Sunday, March 2, 2014


We're tired today.  :)  Yesterday was a full day.  The trip to Raeford seemed longer than we'd counted on, but it was a pretty drive there.  We drove through Pinehurst, which is where many of the pro golf tournaments are played -- such a pretty town.  I always enjoy a little day trip, especially when we're going to a spot we're not familiar with.  I know we drove through these towns many years ago on our way to the beach, but we don't take that route anymore so it was like visiting for the first time.

Say "Hello" to Duncan!

His eyes are so dark, they almost don't show up.  He has a ring of lighter colored hair around each eye, so it looks like he's wearing spectacles.

Of course, we forgot our camera.  I wish we'd had it with us because I've never seen so many Scotties together at one time.  Don't get me wrong, it definitely wasn't a puppy mill.  But the breeder has several adults that she keeps for pets and for breeding purposes.  In addition, there were (I believe) ten puppies there from the most recent two litters.  They were so cute!  Much smaller than I expected, as they do look a little bigger in the pictures.  They were all so friendly; the breeder has done a super job getting them socialized.

You can see his collar is way too big for him.  :)  We got that yesterday just to use for transporting him home.  Today we got one that is a much better fit.

The breeder sent us home with a goodie bag containing the "Bully Stick" you see here, the plaid Scottie dog with a squeaker inside, some of his food to get us started, a Scottie-shaped cookie cutter, a plaid neckerchief for him to wear, and a Scottie bookmark and notepad.  In addition, she gave us a notebook full of information on raising Scotties, their history, and so forth.  How nice is that?  I'm so impressed with all the time, effort, and personal touches this breeder puts into her Scottie business.

What you see on the rug is one of his training pads.  He's already going to the bathroom on them, which is fantastic, in our opinion!  Of course, he's had a few accidents, too; but he's also gone to the bathroom outside on his leash, so we're very pleased about that.

By the way, that's not a bald spot on his head.  The hair on top is much lighter, with a little bit of dark, so it looks kind of like he's bald on top.  :)

Thanks for stopping by -- Happy Sunday!



  1. Duncan is so cute! Sounds like he is well on his way to potty training! I bet it is like having a new baby in e house. xo

  2. Aw, such a little cutie! I'm sure it felt good to finally get him home-enjoy:@)

  3. Congratulations on your new baby! Little Duncan is just so adorable! I have a mini Schnauzer and I always think Schnauzers and Scotties must be cousins!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. It is obvious Duncan has a wonderful new home with you, Denise. He is the cutest little ball of fur! Hope you continue your diary on Duncan.

  5. Hello Duncan! Isn't he a delight! Wishing you well! Cathy

  6. Oh Duncan is so adorable. He is going to love his new home. What fun to watch him grow and learn.
    Enjoy your new baby.

  7. Oh he's so darling! Hope that everyone is sleeping well. Do you have a ticking clock wrapped with a hot water bottle? That's the only tip I know about having a puppy in the house. =D All the best!

  8. Oh, he is so cute. He will be such fun. Boone is now 37 lbs. and such a wild child. The living room is striped bare of pillows, side tables, remotes, anything that Boone thinks he needs to play with or chew. He will be attending obedience classes as soon as hubby can find a school. It will be fun to compare notes.

  9. Aw--he is so cute! You are going to enjoy him. It sounds like he came from a wonderful breeder who gave him a good start to life.

  10. Oh Denise, Duncan is adorable!!! Wasn't that so nice of the breeder to send you home with all the goodies? I know Duncan will bring you and your hubby many years of fun and happiness. Congratulations!! xo

  11. Welcome home Duncan! He is so cute. I thought of you on Saturday because I knew you were getting him. I even yakked away about it to my husband on our walk this morning. I'm not sure he was listening, but I was talking!

  12. Cuteness overload! How I wish there was a "pet" button on the computer. :)

  13. Your new "baby" is adorable. I know you are so excited being a new parent! All the goodies you came home with was amazing.

    Have fun. I am happy for you.



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