Friday, October 24, 2014

A Blast From the Past

Happy Friday to you!  It's another great autumn day here in North Carolina, and I just felt like posting something fun, quirky, and well...retro.


I used to love this silly show.  But today, I was thinking more along the lines of retro music...

Remember this song?

How about those sideburns??  Would you say those are mutton chop sideburns?  Oh boy, these clothes and hairstyles are something.  ;)  I love the psychedelic stage background!  According to the date of this performance, I was seven years old, but I can still remember this song so well.  Loved it!!

One of my all-time favorites, this one.  "Last Train to Clarksville" debuted in 1966; I was six years old.  I still love to sing along when it plays on the radio.  Now you can do a little math and deduce my age.  ;)  That being said, I can't relate to most of the new music; Adele is one of the few new artists that I really like.  Do you have a favorite current artist?

I hope you enjoyed the oldie goldies.  I might have to make this a weekly thing; it would definitely get my weekend off to a good start.  :-D  Thank you for visiting today, and I hope you get a chance to sing along with the radio today.



  1. Fun songs, just the pic on that first one reminds me of Laugh In:@)

  2. hey - we're the same age! : - )

    Music was huge (and highly encouraged) in my family growing up, and we actually had 4 stereos, always on. I had all those 45s. I nearly cried when my niece (age 12) asked me what a 45 was recently. So I showed her, and cassettes - had to look up 8 tracks because we weren't into those - and even had some of Mom's old 78s heavy and cumbersome.

    And to think my tiny little smart phone plays non-stop music from my can lights in my great room ceiling , oh would my mother would have loved this new technology!

    Have a happy weekend.

  3. So Happy Together was right from my era! You are a young thing! :)

  4. I was 8 in 1966, and I actually CRIED every time a Monkees song would come on the radio!!! I LOVED their TV show and would faithfully watch. As for the "Last Train to Clarksville", I have that and many other Monkees Greatest Hits on my mp3 player along with "Happy Together" 'by The Turtles, and Adele's "Rolling in the Deep"!!! "Gilligan's Island" was one of my TOP favorite TV shows, and I still like to watch reruns of it today! I always thought Ginger was so glamorous, but I felt more like Mary Ann. I remember thinking how strange that The Skipper, Gilligan, and the Professor were the only ones who wore the same outfit for every show! And where on earth did Ginger & Mrs. Howell find all that hairspray??!??!! :-)

    Fun times! Thanks for the throwback!!! Have a great weekend!

  5. P.S. - the kid on the far left with the goofy black hat on reminds me of actor Jonah Hill!!!! And the lead singer...I'm sure back in the day I must have thought he was so cool and cute and hip with those sideburns and that hair. Now...not so much! :-)

  6. The days of innocence seem long gone don't they with what has happened just this week. It is like some bad nightmare. And I have a hard time with much of today's music. I like being suck in the past, so I enjoy your Blast from the Past.

  7. Oh my, this takes me back. I used to love the Monkees on television. This is a great blast from the past.

  8. Oh, Yes. This takes me back. I liked the Monkees but my Daddy thought they were the silliest ever!

  9. Love this post! (and your new header, if it is new). Thanks for the fun post and enjoy this gorgeous weather! Have a nice weekend!



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