Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Drive-by Photo Shoot

This time of the year, I love to see the pretty neighborhoods in our area putting on their best spring show.  There are two neighborhoods in particular that are just so lovely in the spring -- Ardmore and Buena Vista.

The historic neighborhood of Ardmore is the first one we drove through today.

I love this porch, the windows, the lace curtains, and the American flag -- so homey looking.
 This neighborhood has always been a favorite of mine.  I lived in Ardmore for two years before Mr. Forest Manor and I got married and moved to Greensboro.  I lived in this apartment complex, which was built in 1949. 

These were not fancy -- no swimming pool, tennis courts, or clubhouse, but I loved their old-fashioned feel.  They had huge oak trees, hardwood floors, casement windows, and front and back staircases with green areas in front and back of the buildings. My building was in walking distance of the Krispy Kreme Doughnut factory, and on summer nights when I stepped outside, I could smell those doughnuts baking.  :)

When we first moved back here from Greensboro 19 years ago, I wanted to buy a house in the Ardmore neighborhood.  But DH wanted to live further out in the suburbs and also, we had a specific school system in mind for our son, so we didn't buy in Ardmore.  Where we live has worked out very nicely for us; it's near where my husband grew up, and we've been very happy here.  However, I still enjoy driving through Ardmore now and then to look at the cute houses and gardens there.

Ardmore was established in 1900 as the first middle-class residential neighborhood with Craftsman style and Victorian style homes.  It was also the first neighborhood in Winston-Salem to have detached garages for the commuting residents.  (source)  In 2004, Ardmore became the largest historic district in Winston-Salem, when approximately 2000 of Ardmore's properties were listed on the National Historic Register.  (source)  The properties listed include houses, apartments (including the one I lived in), commercial buildings, parks, and churches.

This is the yard/garden of the house in the previous picture.  Isn't it charming?


This pretty yard was full of Bluebells; we had some of these in our yard in Greensboro, and I still miss seeing them in the spring.

Love these flowers!

This is a cute cottage.  I love the interesting architectural features -- the arched front door, the mix of stone and brick on the chimney, the crescent moon cutouts in the shutters, and the small, latticed window beside the chimney.

All the right details for a storybook cottage.  :)

Here's another pretty backyard garden.  I love the two styles of fences, the white picket and the wrought iron fence.

The pretty garden belongs to this house --

Notice the Bridal Veil Spirea blooming next to the house and the lace curtains in the windows.

I think the stained glass window looks like it came out of a church, don't you?

Great front porch and I like the color of this house -- kind of a sage green.

I really love the look of painted brick on a house.  I've always thought it looked so classy and elegant.  I wonder if it has to be painted regularly like wood siding does.  Does anyone know?

Another pretty front porch with hanging ferns and rocking chairs.  The sidelights on this door are different from any that I've seen before; I like them.

As you can see, these are not mansions, but I love cottage charm, don't you?  The other neighborhood I wanted to show you is Buena Vista in Winston-Salem.  Also a historic neighborhood, the name Buena Vista is Spanish for "beautiful view."  However, the majority of homes in Buena Vista don't resemble Spanish architecture, but are more English country style, classical revival, and Tudor style.  I've often told DH that if I won the lottery, this is the neighborhood I'd probably choose to live in.  Hubby says "Dream on."  :)

Next time, I need to do a walking tour of the neighborhood to get more pictures of my favorite houses here.  Today, I just had to take shots from the car when I could get Mr. Forest Manor to stop for me.  :)  He says I'm a house stalker, and I think he's embarrassed.  Stalker, schmalker.  ;)

Another house with painted brick --I like the two little windows with flower boxes on either side of the porch.

This house sits on a corner, and I took the picture from the side as we pulled up to the intersection.

I love this combination of stone and painted cedar shakes.

I really didn't get enough time to hunt out my very favorite houses today; I'll have to do that another time.  These were just some of the pretty ones that caught my eye as we were driving along.  Here's one last house before I close.

This one comes complete with a conservatory.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some interesting homes.  I love these old neighborhoods because the houses have such wonderful architectural features, and no two houses are alike.  My how things have changed.  What style of house is your favorite?

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  1. Charming and beautiful. They take me back to Pine Bluff, AR, where I was born. It was a time when life was calmer and slower. I still go there in my memories when living today gets too much for me.. Thank you for the drive. xo Jenny

  2. They look like quaint neighborhoods Denise! I love the pretty porches:@)

  3. I love the stone and cedar shake also.. my daughter drives by it everyday on the way to work. We have such beautiful areas in ws.. I know folks will love seeing these photos..

  4. Now that was fun, Denise. I love touring different neighborhoods and this is the ideal time to do so with the azaleas blooming so beautifully. I think next time I find myself at Salem Creek I'll have to scout out these two neighborhoods :).
    I saw so many pretty houses on your tour. I think the one that calls my name the most is the one with stone and cedar shakes. It is a nice mix of textures and looks so homey. I could almost picture the Leave it to Beaver theme song playing and June waltzing out the front door in her pearls.
    Have a wonderful day. Hasn't our weekend weather been GORGEOUS?

  5. These are great pictures. You know how I also love these neighborhoods. We are having such a beautiful Spring. Would love to pick out one of those cottages and move right in. You and your Mom definitely have the same taste in homes. Love you, Mom

  6. Gorgeous photos, so enjoyed the stroll...

  7. I love looking at house, too, Denise. If I lived near you, we could go stalking together! The apartment that Rich and I lived in when we first got married had windows exactly like the ones you showed. I loved that apartment! It had a pull down table in the kitchen and such charm.
    Thanks for taking me along on your tour. xo

  8. What a cute town. While I'm glad you shared this with Seasonal Sundays, I'd really like to have you share it with "Oh, the PLACES I've been!" next week. It's my link party about PLACES and the link comes up at 7pm on Thursday nights.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  9. I totally love the idea of the drive- by house tour. I would like a walking one too. I LOVE to do that, and I'll just have to be in the stalker schmalker club with you. I have always wanted to live in an old home. It has just flat never been in the cards so a few years ago, I gave up the dream. These houses REALLY appeal to me.

    My favorite one of all is the next to the last one with the stone and siding. I'm nuts about stone houses, and you just don't see them here.

    As for painting the brick? I dunno!! I love the look of it too, but I have never known anyone who who did it to notice if it lasted.

  10. I love the charm of old homes. If I had my choice I'd probably have a craftsman style house. To answer a question you left on my blog...yes, Katie and I are on our way to Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville to get her settled as she waits for her Marine husbands homecoming!
    Have a wonderful week!

  11. The dreams that made America. I love the little cottages and the grander homes. Lovely tour of just sweet, pretty homes.

  12. What beautiful homes! I just love this style of neighborhoods - so dreamy and old fashioned and from the outside, you would think all was well with the world! :) I've enjoyed the tour and thank you for popping in to see my little trip snaps.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  13. Denise, I enjoyed your drive by tour of your old neighborhood and your observations. Each home has its unique charm.

    Hope you are having a great week.

  14. Thank you for your sweet message! Yes, this house is adorable - I bet it looks really cute inside too. xoL



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