Saturday, December 28, 2013

♪New York♪ ♫New York♪

Hi everyone!  Did you have a good Christmas?  Ours was very nice, though somewhat hectic.  It seems like it's always harder when Thanksgiving falls so late in the calendar year.

Today, I want to finish my story about our trip to NYC in 2005.  You can read Part One Here.  In the first part of my post, I wrote that I was worried we would freeze up there, and so I kept going back to the stores and buying more cold weather clothing.  :)  Well, it was kind of funny, because the week before we were there, they had some really cold weather.  But it warmed up just before we got up there, so I think it may have been a little warmer in New York City than it was here in North Carolina.  The only day I felt really cold was the day we were at the harbor, and I guess we were getting the cold breeze off the water.

For those of you who are coming in at the middle of the story, we arrived in NYC on Thursday evening, the week after Thanksgiving.  We traveled with my husband's parents and my husband's Uncle Jim and Jim's friend, Carol.  The plan was that everyone would do whatever they wanted on Friday, so we didn't feel like we all had to stay together and do the same thing during the day.  Then we would meet back at the hotel in the evening and all attend the Rockette's Christmas show together.  Afterwards, we had dinner and walked back to our hotel.

On Saturday, however, we all took the subway to lower Manhattan, where we visited Ground Zero and saw some of the 9/11 tributes.  Needless to say, it was very solemn.

I wrote about our visit to this fire station in September 2011.  You can read about it Here.

We didn't take the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty that day.  My in-laws had visited the statue on a previous trip, and we didn't want to wait in the long line for the ferry.  As with most trips, there never seems to be enough time to see everything you want to see.  We were able to get a few pictures from across the harbor, though.

Lady Liberty is a majestic sight, and the sky was pretty and blue that day.

Castle Clinton

Korean War Veterans Memorial in Battery Park

Battery Park is on the right -- I can't seem to find out what the building is in this picture and the previous pic.  Can anyone tell me?

From here, we took the subway back to Chinatown and then to Little Italy for lunch.  Our son wanted Chinese food, but he was outvoted -- everyone else wanted Italian.

McDonald's in Chinatown.

Canal Street Station

Here we are in front of Pellegrino's Italian Restaurant in Little Italy, where we had lunch on Saturday.  Yum!!!  That was such a good meal, and the prices were very affordable.

This was our dessert -- cannoli.  We snapped a pic because it all looked so pretty with the chef's Christmas artwork on the side of the plate.  That was the best meal!  I honestly don't have a speck of Italian ancestry in my family, but I love, love Italian food.  :-D

Saturday evening, we went to see "The Lion King" on Broadway; it was really fun.  There were seven of us altogether, and I think everyone wanted to see something different.  I think the big show to see at that time was "Spamalot," but we could never have gotten tickets at the last minute.

This picture is really blurry, but it's an image of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

I'd never seen a bicycle taxi before...

The amazing Spider Man.  His hand's a bit blurry because of the super-fast, web-spinning motion.  :)

A blurry Times Square...

We captured a few pictures of Christmas decorations in the Big Apple.

Cartier was decorated like a big Christmas present.

Bergdorf Goodman looked classically pretty.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to Macy's -- I really wanted to see their windows.

Michael Fina jewelry store was really decked out.

Trump Tower...

I just took this picture because I liked these doors; I thought they were interesting and kind of elegant.  Those are all the pictures we have of New York; I had no idea I'd be writing a blog someday.  It's funny how we take so many more pictures when we're blogging, don't we?

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting New York; I think Christmas is a wonderful time to see the city.  Since it's only a two-hour flight from here, maybe we'll go back someday.  Thank you, as always, for reading me; I hope you enjoyed the little tour.  Did you go anywhere special over Christmas?  I'd love to hear from you!

I'll be joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.  Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I enjoyed hearing about the rest of your trip. Did you take notes or do you have such a good memory? Maybe the photos helped with the details. Maybe I told you this before, but our favorite date was riding the (10 cent) Staten Island Ferry from down by Battery Park, over to the island and back! Those were the days and you have given me a nice reminder! Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Denise!
    Always fun to see a tourist's take on NY. I guess you take it for granted when you live here. We didn't get in to the city this year to see the tree due dh being sick. Maybe next year.
    Hope you are having a good Christmas week, enjoying this beautiful time of year. Pretty warm here this year too. But the frigid weather will come, it always does! :(

  3. The last time we were in NYC was at Christmas time and it was magical..glad you had a great time there!!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Denise I just love these pictures! Makes me want to go to NYC very soon. I was thinking of you and how you were probably missing dear MacDuff yesterday. I hope that 2014 holds only good things.

  5. Hi Denise, it was fun seeing NYC through your eyes. I haven't been there in years!! I loved the pic of you and your hubby and I adored the cannoli with the artwork done by the chef. Happy New Years to you, sweet friend! xo

  6. Oh what a fabulous time you must have had Denise! I love seeing all the photos of the sites you visited. Love the big bow at Cartier, and I love window art. I feel like I was there too. Thanks for sharing your trip.
    Happy New Year!

    The French Hutch

  7. What an exciting trip you had. I enjoyed seeing the places your visited and the restaurants and decorations, and the cannoli looks too pretty to eat.
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year.

  8. Hi Denise! Oh, how I've loved your post! We love NYC and have been so many times and I loved revisiting the places with you. We were just there a little over a couple weeks ago. Our daughter and her family live in up state New York so the city is our stop before we hop on the train to head up to their house. Here's to another year of blogging. I don't always comment when I visit either but I must change that! Happy New Year!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)



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