Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Woodland Christmas Tablescape

Hi folks!  I'm so excited to join Kathleen, who blogs at Cuisine Kathleen for her Copycat Christmas Challenge.

The tablescape that I'm copying was posted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch last December, and you can find a picture of her table on Pinterest Here.  Susan called her post "Dashing Through the Snow," which is very appropriate for her tablescape.  Susan introduced us to these Better Homes and Gardens Christmas dishes, which she found at Walmart, last year for a steal really good price.  She was kind enough to let us know this fall that Walmart would carry the dishes again this year, so I got four place settings.  At that time, I couldn't find them in our local Walmart store, so I ordered them online.

Susan used just the salad plates with the sleigh picture on them, but I only had one of those, so my four salad plates each have a different pattern.  Here is Susan's table --

...and here is my table.

This is the salad plate Susan used in her tablescape.  These are such pretty dishes (especially when they came out to around $3.50 each for eight plates, after tax and shipping).  Eight plates for less than $30 -- a veritable bargain.  :-D

I love this picture of the tree with snow on its branches and the sweet little rabbit.

I think these snowy owls are new since last year.

Love this deer and cardinal, too.


 Instead of using the Better Homes and Gardens dinner plate that came with this set, Susan used a beautiful tartan plaid dinner plate.  I don't have any of those, so I used the dinner plates that came with the set.  I think they're really pretty and blend beautifully with the salad plates.  Susan also used chargers, and I used placemats.  I like the quilted placemats, and I thought this shade of green worked well with the dishes.  Isn't Susan's tablescape gorgeous?!

I did manage to get some of the napkin rings (which are actually Christmas ornaments) like Susan's at Walmart this year, but when I went back, all the sleigh ornaments that Susan used for place card holders were gone.  I didn't realize I'd be doing a table like hers, or I would have bought the sleigh ornaments the first time around. Susan and I both used the Hampton Forge "Sophia" flatware; hers have red handles and mine have ivory.  I also used plaid napkins and a beige cotton napkin similar to what Susan used.  I did sort of play up the tartan plaids in this post because I just love them, and I think they look so pretty at Christmas time.

Susan had two of these deer (or reindeer if you prefer), but I just have the one.  I couldn't resist giving him a spiffy tartan plaid bow.  ;)   I bought my deer a few years ago at a favorite local gift shop.  I went back after Christmas to get another one, but they didn't have a single one left in the store.  I also purchased these cardinals at the same gift shop, and I thought they tied in with the cardinal on the salad plate.

I saw these cute ornaments at Michael's last week and thought they would add a nice touch to the table and would also look good on our Christmas tree.  There were two styles of ornaments in this package; here's a look at the other one --

The day I got these at Michael's, all the ornaments and most of the Christmas merchandise was fifty percent off.  Works for me!

The red goblets are called "tartan etched stemware" and they came from Pier One this year.

Susan used a beautiful red sleigh to hold a live Norfolk Pine for her centerpiece.  I chose to use the small Christmas tree that normally goes in our kitchen.  For this centerpiece, I added real Nandina berries from our yard, and I used ornaments that reflect things found in nature for an outdoors look.  All the ornaments I already had from previous Christmases.  You can see our Christmas tree lights reflected in the glass of the china cabinet.  :)

I used several of these wheat ornaments, purchased many years ago on a trip to Seagrove potteries in North Carolina.

A tiny sweetgrass basket that we purchased on our trip to Charleston back in the spring, and a shiny mouse with a bunch of cherries.  :)

The burlap cone with the cardinal came from our local Wild Birds Unlimited store.

You can also see a little red bird feeder with real seed inside, a bird with French script, and a sparkly, glittery blue jay clipped onto one of the branches.  I have lots of bird ornaments for our big Christmas tree, because we love to feed and watch the birds at our house.

Susan used some beautiful greenery around her tree and deer, but I couldn't get that to work for me.  My table is not really symmetrical because I only have the one deer.  Instead of greenery, I used some pine cones and small gold balls instead of gold stars.

I also used some small woodland animals on my table to continue the outdoor, woodland theme found on the dishes.

