Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Precious Keepsake

Hi everyone!  I literally just published a post to link to Vee's Note Card Party a few minutes ago; and I hate to publish another post right away, but please bear with me.

My husband is on vacation until the end of the year, and you know how I've been talking about cleaning out and de-cluttering for weeks now.  Well, Mr. Forest Manor is in our basement room going through old boxes and papers and doing lots of shredding.  He just came upstairs with an odd little smile on his face, and I asked what was wrong.  He simply handed me this piece of paper with our son's writing on it.  I just had to share with you.

Notice the spelling of "to" Lego systems instead of "two."  He's a much better speller now.  :)  I don't think he'd appreciate me putting this out there for the world to see, but I just love it and I'm so glad my hubby found it.  He said it was in a stack of papers.  I'm sure I put it there intending to save it, and it just never got moved to a safer storage place.

This letter made me laugh and cry at the same time.  That precious little boy is all grown up now, but every now and then, especially at this time of year, we get a glimpse of the sweet child that he was. 

Wishing you Merry and Bright!




  1. Oh, I know what you mean! They hate us to show their things when they were so Young. My daughters hate me sharing pics of them when they were sooo darn cute! He was adorable and I love his handriting, lol! Wishing you a very Merry C'mas too, along with your dear family. Hope your hubby comes home soon.

  2. all the glitter and gold in the world could'nt represent Christmas better than that letter to santa.. So glad your hubby found it...
    Merry Christmas

  3. Such treasured moments. Children are so polite when they write Santa aren't they? And he must have loved the tree. Merry Christmas.

  4. Hi Denise - so glad to have found you! the note to Santa is SO sweet - you have a lovely blog here and I'm so happy to follow:))
    Mary x

  5. Oh, you made your Mom cry again. This is so sweet. Would love to take him and his cousin Anna to see Santa one more time. Don't suppose they would want to go, do you? Love this post. Mom

  6. Oh you MUST frame this and include it in your holiday decor!

  7. Denise, I'm so glad your found his sweet letter and shared it with us. What a blessing to have that and to look back on those times. I am addicted to Pinterest and I have been seeing small children standing, naked, with their backs to the camera, wearing angel wings. I have a picture of my grandson (about age 2) climbing our front steps with his little bare bottom hanging out and I was tempted to add some angel wings. The only drawback is that he is now 19 and I think he would be offended!..Happy Holidays..Judy

  8. And now what are you going to do with it since you are in the cleaning out mode? I recently found some of my favorite baby clothes of our little boys. I actually gave some to someone who will use them but some very favorites I had a hard time letting go … but why am I keeping them! It's the memories of those little boys.

  9. I think it requires framing, don't you? Very precious find and I'm glad that your dear hubby realized it.

  10. Hi Denice! Oh, that is so precious! You should save this and give to his child one of these days! The sweet innocence of children! I know, I saw your lovely countertops. Have a wonderful Christmas!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)



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