Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Easter Table

Hi everyone -- wishing you a belated Happy Easter.  I set my Easter table last week, but just photographed it today.  I haven't posted anything in over a week, and I haven't had a chance to visit anyone, so I have some catching up to do on my blog visits.  I haven't been on the computer much at all because I've been focused on spending time working with Duncan to get him housebroken.

I haven't done an Easter tablescape since 2011, the first year I started blogging.  You can see the previous Easter table Here.  I loved that table, and I was tempted to set mine up the same way this year, but I decided I needed a different look for my new post.

I preferred to used fresh flowers for the centerpiece, but I couldn't find what I wanted last week, so in the interest of getting my post done, I used silk flowers that I already had on hand.  I really like these flowers, but I had hoped to find some pink tulips.  I used my white pitcher from HomeGoods; I can tell I'm going to get lots of use out of this pitcher.  I love its shape.  :)

I'm getting a lot of mileage so far from these Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage plates -- so glad I found them at a bargain price back in the winter.

The white dinner plates are Lenox "Classic White," purchased at HomeGoods the first year I blogged.  They're wonderfully versatile; I use them a lot.

This dining room suit was a gift to us from my husband's grandmother when we purchased our first house in 1989.  That house had a big dining room, and I was able to use one of the two extra leaves in the table all the time.  I love our current dining room, but it's kind of small, and I can't really use even one leaf in the table now.  Sometimes things look a little crowded on the table, but that's okay; I'm glad to have a dining room at all.

I added two bunches of yellow shredded Easter "grass" on either side of the centerpiece and filled them with little Easter trinkets.  They're actually ornaments for hanging on an Easter tree.  The little wind-up Peter Rabbit on the left was given to our son when he was a toddler by his paternal grandmother.

I love these sweet papier mâché eggs.

Napkins with Easter egg and flower cutwork came from HomeGoods last spring.  This is my favorite shade of pink.

The yellow cabbage bowl came from HomeGoods this spring.  The pink tulip bowl is Chantal®, also from HomeGoods a few years ago.

I'm slowly building my collection of Bordallo Pinheiro dishes.  The green platter and the white plates came from HomeGoods a few years ago.  Yikes, are you detecting a pattern here people?  :)

I love, love this little green platter.

and these white plates.

Salt and pepper shakers are Lenox "Butterfly Meadow".

Our wedding stainless, Oneida "Tennyson."

I worried that this table might look too busy; I don't normally use so many different colors.  But I decided it looked cheerful for Easter, and I'm pleased with it.  The idea for my table started with the cabbage plates, and then I was going through the chest of drawers in the dining room and found the pink napkins I'd bought last year and never used.  Forgot I had them -- a happy surprise!  :) 

I already had pink candles from a previous table setting,

as well as the pink tulip bowl.

 I love using the pink goblets from my husband's grandmother.

 Lots of pink and green, which I love together, along with some yellow and a little bit of lilac thrown in.

Everything used on this table were things I already had.  The only items purchased this year are the yellow cabbage bowl and the green cabbage plates.  Looking back, I couldn't believe that I didn't do a single tablescape in 2013.  My goal this year is to create at least one tablescape a month with things I already have on hand.  That should keep me busy for awhile.  ;)

I hope you had a Joyous Easter at your home.  Thanks so much for visiting House at Forest Manor and have a great day!  I look forward to catching up with what you've been doing.  :)

I'm sharing this Easter table with:
Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday
Sherry for Home Sweet Home 
The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays


*All pictures taken by me.


  1. How beautiful. Thank you.
    Cynthia at:

  2. Your table is very pretty Denise! I love your little green platter too and the napkins are adorable:@)

  3. Your table is a breath of Springtime. Personally I love all of the pretty pastels used together. It looks so cheerful and fresh after the dormancy of winter.
    Hope Duncan is behaving for you.