There are no foxes on these dishes, but I found this little guy at Southport in October at the Christmas House.  You're actually getting kind of a sneak peek at my mantel, because I'll be doing a woodland theme for that again this year.

A little snowy owl that I used on the mantel last Christmas,

and a female cardinal, as well.

I wanted my table to have some sparkle to contrast with the rustic elements, so I chose a few sparkly ornaments for the tree, the shiny, gold ball ornaments to mix with the pine cones, and these tea light holders that I also found at Michael's last week.  I love the pattern on the outside and the way they reflect the light.

So that's my table folks.  I think it was a lot like Susan's in some ways, but different in others.  I know Mary at Home Is Where the Boat Is did a table last Christmas using these same dishes.  I wonder how many people Susan has inspired with these dishes and her tablescape?  :)

A few pictures of the rest of the room...

Even more tartan plaid -- this might be an obsession.  ;)  I posted about this Nativity set back in 2011.  My mom made it in her ceramics class years ago, and she gave it to me when we lived in Greensboro.  Our house there had a white mantel, and this showed up beautifully there.  I normally display this Nativity here at Christmas, but I also thought the Terra cotta finish went well with the outdoor feel of the table.

Many thanks to Susan for sharing your tablescape with all of us and for allowing me to use your pictures in my blog.  Special thanks go to my husband for patiently taking all these evening pics after a long, tiring day at work -- you're the best.

Thank you all for visiting me and please check out Kathleen's "Let's Dish" party tonight for lots more pretty Christmas tables.  I hope you have a great week!


I'm also linking to:
Tablescape Thursday, hosted by Susan at BNOTP
Home Sweet Home Party, hosted by Sherry

On The Table:
Dishes -- Better Homes and Gardens from Walmart
Flatware -- Hampton Forge "Sophia" from Target
Wine Goblets -- Pier One
Placemats -- HomeGoods or Bed, Bath & Beyond
Plaid Napkins -- Expressions, online
Plain Napkins -- Bed, Bath & Beyond
Napkin Rings -- Walmart
Green Ornaments -- Michael's
Table Top Christmas Tree -- HomeGoods
Tea Light Holders -- Michael's
Lantern -- HomeGoods
Woodland Animals -- Various Gift Shops


  1. Oh, Denise, your table is so pretty and inviting and so Christmas!! I love it..I remember last year seeing someone had these dishes (don't remember who) but I fell in love. Went looking all over Walmarts and went on line but they were all sold out. I told Jerry that right after Thanksgiving next (this) year I was going to get an early start and look for this pattern. I stopped at one Walmart in Vacaville on Black Friday but they didn't have any, then I went to one in West Sacramento and they had a few but only the deer. So, I got 2 salad plates and now I'm going to go on line to see if there are any left there..Thank you for reminding me..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  2. What a fun challenge and I like the individual touches given to each tablescape.
    Those dishes are adorable. What a fantastic bargain too!
    You've shared so many pretty items here, but I must admit that the one that intrigued me the most is that wee little sweetgrass basket. How cute!! I was in Charleston last month. I looked at many sweetgrasss baskets, but none as tiny as that.
    Great job on your tablescape.

  3. Very festive Denise, it looks like you're all set for Christmas! I think those plates are beautiful and knew folks would be tickled by the new additions to the set this year-enjoy:@)

  4. Beautiful table, Denise. You did a great job with Kathleen's challenge.

    Love the cardinals and plaid bows on your reindeer.

  5. Very pretty table, Denise! You did a great job! I love those plates and they are actually on my table today. Love the centerpiece. Your home looks very festive....Christine

  6. I think you did a great job of copying the table at BNOTP and then some, Denise! Love those plates, they can be used all winter. I have been debating on whether I would get the owl plates or not! I will check tomorrow while at WM to see if they still have enough to do a table. I couldn't find the deer antler ornaments at any of the WM's in the area. I may have to find an on-line source. Your tree is so cute with all the nature ornaments. I really like your stemware...great shape, too.
    Thanks for sharing your table, Denise...have a great week.

