Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Charleston Part Five, Doorways and Courtyard Gardens

Hi folks!  I'm still here, just can't seem to find much time to post (or visit) at the moment.  Life has been quite busy with our family, our home, and our Duncan.  ;)  When I first started my blog almost four and a half years ago, things just weren't as busy around here as they are now.  But -- I still look at all your blog posts almost daily, and I will still be visiting, it just might take me a little longer to get there.

Wow, it's really hot here now!!  It's not even the middle of May, and already temps. are in the 80's and very muggy.  I would love to have had a few more weeks in the 70-degree range, but we have to take what we can get.  It was about this time last year that my husband and I took a short trip to Charleston, South Carolina -- what a wonderful and unique city!!  Charleston is famous for its courtyard gardens, and we saw lots of pretty ones.  Those serene and shady gardens are beckoning me right now, so come along with me for a tour.

I love the mix of cobblestones and brick here,

and the semi-circular balcony here.

A courtyard garden at one of the hotels we saw while out walking.

This pretty little garden and bird bath were behind the cemetery at the French Huguenot church.

Beautiful wrought iron detail on the gate.

I love this gate -- one of my favorites.

Below are some pictures of the courtyard garden at the Lodge Alley Inn, where we stayed on our trip.

Charleston also has a wonderful mix of interesting doors, like these --

The stained wood and diagonal grain (not to mention the hardware) on these doors is stunning.

Or how about these?  Three different sets of arched, double doors here.  I'm betting these used to be carriage houses or stables, what do you think?  They have so much character.

Aren't these doors spectacular?!

Love this!!

This door looks elegant with the white columns on either side and the pediment on top.

How about a pink door?  I would never have thought of a pink house with red shutters, but it seems to work, don't you think?

This is a simple black door, but I think it's just charming on this pink house.  Hubby and I are currently watching the Tour de France, and I really can see the French influence scattered throughout Charleston.

The door knocker and brass letter slot add interest to the door.

I love the black trim with the trefoils above the door of the Huguenot church.

This red door has a beautiful fanlight and pediment above it.  Did you notice the anchor hanging between the two lower windows on the front of the house?

Finally, here are three examples of the unique Charleston "Single House" architecture. The Single House is the architectural style most associated with Charleston.  They are only one room wide, and the narrow end of the house faces the street.

 Two-story verandas (called "piazzas" in Charleston) stretch down the long side of the house and face the home's side garden.  The Single Houses were built to catch cross-ventilation in the days before air conditioning, and the piazza was a shaded place to sit.

 One of the most notable features of a Charleston Single House is that the front door is on the porch.  When you go through the front door from the street, you're on the front porch, not in the house proper.  I love this architectural style; it really seems to fit perfectly in the South.

Have you ever visited Charleston, South Carolina?  What did you think of this unique Single House architecture?  I published four posts on Charleston last summer, and you can read those Here, Here, Here, and Here.

Thanks so very much for stopping by -- your visits and comments make my day!  I hope you had a blessed Mother's Day and are enjoying the merry month of May.  :)



  1. Such lovely photos - we are planning a trip there soon!

  2. I have been to the south, let alone Charleston. I have been to Mississippi for my cousin's funeral some years ago. I do love the old world charm of Charleston. The court yard gardens are so romantic and beautiful. I understand about being so busy. Even retired, I seem to have more to do than ever before. How is Duncan anyway? My friend just got a new puppy, a French Bull Dog and boy does she complain about being tired, the puppy getting her up at night, having the baby proof the house. Well yeah. I guess she had forgotten all that we went through with Boone, who, by the way is still quite uncivil, but getting better. As I suppose is true for Duncan, too. Enjoy your week.

  3. The photo's are beautiful. I was there once but stayed at the airport as I was there at a show. Didn't get a chance to go sight seeing. It was sooooooooo hot that I thought that I would melt. How's Duncan, bet he is getting big.
    Have a great week.

  4. I'm very sad that we never made it down to Charleston during any of our visits to N.C. It would be a fun city to walk about in and to discover. I would have to choose the right time of year when the humidity is at a minimum though. Beautiful tour you have given us here, Denise!

  5. One of these days I sure hope to visit Charleston, Denise. It would be such a treat to see all the beautiful architecture, the gardens, the flower boxes, etc., etc., that you've featured.
    I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, too.

  6. I've never been to Charleston, but I've been to Savannah and it looks very similar!

    Thanks for the fun tour!


  7. Makes me wish I was there. You know I never get tired of going to Charleston. Hope to make it in the Fall. You two take such beautiful pictures. Love you, Mom

  8. Very charming! Pretty doors and pretty colors...I like being on a porch before going into a home...under cover so to speak and I prefer a hall or foyer, too, but do not have one at this wee house.

  9. Charleston's doorways and courtyards are world renowned. Your beautiful pictures make me want to visit again! P. x



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