  4. Your table is so pretty. Easter is about color, don't you think? I love Nome Goods, but I am tempted to spend too much money there. I found white pitchers at the thrift store, though they are not as graceful as yours. Boone isn't quite house broken yet. He does tell us that has to go out, we just have to do a better job of listening because he only says it once. I had planned on new flooring this spring, but I think I will be waiting a while. I hope Duncan is a good student and listens.

  5. Oh your table looks wonderful! I love the use of all the color- to me that's how an Easter table should look! Those green plates really show up beautifully and I agree that pink in the napkins is a favorite shade of pink! I wish you luck house training the pup! Going through that stage is probably the hardest thing about dogs. Duncan is an adorable name!

  6. Your table is so pretty. Lots of color in the spring tones that we all love to see. I really like your placemats - are they linen? The edging is so delicate.

  7. Beautiful table and it looks like Spring with all the color. I think one should raise up a cheer for HomeGoods after reading this! I love all the pink touches, and the green cabbage plates.

  8. Beautiful table, Denise...and it's not crowded, I call it being cozy. (Mine is small, too.) The cabbage plates are so versatile, they can be used with so many other dishes. I have several of them and use them all the time. Love the placemats.
    Have a wonderful week.

  9. This is one of my favorite tables, Denise. I love the pinks, greens and touches of yellow and purple. The cabbage plates are wonderful and I adore the bunny platter. The white dessert plates add such texture to your table. Your placemats and napkins are sooo pretty. What a treasure to have those beautiful pink goblets. Your centerpieces and all your Easter decor just adds the perfect charm.

  10. Pretty! I love the cabbage plates with the pink napkins. Beautiful Easter and Spring table setting. The white placemats and the pink goblets are particularly lovely. Have a wonderful weekend..... Candy

  11. Beautiful! Love the way those pink napkins look on the green plates. Great table!

  12. It's beautiful, and under no circumstances is it too busy or full or whatever it was you were worried about at first. I had just exactly the right amount on it to me. Pink and green are an ultimate favorite color combination for me. I particularly love THAT pink (like you) and that hue of green. The cabbage plates are just perfect, and I love your whole collection. (And yep... I do believe I see a pattern there.)

    I can see how Duncan can keep you away. If you're like me, you are busy with something (in your case Duncan), and then you are busy with other things because you were busy with the first thing.

    Then, you try to sit down at the computer, and it all kind of overwhelms you.
    That's how it is with me, anyway.

    I am so glad you did this table. You make me want to do one. (Of course, I have been intending to do one for months now but never get to it.)

  13. Love your table, it is beautiful. It is so bright and cheerful. What would we do without HomeGoods? It is better than Reading China used to be. I'm glad you are enjoying the green cabbage plates. Love you, Mom

  14. I am glad you shared your belated Easter table. I have been known to save my pictures I didn't get posted until next year. I probably shouldn't admit this.Life can get busy and there are just so many hours in the day.

    I love the crisp cut work napkins. It is like getting a gift when you find something you haven't used. They look wonderful with the linen placemats which are so pretty. Special to use your pink goblets that were your husband's grandmothers. You are lucky to have found the Bordallo Pinheiro plates and platter. I don't live near a Home Goods and maybe that is a good thing since I am running out of space. Pastels are perfect for Easter and your table is so cheerful and has that happy feel.

    I always am happy to see a new post from you. Have a great weekend.

  15. Beautiful table setting. The placemats and napkins they are gorgeous, along with your dishes and flatware from your wedding. Beautiful belated Easter table. Have a nice week ahead.


  16. This is a lovely table and I love the simplicity of using the Easter grass just spread out on the table the way you did. I always stuff it in decorative jars to display.Susie

  17. So pretty. Thanks for sharing your post with Seasonal Sundays.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  18. Such a pretty table. The dishes are perfect! Hope you had a lovely Easter!

  19. There are so many beautiful pieces on your table and it all comes together in a harmonious pastel dream. You had me at the pink stemware...



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