  7. You did a great job on this table. Love your little tree with the ornaments! Those BHG dishes are so pretty!

  8. Splendid! Love the adorable woodland creatures!

  9. Your table looks wonderful. I debated about using Susan's post also in fact that is going to be next weeks post but just had to make these tree plates. they shouted fun to me and they were. I love how even though you used her for your inspiration how you were able to set your own mark to it.Susie

  10. Oh, so pretty!! You met this challenge perfectly! Those BHG dishes are really pretty. I have some of them, too. I have several salad plates from two years ago and then add a few each year. I get mine at Wal-Mart. Those goblets are gorgeous, as well!

    You and I both used Susan as our 'inspirer" (Is that a word??) She has great tables, doesn't she?

    Beautifully done, Denise!

  11. I love your spin on Susan's table. I wanted to do this table to but did not want to spend any money if I didn't have to. The deer is what makes this table work (and that is what I don't have). You did an amazing job of capturing the essence of Susans table and added your own spin. I especially love the cardinals and the owl, they are spot on perfect for this tablescape

  12. Hi Denise! Your copycat table is BEAUTIFUL along with your dining room decorated for Christmas! Don't you love those dishes?! I bought only the salad plates, so affordable and fun for mixing and matching with other dinnerware. I went back to Walmart for a snowy owl last week to add to my salad plate 'critters' :) I love your sweet nativity scene, even more special since your mom made it! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. ♥

  13. Denise, your table is beautiful! I love all the details you included and am honored that you picked one of my tables to recreate. Love your tree centerpiece and all the darling ornaments! The woodland creatures are so cute and so perfect for this theme. Your dining room looks so beautiful all dressed for the Christmas holidays! I'm going to have to copy you and dress my chandelier in greenery one year. :) Thanks for sharing such a beautiful Christmas tablescape...I love it all! XO

  14. Pretty table with so many details. I prefer yours, by the way. There would many "conversation starters" on and around this table! Festive!

  15. Beautiful table! I love those plates and especially love that they are reasonably priced! The little woodland animals on the table and tree are the perfect touch. Merry Christmas!

  16. Denise, you did a wonderful job of recreating Susan's table. I love your pretty dishes and colorful napkins, just lovely! I have to check if my glasses from Pier One are the same. I got them way after Cmas last year, I had mentioned to the cashier to let me know when they came down to 2 dollars, and he did! I was so happy to get them!
    Thank you for setting such an inviting table for the challenge, and isn't it wonderful Susan came to visit. How did she know?

  17. The table is beautiful! Love the little tree and light fixture. Might have to get me some of those dishes. The table is just so pretty and festive. You did a great job. Love, Mom

  18. Right on, Denise! You did a really good job! It's tough to actually copycat someone else's table, but you came super, super close!!! I have seen those terrific dishes and wanted some for myself, but with Mr. Not Nice When It Comes to Me Buying More Dishes, I had to just throw in the towel!

    Well done!

  19. Oh my Denise, you did a fabulous job of copying Susan's table!! Those Wal Mart dishes are just too cute. I don't know which one I love the most. Tying all the woodland animals and the cardinal that you used on your table was perfection!! I also love your pretty votives, your tree as the centerpiece, your red goblets and the flatware. Thank you for listing all your times and where they came from. Great job, my friend!!

  20. Hi Denise!
    I found your beautiful tablescape posted on Between Naps on the Porch! Your table is fabulous! I love the plaid napkins (wish I could find some for myself). All of your details are beautiful - I think the dishes look beautiful and the red goblets look perfect with your table! Great job! Shelia @ House of Highlands

  21. Denise you did an exquisite job recreating Susan's gorgeous tablescape! The dishes are to die for and so are those dark reindeers, plaid napkins and napkin,. It is perfect, you outdid yourself my friend.
    I've always admired Susan's great table and now I admire yours too!

  22. How gorgeous Denise !!!
    Right out of a magazine ( Susan was a great inspiration for sure )
    AND your chandelier looks stunning - beautiful job !

  23. What a beautiful table Denise! Great inspiration too! Thank you for linking with HSH! Have a very Merry Christmas!



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