Friday, February 27, 2015

Update Your Lamps With New Lampshades

Happy Friday everyone!  Earlier this week I wrote about decorating your home with lamps and I wanted to share some of the pretty lampshades I found online.


I love this double wall sconce and these charming red and white gingham shades.  Would love to have that in our den!

I like this French ticking shade; it was also shown with navy ticking stripes.

I like drum shades, and I think this pattern is really pretty.  I think it would look nice on my ginger jar lamp.  I'm determined to find a new and different shade for that lamp.  ;)

I've mentioned before that I never tire of toile.  I really do love it.  I like the trim on this shade -- found this on 

This would be pretty in a little girl's room.

I would expect to see this fringed lampshade in an English cottage or English country home.


Same with this shade -- so pretty.


I love, love this tartan-covered shade!!  Aren't the colors gorgeous?  I would get this for our den in a heartbeat, but I'm afraid to get too many different patterns in here.  Also, the shade is very pricey, from a U.K. website.  This shade, from "Spruce London," is priced at £130.00 -- Yikes!  The description says "Bespoke headboards, curtains, lampshades, cushions."  I think we all know that "bespoke" in the description adds an extra "cha-ching." to the price  :-D 


This shade is also from a U.K. site, and it's much more reasonably priced.  I don't like the lamp, but I think the shade is pretty.


This is a Laura Ashley shade, which explains the appeal for me.  :)  I think this is a pretty shade and kind of different.

So what do you think?  Are any of these lampshades your cup of tea?  I love the idea of buying a new shade, or re-covering an existing shade, and maybe adding a pretty finial if your lamp doesn't already have one.  When you're finished, it's almost like having a brand new lamp.

Thank you for visiting -- I really appreciate your stopping by.  :)  Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Beautiful shades - like most of them. They are so darned expensive to purchase. I really need to get some new ones. I might try my hand at re-covering them.
    Duncan's pictures are so cute.
    Have a wonderful weekend and I hope your not snowed in.

  2. HI Denise! Oh, these are some lovely lampshades! I think I'd take everyone of them! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Yikes that's a lot of money for a shade albeit it very cool! I like the pleating in the Laura Ashley shade. I have only 7 lamps in my house.

  4. I love the checked one and the one made of ticking, Denise. I covered my chandelier shades with fabric that matched the pillows I made for my sofa. It was a fun project.
    I also looked all your post a the all your pretty lamps. They were all fun to see and know that you still have your very first lamp. I love that!
    Happy weekend to you!
    p.s. I'm still having problems with my comments not being emailed.



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