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Chateau Morrisette Winery

Hi everyone!  We're having a cool snap here, how about you?  It's been bright and sunny, so all in all, a really nice fall day.

Do you like to take day trips?  We almost always go to the mountains for our day trips, but we haven't gotten to do that in quite a while.  This is our favorite time of the year to go to the mountains and drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Technically, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a National Park, so I wonder if it will be blocked off with barricades?  Hmmm -- sure hope not.

All the pictures in this post are from fall of 2011.  We have several local wineries near us in North Carolina that we like to visit, but Chateau Morrisette is actually in Virginia.  It's further for us to drive, but we enjoy spending an afternoon there in the fall if we have a free day.  It's right off the Blue Ridge Parkway in a little community called Meadows of Dan.

It's further for us to drive, but we enjoy spending an afternoon there if we have a free day.  Chateau Morrisette is right off the Blue Ridge Parkway in a little community called Meadows of Dan.  We first visited this winery when our son was just a toddler, and it was a fairly small operation.  In the ensuing years they built a big, new building where they make the wine, and the original building now serves as their restaurant.

This is the entrance to the restaurant.  What you see here is a new facade that was built in front of the original building.  It definitely has an old-world look, doesn't it?

My husband and I ate lunch here many years ago, and the food was very good.  If you want to eat there, you're encouraged to make reservations because they typically fill up very quickly.

This is the side entrance to the restaurant; that's the original winery with the weathered shingles and the stone fireplace.  It really has so much charm.

This vine-covered passage leads to the restaurant.

You can see their fall display in the background.

And a closeup of the fall arrangement...

Some scenes of the flowers and informal gardens around the restaurant...

This is the new winery building -- very European in style.

The black Labrador retriever going in the door above belongs to the owners of the winery.  Their wines have a black lab on almost every label, and they host "Black Dog Music Festivals" every year on the grounds of the winery.

I love the reflection of the sky and trees in this window.

These mums were planted outside the winery.  The walkway has grape leaf designs stamped into the concrete -- how neat is that?  :)

The lobby of the winery...this chandelier definitely looks like it came out of an old French chateau, don't you think?

The chandelier and gorgeous woodwork...

You can see the pretty arched windows in the picture above.  The lobby leads into a gift shop and wine tasting area; below is the only picture we took of the gift shop area.  You can see boxes of wine for sale; I love the candelabra at the bottom of the picture.

Behind the winery is a picnic area, a gazebo, and a stage where the music festivals are held.  On that day, there were pretty blue and yellow gonfalons like the one above flying in the autumn breeze.

Looking from the gazebo down towards the picnic tables and the performance stage.
...and a view out across the trees and meadows.  I just love these pastoral scenes when the grass is green and the leaves are wearing their beautiful fall colors.

After we left the winery, we got back on the Blue Ridge Parkway, where we passed this pretty little rural vignette.

I believe these old Farmall tractors are very collectible, and this one looks to be in good condition.

I love the symmetry of the three pumpkins in front of each wheel.  When I look back at these pictures, I can't believe how blue the sky was that day.

As we traveled further into Virginia, we spotted the overlook for Lovers Leap.

It's beautiful, but I wouldn't care to leap off it.  :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing the winery and the sights along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We've found that a trip to a local winery is an inexpensive way to get out and see the local sights this time of the year.  Other than the gas you use to drive there and back, it can be a really inexpensive day trip.  We didn't even do the tour of the winery, and we didn't do a wine tasting.  We just had fun walking around and taking pictures.  Of course, if you wanted to have lunch at the restaurant and do a wine tasting and buy wine and/or souvenirs, then you'd end up spending a bit more money.  It can be as expensive or as frugal as you like.

Here's a link to Chateau Morrisette if you'd like more information on the wines, restaurant, or driving directions.

Do you have wineries in your area and have you ever visited them?  I'd love to hear about them.  Thank you for taking time to visit House at Forest Manor.  I love your visits and comments!  I hope you have a wonderful week.  :)

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  1. How beautiful the leaves are and the Winery looks great also. I am from Virginia not far from the Blue Ridge Parkway, close to Roanoke. Now I live in So CA, but miss Virginia very much.
    I've been to most of the wineries in Napa, and So CA. I like Callaway Winery - very pretty.
    Have a great week and thanks so much for sharing your fall scenery.

  2. Looks like a nice way to spend a beautiful day Denise! Your trees are further along than ours in turning colors too-enjoy:@)

  3. I definitely want to go there! Once more, the pictures are beautiful.

    Love you, Mom

  4. What a beautiful winery. No. We do not have wineries here this side of the Rocky Mountains, but on the western slope where they used to grow peaches and other fruit, many of the orchards have given way to wineries. Here in Northern Colorado it is too dry and hot. Your country side really knows how to present fall. Gorgeous color.

  5. I always enjoy being taken along places through your pictures, dear Denise! The winery is such a beautiful spot and oh, the view!! I also enjoyed the spots along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Your state has so much to offer. xo

  6. What pretty scenery! I love the fall colors and this area is definitely worth checking out if we are in this area. Last fall we drove to Virginia and stopped at several wineries. It was enjoyable.

    Your photos are quite nice. You did a great job.

  7. I love the leaves stamped in the concrete walkway, what a great idea! The whole place is lovely, it reminds me of the "village" they built at Biltmore Estate, have you been there? It looks a lot like this place. FYI, I did hear that the overlooks at National Parks are closed off during the gov't shutdown, even though they are unmanned, something about liability...don't know if that's true, you might want to Google it before you drive up there. The parkway is just gorgeous this time of year, I hope they aren't denying people from seeing it just because of all the shutdown mess! Loved your photos and tour, take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  8. I love going on day adventures. Just got back from one in fact. Yours looks like a real treat, and I'm sure this time of year it is especially so.

  9. You've taken us on a lovely tour of the winery. I have taken a tour of a couple of wineries in the Niagara region of Ontario. The portions of wine we were given to sample were quite substantial, but that encourages sales.

  10. What a beautiful place to visit..The Autumn leaves are gorgeous! I would love to visit this place someday, maybe when the Parkway open back up, it is closed due to the shutdown! Enjoy your new week ahead!

  11. What a gorgeous place to spend the day. I love the photos you took of the tractor and the view from the gazebo. I'll write this down on my list of places to visit. We will be up in Asheville soon and can't wait to see the Fall colors. Enjoy your week my friend!

  12. PS The Blue Ridge parkway is probably open but the visitors centers may be closed. Sometimes the parkway closes for repairs so I guess it would be good to check before planning a trip. Sweet hugs!

  13. What a beautiful place. We have a winery in our county. Woodmill Winery. It's a pretty place and they hosts a lot of festivals there. My 10yr class reunion was held there. We also have what they call a urban winery in downtown, Southern Charm Winery.
    I love the looks of the Chateau Morrisette. It reminds me a bit of the Biltmore Winery, which I love.
    The BRP is not closed. The National Park areas on the parkway are, but the road itself is open. I hope to get up there sometime this week, maybe tomorrow.



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