid right now here in Montreal, Canada. You have a lovely blog. :)

  7. Hi Denise, Love that pic on the first calender since we were just talking about blue hydrangeas! I just have an ordinary calender so it stays in the desk but there sure are some beautiful ones to be had. Your curtains look so pretty and I love them with the tie backs. I have always admired the curtains with the ball fringe. Happy August so far, and hugs to Mr. Duncan..Judy



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